New Xbox One Titles Revealed at 2014 ChinaJoy Expo

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The 2014 ChinaJoy Expo is being held this weekend in Shanghai. With the Xbox One set to launch in China next month (the first home console in the country since Playstation 2), developers flocked to the conference to show off their wares.

Perhaps most impressive is Mercury from developer YingPei Games (formerly Epic Games China), which looks like Borderlands gameplay with Gears of War graphics running on the Unreal Engine. Rumors tap the game as an MMORPG/S similar to Defiance, though some shakycam footage only reveals a bit of single player action.

As reported by Kotaku, a panel has confirmed developer Tencent will be bringing its Landlord and Mahjong games to the console, as well as its online music streaming service, QQ Music. C-Wars, a Kickstarter success for nearly every other platform, is now also confirmed for Xbox One. The mobile app Naughty Kitties, an "endless tower defense" game from Coconut Island will be ported as well. Check out the mobile trailer for that one here.

And finally, the official montage below reveals a few more titles: Steins;Gate, a possible port of the original visual novel or a new entry in the series; Global Mission 2 (shown at 1:35, name in script), a third-person shooter; Sword of Legends (shown at 1:48, name in script), an MMORPG remake of the original 8-Bit title (a TV show based on this franchise was also confirmed); and finally Judgement of Rage, which has virtually no info available, other than its anime-style graphics.

The Xbox One launches in China on September 23rd. Watch this space as we learn more about these titles, namely if we're looking at imports, or if publishers will be bringing them to us proper.


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