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Sunset Overdrive's Awesome Apocalypse, Self-Expression and Bright, Colourful World - Video Interview

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Bright and vibrant colours aren't an art choice you'd typically associate with the modern shooter. And they're certainly not something you'd expect to see in a game set during the apocalypse. This is just one aspect that sets Sunset Overdrive apart from the crowd, standing out amid a sea of browns and greys.

Insomniac has dubbed Sunset Overdrive its take on the "awesome apocalypse", giving you a selection of insane, cobbled together weaponry and a stylised, technicolour playground in which to wreak havoc. It's a bit like Jet Set Radio, Tony Hawk and Crackdown fused into one raucous whole.

Talking with Insomniac's Community Lead, James Stevenson, we asked about the game's inspirations, the story behind Xbox One exclusivity and how self-expression and a bright colour palette is making for something that promises to be utterly unique. Watch the interview to find out much more.

Sunset Overdrive launches for Xbox One on October 28th in North America and October 31st in Europe.


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Insomniac Games


US October 28, 2014
Europe October 31, 2014

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