Destiny's Six-Player Raids Can be Tackled Only With Friends

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Bungie has confirmed that Destiny's 6-player Raids will only be playable with people on your friends list, as there will be no option available for matchmaking with strangers. The thinking behind this, is that it'll encourage players to carefully communicate and co-operate, planning and enjoying these more challenging missions with their friends. Raids will form part of Destiny's experience later into the game, with some lasting for an hour or two. They'll be "one of the pillars of the game", according to Bungie.

"Raids are a really big bet for us. It's a bit of a risk, because the activity requires you to have a group of five other friends to play with..." Bungie Writer Luke Smith explained to IGN. "The activity is going to take you and your group of five buddies into a place that you've never been. A place that you will return to frequently. And [it will] demand of you things you've never even really been asked to do in a shooter before."

Raids will play out in a similar fashion to those found in PC MMOs like World of Warcraft and Everquest, they'll be tough and demanding, and will only be unlocked once players have ventured deep into Destiny's campaign, right towards the end.

"I think Destiny's endgame begins as soon as you see the way the story ends, as soon as you see the way we wrap up the sort of first piece of the adventure that we're going to tell," Smith added. "We want to set you back out into the world to keep going. We want to try to align your motivations as the player with the motivations of the character who you've been pushing around this world. So for us I think a bunch of the endgame starts right at level 20."

While Destiny's level cap has yet to be revealed, Smith indicates that some Raids will require players to have reached level 25 and beyond. “Unlike a bunch of the other activities in Destiny, where you begin the activity – like let's say you pick the level-22 Strike playlist – everything in that activity is going to be level 22. It's going to be consistent," he noted.

"If you're level 26, you're going to have some relationship to it. You're going to be more powerful than that activity. In a raid, when the raid begins at level 25, it's not where it ends. Like part of going the raid is the journey of gearing up; building your arsenal to react to the situations that it's going to ask you to go through.”

Daily bounties as well as daily and weekly Nightfall activities promise "extremely exotic rewards" and more reasons to continue playing Destiny once you've completed the campaign. There are even 'daily story chapters' in the pipeline, according to Smith, equating to an extensive range of endgame content.

Destiny is out on September 9th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3.


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