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Mass Effect 4 Survey Released by BioWare

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BioWare has released a questionnaire regarding the upcoming Mass Effect game, quizzing fans on what aspects of the series they enjoy the most, while also asking about general gaming habits.

Linked to on Twitter by Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble and hosted on Survey Monkey, the questionnaire asks which elements of the upcoming sci-fi RPG players are most looking forward to;  story, exploration, combat or customisation.

It also asks “as an RPG player”, which three of the following elements most appeal; “Customizing my appearance”, “Exploring alternative story outcomes”, “Exploring different worlds to find resources and knowledge”, “Optimizing my kit and skills in order to progress”, “Comparing myself against friends”, “Engaging in combat” and “Levelling up”.

At the end of the questionnaire the user is informed that “This survey is being managed by the BioWare Community and BioWare Analytics teams on behalf of the Mass Effect game team.”

It’s unlikely that the response to the questionnaire will have any impact on the structure of the game. It’s too far down the line for that. Far more likely is that answers will shape how the game is marketed and what elements are accentuated in trailers and press releases.


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