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Q3 (Qubed)

Atari to Publish Trio of Tetsuya Mizuguchi Titles in One Box

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Whilst the title may sound extremely generous of Atari, it may be a little misleading. Today Atari announced that they will be teaming up with Japan's Q-Entertainment to bring you three of the companies' successful Xbox Live Arcade titles in one box.

The package, called Q3 (Qubed) at this stage, will boast the following three titles; Rez HD, Luminies Live and E4 (Every Extend Extra Extreme ... what were they smoking when they thought of that title!?).

So if you missed them first time around or want the chance to milk some more points out of them, then here's your chance.

Q3 (Qubed) is due to hit stores worldwide in spring 2009.

For a detailed description in to each game, read on:

Rez™ HD was released on Xbox Live Arcade in January 2008 and is a fast-paced action-shooter. Set in a cyberworld, the player targets the enemies and hacks the system while creating their own beats. The dynamic, total integration of visual presentation, sound and player input provides the ultimate audio visual experience.

Lumines™ Live! was released on Xbox Live Arcade in October 2006 and is considered one of the best puzzle games of all time. The title combines puzzles, music and video entertainment to create an addictively-fun gameplay experience. The Q3 version is scheduled to include the Base Pack along with additional content that will enhance and extend the gameplay experience.

E4 (Every Extend Extra Extreme) is a visual and audio shooter/puzzle experience originally released on Xbox Live Arcade in October 2007. The goal in E4 is to self destruct, creating large chain reactions by defeating the enemies, which will ultimately extend the life of the game. It features five game modes including “Wiz ur Muzik”, where players can implement their favourite music for a customized E4 experience.


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