Rumour: Microsoft to Award Achievements for Non-Gaming Tasks?

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Just when you thought the system couldn't get any worse, you hear a story that makes you think "alright, if they did that, maybe it would."

Loot Ninja uncovered a Microsoft survey that hinted at the possibility of rewarding gamers for non-gaming related tasks, like watching 50 DVDs. I think this is where we insert the customary facepalm.

The system has already taken a few knocks recently with the abuse of the 1250 cap and Fable 2 requiring another game to unlock all the achievements, surely this would almost certainly be another knock for the once great system. What happened to the achievement system representing your virtual accomplishments?

Most of the other topics could be answered just by reading over some of our articles, polls and more importantly the forums. Creative achievement tasks, names and tiles? Yes please. Achievement tracking, in-game rewards and achievements with DLC (up to the cap)? Yes please again. Online achievements, achievements for scratching your ass, watching DVDs, downloading stuff off the Marketplace? No thank you.

Remember, this isn't set in stone, it's a survey looking for feedback, but if they target the wrong people with it, it could become a reality.

[Via Xbox360Fanboy]


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