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Grand Theft Auto Online Gets New Verified Flight School Jobs With 2x RP

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Rockstar has revealed 16 new verified Jobs for Grand Theft Auto Online that include new scenarios for the newly introduced VS Mission modes that came with the recent San Andreas Flight School Update. As well as new 'Acquire Targets', 'Air Force Zero' and 'G-Rating' Jobs, there's also new Air Races, Parachute Jumps and more.

These new Jobs will be added to a 'New Flight School Jobs' playlist in GTA Online, where there'll be a bunch of missions from today's update, with double RP on offer when you complete the list. And if you've yet to acquire the special 'High Flyer' Parachute Pack, playing the list to completion will also enable you to unlock that.

Take a look at some of the latest set of verified Jobs available now and the suggested rank for playing them in the New Flight School Jobs playlist in Grand Theft Auto Online:

New Contact Missions:

  • Chop Chop (Contact: Trevor, Rank 43, 2-4 Players) - "Our friend Ronald is getting increasingly agitated about Merryweather Security’s presence in the state, and a nervous Ron gets on my t***. Why don't you go to Sandy Shores Airfield, hack into the Merryweather Network, find their outposts and then take their choppers and blow 'em all to hell. Okay? Great!"
  • Effin' Lazers (Contact: Martin, Rank 44, 2 Players) - "The market’s about to be flooded with inferior product. I... WE... have too much invested in it to let that happen. I need you to get in some Lazer fighter jets and take out the planes holding product before they land. It sounds extreme, but these are desperate times."

New Races, Parachute Jump & Capture

  • Airstrip (Parachute Jump: Rank 11, 1-8 Players) - If a recruit shacks it on exercise, they don't need the added humiliation of hitching back to the landing strip. Practice landing where you took off with this flowing descent from 4,300 ft. to McKenzie Airfield. On the way down you can admire the view or ruminate on failure.
  • Branching Out (Race: Rank 20, 1-8 Players) - From the sea side to mountain peaks, from hikers to technophobic, cannibalistic cultists, from state parks to secret weed farms, the San Andreas wilderness has it all. Drink it in with this Lap Race for choppers by Mount Chilliad and Raton Canyon.
  • Flying Colors (Race: Rank 12, 1-8 Players) - Regulation Air Force exercises happen at high altitude over the ocean, but where’s the fun when you can’t get a feel for how fast you’re flying. Lap Race for planes low over rural Eastern Blaine County. How close to the dirt can you go without taking the head off a fruit picker?
  • GTA: Wingmen (Capture: Rank 1, 2-8 Players) - It’s a buyer’s market as rival groups attempt to deliver Buckingham military jets to LSIA. They’re vintage collectors’ items and they fly like it, so use Lazers for defense and attack. Each team will only have one Buckingham in play at any time. Start points are Fort Zancudo and the Sandy Shores Airfield.
  • High Dive (Race: Rank 1, 1-8 Players) - Dive bomb Downtown in this point to point for jets. You start in the Tongva Hills, climb to high altitude, make a near vertical descent, and try to pull up at the last minute. It’s the highest climb and fall we’ve got on our books. You’ll make an impression or make an impression on the ground.
  • In The Loop (Race: Rank 35, 1-8 Players)
  • Hold onto your lunch or you’ll need windshield wipers on the inside of your cockpit. Point to point for jets through the docks and Downtown. Obstacles to avoid and two loop the loops will keep you on your toes… or your head.
  • Under the Bridge (Parachute Jump: Rank 11, 1-8 Players)
  • Gravity does most of the hard work when you jump out a chopper from 4,000 ft. We’re going to make it a bit more interesting by staging the drop in the flight path, and making recruits go under a bridge. Best played at night, so you can see the warning lights on obstacles.

These latest Rockstar verified Jobs are available in Grand Theft Auto Online now.


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