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Mass Effect 2 to Have More Romance Options & is Shepard Dead?

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In a recent interview with Gametrailers and Spike TV's Geoff Keighley for their weekly Gametrailers TV episode, Mass Effect 2 project lead Casey Hudson, spoke about various aspects of the game for the first time.

The first topic of conversation was regarding Shepard's so called demise that was hinted at in their debut video teaser of the game. Hudson responded without giving too much away, stating that "what I can tell you is, every element pertains to actual story elements in Mass Effect 2."

Keighley fished a little more and asked whether we would actually play as Shepard  this time around with Hudson hinting that all that will be explained at E3. The interesting aspect of this part of the interview however was Hudson's response to whether we would see a single playable character in the title, to which he responds "you might see the game experience from different viewpoints in Mass Effect 2."

Hudson and Keighley then started to discuss the whole importing saves aspect with Hudson stating that “if you choose to start your game by importing your Mass Effect save, your game will feel like your game." How soon though? "Literally the first moment will be different" which lends the suggestion that the replayability in Mass Effect 2 is going to be fairly high.

Responding to the question regarding the appearance of the Illusive Man from the Mass Effect book, Ascension (much like Saren appeared in Revelation), Hudson acknowledges that "you’ll be able to see the Illusive Man in Mass Effect 2." For all those not brushed up on the Mass Effect universe, the Illusive Man is the elusive  and secretive leader of the intriguing Cerberus organisation.

When asked whether space combat would appear, Hudson responded stating that although it's not planned for Mass Effect 2, it is planned for the trilogy, so expect to see that in the final chapter.

On the topic of romances and sex scenes, Hudson states that "romances will be as well done and as sophisticated in Mass Effect 2, as they were in Mass Effect 1." He furthers the scope of the romances by mentioning that "there will be more people you can meet, take with you, take out on missions ... there are more romance options in Mass Effect 2," so this time, if you're lucky, you might be able to get that dream date with Wrex you so desperately wanted ... unless you already killed him you animal!

So more romance, Shepard could be a goner (although it's highly unlikely), no space combat and plenty of replayability. Sounds good to us. 2010 can't come fast enough.

Check out the full Gametrailers TV episode right here.

Oh, and thanks to sam03mckay for pointing us in the direction of the latest piece of Mass Effect 2 art work which you can find below.


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