MCM London Comic Con (May 2014)

Our MCM London Comic Con Games Stage Highlights Reel is a Real Treat, As Are Our Cosplay Pics

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This is it, folks! Another show over and that’s it now until October – yes, we do the show bi-yearly. Mental, right?

Before we go though, we present to you one last feast for your eyes. Yes, our awesome highlights reel, our pics from the show (big thanks to Elyse Marks for the amazing shots) and everybody’s favourite cosplay snaps.

If you’ve not caught any of our videos yet, then why not try the highlights reel below – it’s a sample of some of the awesome fun had over the weekend, from LaMarr’s amazing impressions to simultaneous taunts in the Ultra Street Fighter IV showdown on our stage. Amazing scenes. If you like what you see, you can catch the first 6 sessions here (from Lords of the Fallen and Wasteland 2 to Mark Fowler and the TT Games crew) and the second 6 here (from Phil LaMarr and Loading Human to GRID Autosport and Ultra Street Figher IV).

If you’re here for the MCM London Comic Con pictures, you’re come to the right place. You can find all the pictures in our gallery here, and of course, a sample of our favourites below with our trademark colour commentary.

And on that fine note, we’ll hopefully see you all and more in October where we’re sure to have more and more amazing content, whether you’re at the Comic Con or sat at home watching our live streams. It’ll be treat!

Welcome to Resero's MCM Games Stage, bitches! Hoo! Hah!

This is our super complicated and technical setup, which is enough to give everyone a headache just looking at it.

Former stand-up comedian and now LEGO script writer, Graham Goring, tells us his cleanest joke on stage.

Terrance and mother-fucking Phillip. Love it!

Dan gets to experience the Oculus Rift for the first time and look like a numpty on stage... he's used to it.

This Jessica Rabbit cosplay is a fitting tribute, especially consider the Bob Hoskins news recently. RIP, sir. R. I. P.

People. Lots of people. Our stage seating area was packed for the majority of the weekend.

Best. Cosplay. Ever. This Mass Effect and Iron Man hybrid outfit was the pick of the bunch.

Lee and Rich busily post news while the rest of the crew setup for the show. They're happy chappies usually, honest.

Phil refuses to sit down when offered a seat, Dan sees this as a challenge. Faceoff time!

Cerberus scum! Errr, I mean, great cosplay outfits, chaps!

This is essentially what happens when the cameras are off. No, seriously...

This is what happens when Batman and Joker have a baby. Awesome, yet disturbing... in a good way.


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