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XBLA Reminder: Banjo-Kazooie
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After its week delay, which I can only assume was done to make sure something released this week instead of two last week and nothing this week, the N64 classic Banjo-Kazooie will be available to the public on Wednesday for 1200MSP ($15).


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Comment #1 by voorhees88
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 02:57:11 PM
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seems a bit steep, but probaly worth it...

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Comment #2 by GTukC
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 02:57:20 PM
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SICK, last time I played this I was a teen, can't wait to get the 200 on this, will only be the 2nd or 3rd arcade completion but I defo wanna complete this.

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Comment #3 by Hitchman
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:01:44 PM
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this game was so much fun. $15 is a good price.

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Comment #4 by Aphlix
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:02:43 PM
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:( I was hoping it was gonna be 800. I wanted to buy somethings and save 800 points...Good job I didnt. :D

I could probably get a N64 and this game for $15

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Comment #5 by Bay Area gunner
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:03:45 PM
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Look forward to checking it out. I loved it when I was younger.

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Comment #6 by its me brett
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:08:19 PM
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its worth da $15 this game is fresh

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Comment #7 by Chpainkiller
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:12:34 PM
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loved it when I was 9 years old I have to buy it

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Comment #8 by The Pants Party [STAFF]
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:15:40 PM
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I really think it is worth the $15 - got it free with the new Banjo and I got the 200G on this before I even opened the new one!

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Comment #9 by EATatJOES 07
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:15:45 PM
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its a great game and I got it for free with nuts and bolts but i would not spend 15 bucks on it cause most people already have it on their 64 still I know I do. Go get netflicks for that price

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Comment #10 by ThorAxe911
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:19:08 PM
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goodness. thats not a bad deal for such a good game. (kinda long too if i remember correctly)

ohh N64. i'll never forget the days i used to play you hour upon hour :)

it'll be interesting how good the acutal game is.

maybe something i played back when i was like 9 won't be as fun as now that im 16 =P haha we'll see though.

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Comment #11 by ShirleyPeanut
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:21:58 PM
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deffo worth it btw

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Comment #12 by ChadtheChosen
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:29:00 PM
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beat this when first picking up Nuts & Bolts.. sadly that game is still sealed up since I picked it up lol. Was a great game to play again just seemed easier than what I could remember.

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Comment #13 by BORDAMOUR
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:35:28 PM
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I have two favourite games from the N64 James Bond Goldeneye and Banjo-Kazooie so I will be getting this game for sure thats one of my favourite N64 games down one to go hopefully

Forum Posts: 162
Comment #14 by TheWarriorElite
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:38:52 PM
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this is a must buy

Forum Posts: 166
Comment #15 by JJOR64
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:39:36 PM
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*got for free and didn't get BK N&B*

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Comment #16 by illogical hawk
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:44:18 PM
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This game is better than ever. I got it for free a few weeks ago for preordering Nuts and Bolts, and it's fantastic. The updated and sharpened graphics are worth the price of admission alone. The game actually IS a bit easier due to the fact that musical notes and jinjos that you collect do not reset when you die or leave a level.

I'd strongly recommend this game to everyone. Achievements are rather easy to get too.

Forum Posts: 153
Comment #17 by MonkeyBoy813
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:47:50 PM
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This is easily my most favorite game of all time, and I think it is well worth the money.

For everybody who hasn't played this game yet, I highly recommend you do. It's money well spent.

Forum Posts: 177
Comment #18 by squirreltakos
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:53:11 PM
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I have it already and it's worth it def. but it's a bit laggy at times. Hoping for a patch to fix that soon.

Forum Posts: 351
Comment #19 by xXx3NIGM4xXx
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 03:53:12 PM
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I'm just glad that it isn't pushed back again..yet!!

But I am so all over this on Wednesday.

Forum Posts: 414
Comment #20 by KingSigy
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 04:08:01 PM
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I can say that for $12, this port definitely is not worth it. The game still holds up, but the port is really bad.

Forum Posts: 281
Comment #21 by Liamnator1005
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 04:22:56 PM
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it will be cheaper later on so i will wait say 6 or 12 months

Forum Posts: 206
Comment #22 by ArmyOfPie
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 04:23:02 PM
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Awesome! I can't wait to get it!

Forum Posts: 118
Comment #23 by xxxRAGNAROKxxxx
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 04:26:57 PM
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I can't wait either

Forum Posts: 351
Comment #24 by xXx3NIGM4xXx
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 04:31:01 PM
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I doubt it will be cheaper. Not much else has gotten cheaper over 3 or 4 years.

Forum Posts: 40
Comment #25 by m2kmanofsteel
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 04:38:19 PM
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1200 points is $15 dumbass. funny how people confuse lag with slowdown. not worth $15, i got the preorder. funfor awhile. gets annoying

Forum Posts: 87
Comment #26 by Akumario
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 04:58:38 PM
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what 1200 ??? they put better have good graphics like vigilante 8 , but xbox live if we gonn apay 1200 don't u think a should be 350 points , i can belive rb track packs cost 40 or 30 bucks and they only have 200 points , my friend LIGHT YAGAMI X7 mod hes console and he play off live alot of games , can some tell me why xbox live do not detect hes chip or driver is not fair i have to pay 60 bucks for my games when this SOB get them for free , is not fair

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Comment #27 by Eric_1221
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 05:20:21 PM
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The reason for pushing the game back a week was to make it fair to those who pre-ordered the game, and then didn't receive their code until after the game came out, as part of the pre-order bonus was getting it a few weeks early. Thats what they said on, anyway. Anyway, I can't wait for this to come out, as I am a giant fan of the original game.

Forum Posts: 25
Comment #28 by Eric_1221
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 05:24:47 PM
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^whoa, that was extremely poorly written. I'll just link the article.

"Microsoft notes that this move 'extends the exclusive window for our preorder customers another week.' Here's hoping those customers can get the code they need to enjoy that extra week."

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Comment #29 by callofdutyachievements
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 06:19:00 PM
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Nope. Duke Nukem was 800ms, Doom 400ms, but that's the limit I'm paying for a game thats as old as my (old) dog.

Forum Posts: 909
Comment #30 by DJbruce
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 06:58:08 PM
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I'll be getting this as I never got to play it on the n64.

Forum Posts: 92
Comment #31 by ROA5T BeeF
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 07:42:25 PM
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Forum Posts: 286
Comment #32 by Diaxen
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 07:47:37 PM
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I'm definitely interested in picking this up, but I think N64 games on the Wii retail for $10

Forum Posts: 267
Comment #33 by BigApple3AM
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 09:24:27 PM
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I'm avoiding Banjo like crazy because I can't stand collecting achievements and all you do in Banjo games is COLLECT STUFF.

Forum Posts: 166
Comment #34 by Arcanon
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 10:04:20 PM
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So much for my extra week of having the free game. I don't mean to sound like an ass, but I enjoyed that time period because it's the first time I got something before a lot of people did. Most of the time it's the other way around. I'm practically a newbie to Xbox, Halo, and all that compared to all my friends.

I will say that, though the price is steep, it's worth it. The game, though now with better graphics and non-resetting levels, is still as fun as I remember. I get nostalgic going through each level and learning all the moves I love. In fact, in a few days once some of my college assignments are done, I'm gonna go back and continue playing. With finals around the corner, I had no chance to beat the game in one sitting. Once all that crap is done, I'm knocking out the game and it

Forum Posts: 7
Comment #35 by Rocket Mo0se
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 10:08:29 PM
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I have this on my computer 15 bucks for a 10+ year old game is a bit much...

Forum Posts: 166
Comment #36 by Arcanon
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 10:10:26 PM
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's 200 gamerscore.

Forum Posts: 723
Comment #37 by shadow sniper
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 10:28:46 PM
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dam....I was hoping for 800.

Forum Posts: 514
Comment #38 by B1indSide
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 10:58:13 PM
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I got it with Nuts and Bolts and I think the price is a little steep for what it is. Plus the port is bad, the framerate drops way way way too often. Fun for the nostalgic, others will question what the fuss is about, though.

Forum Posts: 41
Comment #39 by Z. slay3r
Monday, December 01, 2008 @ 11:10:54 PM
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I'll probably wait until there is a price drop to buy it. I don't feel like spending 1200 MSP on it.

Forum Posts: 160
Comment #40 by Jmashed
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 @ 12:06:38 AM
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Its either this or Keflings with a 400 point game/expansion, I'll decide once I play the trial, and get my xbox back >:(

Forum Posts: 282
Comment #41 by le b3nz0r
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 @ 01:11:22 AM
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I definitely picked up one of the free download cards you get for preordering. Except I got it for pre-ordering Street Fighter IV. I think I win either way.

And yeah, if you think about it, top 3 adventure games on 64 (in no particular order) were clearly Banjo Kazooie, Super Mario 64, and Donkey Kong 64. Clearly only 1 of those three could have POSSIBLY been an arcade title.

Of course I'm nearly positive that if they ever released Goldeneye or even Perfect Dark on XBLA it'd make more money than most retail titles. Can't believe those savages are holding out on us.

Forum Posts: 43
Comment #42 by YurtleTehTurle
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 @ 02:32:55 AM
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If enough people buy this game it may convince MS to get their chequebook out for the Goldeneye License.

Forum Posts: 30
Comment #43 by Astrex
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 @ 02:38:04 AM
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Old skool classic!!! can't wait!

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #44 by pmassico
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 @ 07:04:16 AM
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I'm waiting to get it!
Last week, I was very desapointed..

Forum Posts: 55
Comment #45 by FinTacular
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 @ 07:21:06 AM
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For everyone who has problems with the framerate play it on 720p. Worked like a charm for me. : )

Forum Posts: 183
Comment #46 by Art
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 @ 07:37:21 AM
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Ouch, $15 is almost half the price of Nuts & Bolts...granted, judging from the N&B demo, the original is at least 250% better anyway.

Forum Posts: 7
Comment #47 by Senkei88
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 @ 09:25:23 AM
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whats this the stop n swop eggs? can we get the extrafeature in N&B? i hope because i didn't preordered it and i want the extrafeature this the eggs and new vehicleparts in N&B

Forum Posts: 1185
Comment #48 by Ingles
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 @ 09:46:24 AM
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Now that this one was out, I'm excited that Banjo-Tooie will be next year sometime! This game is definitely worth the $15! It's an all around great game and brought back many great memories of the N64 days.

Forum Posts: 769
Comment #49 by NFaMuS one
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 @ 10:38:39 AM
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banjo-kazooie FTW! 1,200 points FTL! recent purchase of 5,000 points FTW!! LOL...been waitin for this one, definitely a classic, and so worth the 1,200 points

Forum Posts: 13
Comment #50 by Drebit
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 @ 03:10:56 PM
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15$ is def worth it cuase it costs like $30 at EB games here

Forum Posts: 165
Comment #51 by DarkHitman 47
Tuesday, December 02, 2008 @ 03:28:49 PM
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got nuts and bolts too do might get this after

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