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New TimeSplitters: "We Will Figure Out Something," Says Crytek

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Crytek hasn't ruled out the possibility of a new TimeSplitters game, as it still owns the IP, although CEO Cevat Yerli states that "the time has not come yet". Currently, Crytek says that it's focused on the "development and operation" of projects it's already announced like Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age and MOBA, Arena of Fate, but TimeSplitters could return in the future.

"At this point we don't have any plans with [TimeSplitters] because we are focused on our development and operation of our current projects that are announced," Yerli explained. "I still personally love TimeSplitters and there might be a good chance of something in the future. We have some creative ideas. In fact the UK operation at one point planned to resurrect TimeSplitters. But that has now changed. So we will figure out something definitely for TimeSplitters, but the time has not come yet."

Of course, Crytek UK is effectively no more, as the Nottingham-based studio (now known as Dambuster Studios) moved across to Deep Silver to continue work on Homefront: The Revolution, the next game using the Homefront IP, which Crytek sold off to Koch Media. Apparently, Yerli claims that Crytek didn't actually need to do this.

"We didn't need to do this. We didn't need to downsize our company. Maybe this didn't come across. We didn't need to sell Homefront. That deal would have secured Crytek's future even if it would have added another 100 people on top of where we were before we sold Homefront or changed Austin's direction," said Yerli.

"It is an optimisation stage that we said we should do strategically right now in order to focus short term our mindset on the launch of Warface, Arena of Fate and Hunt. It wasn't a pure commercial deal. It was a strategic deal for focus. We didn't need to sell Homefront or the UK office."

Yerli explained the decision, noting that it was "better for Crytek and for Deep Silver and for everybody involved," as it allowed Crytek to "focus from top down and bottom up on making Warface, Arena of Fate and Hunt successful in the short to medium term."

Homefront: The Revolution is set to launch in 2015. Fingers crossed for that new TimeSplitters game too.

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