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After baffling some and delighting others with mental shooter Space Giraffe, Jeff Minter is now planning to bring an updated version of his psychedelic PC shooter Gridrunner++ to Xbox Live Arcade.

According to Minter's blog, he's already working on the game and is busy modifying it for Xbox 360, specifically adjusting its aspect ratio (widescreen) and ensuring that its original mouse controls are translated well to the 360 pad.

Minter added: "I'm changing and extending the gameplay; it'll be a much more involved game than the PC-only predecessor. I'm getting all the gameplay working first then I'll overhaul the graphics; we'll likely go for algo generated 3D shapes rather than the hand-drawn sprites of the PC original."

Obviously there's no news of a release date or anything, but we'll keep an eye on Minter's latest project to see if it's shaping up to be as crazy as Space Giraffe.

Thanks to Clipse 2 for the link. See IGN for more details. 


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