Falcon 65nm CPUs being rolled out?

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Tech nuts the world over have been waiting for the new 65nm Xbox 360 "Falcon" CPUs for a while and word on the street is that they're finally being rolled out to retail.

According to various reports and photo evidence over on the forums, new Halo 3 Xbox 360 consoles with lot numbers #734 have been confirmed to have the newly new 65nm CPUs in them. So, if the Halo 3 360s are a predictor of things to come, hopefully we'll be seeing 65nm technology in all Xbox 360s hitting store shelves soon. Lots more information and a guide to tell if your Xbox 360 has Falcon technology can be read over on the forums via the links below. You're free now ... fly Falcon, fly!

Please see 360 Fanboy for more details, located here.

Thanks go to Clipse 2 for informing us.


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