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Guitar Hero: World Tour DLC Detailed for May
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Activision recently announced the upcoming downloadable content for Guitar Hero: World Tour that is due to be released throughout May. So if you hadn't seen enough musical DLC listings today, then brace yourselves for the last one. The songs, costs and dates are as follows:

May 7: Ferret/Metal Blade Track Pack (FREE)
-"Dez Moines" - The Devil Wears Prada
-"On Broken Glass" - Chimaira
-"Grave of Opportunity" - Unearth

May 14: Pop Rock Track Pack (440 Microsoft Points for the pack, 160 each)
-"So What" - P!nk
-"Stop and Stare" - OneRepublic
-"Everything's Magic" - Angels and Airwaves

May 21: European Track Pack No. 5 (440 Microsoft Points for the pack, 160 each)
-"Disconnected" - In Flames
-"Oh Yeah!" - Housse de Racket
-"Look Good In Leather" - Cody ChesnuTT

[Cheers to jappe66 for the heads up]


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Forum Posts: 1622
Comment #1 by ferrara316
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 04:44:19 PM
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Forum Posts: 263
Comment #2 by Cameron Speirs
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 04:46:51 PM
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I never really got into these games but i like stop and star =D

Forum Posts: 23
Comment #3 by TinnoUnited
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 04:48:51 PM
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Look good in leather!! Loved it since it was on lynx advert! :D

Forum Posts: 56
Comment #4 by darth danter
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 04:50:43 PM
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don't think i'm interested in any of these. rock band's line-up is still better

Forum Posts: 371
Comment #5 by Aletdownofstate
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 04:50:48 PM
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Dez Moines

Forum Posts: 242
Comment #6 by JustAFriend
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 04:51:53 PM
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where has all the good music gone? o yeh to rockband

Forum Posts: 151
Comment #7 by smacd
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 04:54:13 PM
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who? i dont recognize any of those artists except A&A, and only because my GF explained who they were when one of their songs came out on RB.

GH fails yet again. Glad I bailed on the series after that sh*tfest known as GH3. Viva la Harmonix

Forum Posts: 58
Comment #8 by Chizwick
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 04:54:20 PM
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Love me some TDWP.

Forum Posts: 262
Comment #9 by II M1CK3H II
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 04:55:20 PM
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WOW. What a load of shit.


Forum Posts: 279
Comment #10 by Krisko Disko
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 04:56:08 PM
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I answer this with a resounding "meh."

Forum Posts: 168
Comment #11 by Armor42
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 04:57:27 PM
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lol @ #9. No, we don't.

Forum Posts: 108
Comment #12 by ShinAkuma
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 04:58:00 PM
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I agree with #9 in every aspect!

Forum Posts: 262
Comment #13 by Coldgears
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:00:40 PM
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This is amazing! where has all the crap music went, oh yeah to rock shit 2...

Forum Posts: 148
Comment #14 by AsILayDying
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:02:31 PM
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Forum Posts: 308
Comment #15 by GUNSLiiNGER
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:08:36 PM
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would love to see a guitar hero iron maiden, sabath, or disturbed :)

Forum Posts: 298
Comment #16 by The Danielnator
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:14:28 PM
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Great.. give people a plastic guitar and they think they know something about music.

Forum Posts: 14
Comment #17 by soma1991
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:16:24 PM
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@ #16 thats incredibly ignorant lol... thats like saying give someone a wii and they think they know something about gaming.... much as i dislike it it does cater for the hardcore... wait no.... gah confusing mahself... shame.... but no rock band/2s setlist is much better :P... gh tooooo poppy

Forum Posts: 16
Comment #18 by danny hampson
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:19:25 PM
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i will pick up the A&A song and the free songs but i heard that next month theres a paramore and ax7 track pack coming out

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #19 by ManiacManic
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:20:54 PM
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In Flames we trust! Finally something decent for me to play. ^_^

Forum Posts: 3
Comment #20 by L3G3ND4RY LUK3
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:28:00 PM
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Agreed, GH: Slipknot !!! :)

Forum Posts: 288
Comment #21 by Fyrestarter00
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:28:42 PM
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Nothing good there man....why no Slipknot Track Pack or Disturbed one? I'd even take another MCR pack rather than Pink X(

Forum Posts: 47
Comment #22 by EVUL DAVE
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:31:01 PM
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Slipknot is an overrated pile of trash being forced down the throats of anyone dull enough to watch MTV or FUSE and think that the band is "hardcore". Definite no to a GH game dedicated to them.

Also, no DLC was announced for the 28th, which is somewhat strange.

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #23 by Treadswax
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:40:26 PM
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I feel out of the loop since i don't know half of these (i'm guessing) shitty bands. Granted i dont know and i'll have to check them out, but as much as I love GH the setlists have gotten so much worse. Haven't even looked at the game in months. Give me some good music I want to play - PUSA, RBF, Rush, Dethklock, Anthrax, Primus, the list of good music goes on forever, but i don't see it featured in GH anymore...

Forum Posts: 2548
Comment #24 by A ZombieTwinkie
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:43:16 PM
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atleast some of the DLC is slightly better than what rockband's been releasing. Yea, I know they need to appeal to all type of music.. but releasing almost the same crap week after week? c'mon, give us somethin good!

GH: Slipknot > you...

...'nuff said.

Forum Posts: 462
Comment #25 by L1E
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:44:21 PM
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How about music I like? That too much to ask to center your DLC around one person in the world?

Forum Posts: 46
Comment #26 by Tacticalkilljoy
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:47:51 PM
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I'd marry #22 if it weren't gay.

Forum Posts: 81
Comment #27 by HuTcH
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:50:48 PM
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dont u mean if u were gay? just asking

anyway all this is shit

Forum Posts: 663
Comment #28 by Atarii
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:51:00 PM
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Pink? really? I guess if you like it you'll buy it, but.... really? Pink - c'mon

Forum Posts: 14
Comment #29 by TP of Justice
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 05:56:40 PM
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Ferret should have put Misery Signals or See You Next Tuesday not fags wear prada. Hopefully more Metal Blade bands show up again: Whitechapel, The Red Chord, As I Lay Dying,etc. !!MORE HEAVY AND BREAKDOWNS!!

Forum Posts: 609
Comment #30 by DStyles
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 06:00:27 PM
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Hopefully one day Led Zeppelin lets either GH or RB use their songs in their game.

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #31 by Mini mess
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 06:06:50 PM
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About time tooooo

Forum Posts: 24
Comment #32 by cgc1221
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 06:16:24 PM
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Finally some metal songs...and they're free!! Hopefully they will be a decent challenge on guitar instead of focusing on "all around" fun...

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #33 by HxCbizzle420
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 06:17:12 PM
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#9 you are a downy

Forum Posts: 1185
Comment #34 by MartyMcFly
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 06:25:18 PM
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People still play this game?

Forum Posts: 190
Comment #35 by ZoopSoul
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 06:27:13 PM
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CODY CHESNUTT! Dammit. Wish RB had some Cody.

Forum Posts: 113
Comment #36 by Diesel8590
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 06:27:20 PM
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#9 = Tard.

In Flames is definitely nice to see, along with a Free Pack!

Forum Posts: 12
Comment #37 by shaitanpt
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 06:36:05 PM
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how the fuck do you say you want a GH: SLIPKNOT and then say CHIMAIRA and IN FLAMES are a "load of shit"?!?!?!?!


Forum Posts: 2
Comment #38 by Ix ALESANA xI
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 06:44:02 PM
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Finally some

Forum Posts: 213
Comment #39 by rad fad
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 06:44:32 PM
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anything free is good. especially when it's already good.

Forum Posts: 279
Comment #40 by xXthefragileXx
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 06:46:29 PM
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@ 4 and 6: So true.. this list is pretty weak. I'll give Activision SOME credit though since they're actually releasing DLC on a somewhat regular basis since they COMPLETELY fell through on that promise with GH3

Forum Posts: 1221
Comment #41 by Frozenghost001
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 06:49:08 PM
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Yea!!! One of the best track packs yet, and it's FREE!!!

Finally, some awesome metal songs!

Forum Posts: 106
Comment #42 by Adrenaline240
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 06:51:06 PM
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why do they even bother?

Forum Posts: 7
Comment #43 by nothingface0
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 07:02:08 PM
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Nice, Chimaira on a guitar hero game and it's free. In Flames is gonna be awesome too, finally got some good metal on here and everyone complaining. Why dont you guys listen to some of this stuff before you cry about it. Unless it's to heavy, there's always that Disney sing-a-long game if that's the case.

Forum Posts: 46
Comment #44 by Major Pancakes
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 07:04:20 PM
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Well that was...unimpressive.

Forum Posts: 238
Comment #45 by nobodieshero
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 07:11:39 PM
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You guys are absolutly right RB has Sponge Bob. Jst amazing what was I thinking. I am actually the one person who is prolly pleased with guitar hero, because I don't listen to boring classic rock or pop music. Every time they have a free release its amazing I have got al my favorite music for free. And this time around I am very excited for unearth and even the European track pack has In Flames in it.. Screw you guys viva le Guitar Hero. Rock Band is for people who don't wanna challenge. If you just wantted to listen to music then why dont you just DL the shit rather then spending 200 dollars on a fake drum set to tap your foot too.

Forum Posts: 166
Comment #46 by Arcanon
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 07:27:59 PM
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I love how #45 is defending GH and saying he hates pop music when there's an entire pop track pack listed here. I also love how everyone thinks that only their opinion matters.


This metal track pack looks amazing, and it being free is a definite win. I'm getting it, since it'll give me an excuse to play GHWT again besides the achievements. However, none of these songs, supposedly, will work with future GHs like Rock Band's do, and the Metal pack is the only good thing here that's come out in months. Whereas with RB, if they release a week of songs that I don't like, they end up following up with a week of songs I do like.

In short: Getting the metal track pack, passing on the rest, opinions are fun.

Forum Posts: 198
Comment #47 by StalkingGrunt911
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 07:28:40 PM
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I love you. You speak the truth.

Forum Posts: 28
Comment #48 by aMourningshadow
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 07:38:48 PM
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unearth fuck yes

Forum Posts: 98
Comment #49 by Freshmaker
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 07:50:59 PM
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ehhh nothing good, I'll save mines for RB2 Tracks, might as well wait for GH Van Halen to come out for some good tracks

Forum Posts: 305
Comment #50 by KindredPOKER
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 07:52:29 PM
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Rock Band > Guitar Hero. Rock Band has such a better taste in music... Guitar Hero's track listings are horrible now, bring back the GH2 days.

Forum Posts: 70
Comment #51 by N3XXIS
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 07:53:17 PM
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I think ill save my Microsoft Points for a DLC that i'll play more than twice.

However, it does look like a fair collection and its catoring to everyone's wants. well, the vast majority at least.

Forum Posts: 11
Comment #52 by nickb2819
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 08:23:09 PM
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. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . ,.-‘”. . . . . . . . . .``~.,
. . . . . . . .. . . . . .,.-”. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .“-.,
. . . . .. . . . . . ..,/. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”:,
. . . . . . . .. .,?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .,
. . . . . . . . . /. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,}
. . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`^`.}
. . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:”. . . ./
. . . . . . .?. . . __. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :`. . . ./
. . . . . . . /__.(. . .“~-,_. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`. . . .. ./
. . . . . . /(_. . ”~,_. . . ..“~,_. . . . . . . . . .,:`. . . . _/
. . . .. .{.._$;_. . .”=,_. . . .“-,_. . . ,.-~-,}, .~”; /. .. .

Forum Posts: 11
Comment #53 by nickb2819
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 08:25:10 PM
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activision should make all their GH:WT DLC free until they decide to put up good music, them churning out european crap is getting old. Will be purchasing the Ferret/Metal Blade Track Pack though lol

Forum Posts: 111
Comment #54 by todd_pip33
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 08:25:32 PM
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Wow, so everyone calls for metal and you get some real metal in Chimaira, Unearth, and the almighty IN FLAMES! And still everyone complains. Well, that's proof that the pretend metalheads here really don't know what they are talking about. No...definitely not a Slipknot Guitar Hero...

Forum Posts: 61
Comment #55 by XxxSyLiZaRxxX
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 08:27:10 PM
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METAL FOREVER! Chimaira, Unearth, and In Flames all f'ing rule!

Forum Posts: 11
Comment #56 by nickb2819
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 08:27:51 PM
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@45 play "Painkiller", "Visions" any song on "Peace Sells", "Panic Attack" or "Caprici Di Diablo" and tell me RB isn't a challenge.

Forum Posts: 28
Comment #57 by MA5TER 0051
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 08:53:51 PM
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HahahahahahaHAHAHAHAAH!! Pink and OneRepublic! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

But seriosuly, the rest of it is pretty damn good.

Forum Posts: 23
Comment #58 by UnworthyBoot
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 09:12:28 PM
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Oh wow, European track pack 5! Because God knows we all want more of that, nothing from the USA please... What a load indeed.

Forum Posts: 41
Comment #59 by Tim 13
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 09:35:13 PM
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@11: I hope you see this comment, because I both agree with you, and laughed my ass off when I read that.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #60 by lilnako
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 09:40:43 PM
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wen r dey gona get sum guns n roses

Forum Posts: 1180
Comment #61 by LoveAGramm
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 09:52:45 PM
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That's what I'n talkin about!

Forum Posts: 12
Comment #62 by poopinyoface418
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 09:54:37 PM
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wat the hell. wat are u ppl 12 year old metal heads?? slipknot isnt good enough to get a game. get old bands that actually defined rock and metal. Sabbath judas...bands like that. maybe some songs from slipknot and someone said disturbed. have a some songs from both but not a game. in flames i would buy tho and unearth...but other than that. meh

Forum Posts: 8
Comment #63 by Azwethinkweiz12
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 09:55:53 PM
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Hey Dave

Forum Posts: 177
Comment #64 by squirreltakos
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 09:58:16 PM
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mmmmhmmm Dez Moines

Forum Posts: 106
Comment #65 by Colonel Muffinz
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 10:02:50 PM
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Metal is fucking gay. Srsly. One of the worst genres out there. NOT TROLLING.

Forum Posts: 351
Comment #66 by xXx3NIGM4xXx
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 10:17:18 PM
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Unearth and TDWP!!! Dude, that is the shit, and it's free. Unfortunately, I'm not shelling out the money for WT but man that is awesome. I wish Rock Band would come out with that! (I promised myself I wouldn't by another GH game until it was 1. Not devoted to a band and 2. Not a RB clone). GH is much more challenging and I'm sure Unearth would be insane man! How about some Protest the Hero, Between the Buried and Me, Abigail Williams, Born of Osiris, Acaia Strain, Winds of Plague, and...well, you get my point...

Forum Posts: 199
Comment #67 by n8ryder
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 10:18:45 PM
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In Flames and Chimaira are both in my top 5 all time Metal bands! Problem is this is for GHWT, I have the Rock Bands, doh! The Infection is a beast, dont miss it if ur a Chimaira fan.

Forum Posts: 709
Comment #68 by lostmotiv
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 10:19:43 PM
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people actually buy songs for gh still? will prob dl the free stuff but rock band gets my dlc money.

Forum Posts: 199
Comment #69 by n8ryder
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 10:27:03 PM
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Oh and forgot Unearth, there tits too!!! May need to get GHWT sometime!

Forum Posts: 4
Comment #70 by nickl88
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 10:44:17 PM
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Finally some good music in that free pack, been wanting to see how TDWP would translate into GH (interested to see how the vocals are).Oh and Slipknot and Disturbed suck btw.

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #71 by PimpinIsntEasy
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 10:57:27 PM
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inflames ftw, chimaira ftw, none of you pussies listen to hard rock???? what i dont get is why bother puttin up a pop track list as if they dont have enough shite songs on it. theres only a few good uns on gh

Forum Posts: 4
Comment #72 by Edel42
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 12:05:32 AM
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f all that crap... Give me Dream Theater, and some actual guitar heroes... more satriani, vai, petrucci, eric johnson, andy timmons, symphony x, porcupine tree, transatlantic, OSI, gordian knot, spocks beard, steve mcalpine, john mclaughlin, buckethead, ETC. no thanks on the crap they keep posting.

im not a big slipknot fan, but i would prefer slipknot, mudvayne to the crap they keep putting out. i could also go for some alterbridge

if they got REAL smart theyd get together with a Guitar World Magazine (since guitar one is dead :-( ) and get whatever songs were tabbed that month onto gh.. thatd be an interesting concept.

But what id really like to see is a chance for indep bands to put out stuff for free on it; its a great advertising tool. I've bought more albums from th

Forum Posts: 598
Comment #73 by Dizzy Domes
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 12:43:30 AM
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Free Chimaira?!? Activision did something right for a change. I would have paid for the free pack.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #74 by Exiled_SJ
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 12:45:56 AM
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More Crap from Guitar Hero WT. One would think with all this time between DLC they would put out something good. At least Rock Band has someone what of an excuse. They put stuff out every week. Anyways, wont be picking up any of these.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #75 by Exiled_SJ
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 12:50:52 AM
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@18 i would definatly buy a Paramore track pack.

Forum Posts: 36
Comment #76 by Kr0ni
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 01:08:16 AM
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In Flames !

Its about time'

Forum Posts: 749
Comment #77 by Cheezbrgr
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 01:22:14 AM
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Only buying the In Flames track

Forum Posts: 81
Comment #78 by IIIIIIIMichael
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 01:25:37 AM
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@ #29 fuck yes see u next tuesday rapes faces off any1 who listens to real metal real enjoy the 1st pack im not talking that pop as rock like disturbed, or slipknot... well they were good on the 1st album and then got progressively softer=gay

Forum Posts: 4
Comment #79 by Bubby Love
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 02:15:39 AM
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It seems that GH gets more and more obscure an RB plays it safe by sticking with the mainstream stuff.

Forum Posts: 192
Comment #80 by PalmettoPanda
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 02:59:50 AM
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That Cody Chestnutt song is pretty raunchy. It's really too bad it will edited for the game.

Forum Posts: 492
Comment #81 by EcT Felix
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 03:00:19 AM
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They actually think they popular enough so they can have some "Bad songs" and rock band is more and more pupular pga of that. LOL what a duel..

Forum Posts: 7
Comment #82 by rowtheboat
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 03:05:12 AM
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buy rock band

Forum Posts: 1089
Comment #83 by Sniper Riflez
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 03:06:09 AM
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There is no Metal in RB recently, tbh most of this is shit apart from In Flames.

Forum Posts: 167
Comment #84 by Aberrant Simon
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 03:07:40 AM
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In Flames and The Devil Wears Prada WOW!!!

Forum Posts: 194
Comment #85 by Shadow Assa5in
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 03:45:32 AM
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Forum Posts: 1880
Comment #86 by TriRock
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 03:49:53 AM
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I'll grab the free pack, but can't imagine paying to get the other two.
Kudos for the free DLC - Capcom, pay attention!

Forum Posts: 31
Comment #87 by Green Day Rock
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 03:51:31 AM
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Stop and stare is OK
the rest is shit

Forum Posts: 1124
Comment #88 by KIDDRAGON67
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 04:18:07 AM
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@ #9 All the god damn way!

Forum Posts: 325
Comment #89 by prowlerdante
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 04:28:29 AM
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Why is there so much hate for these songs. I'm really into death metal, but that doesn't mean I have to hate everything that comes out in a game because it's not death metal, which is why I'm getting the free pack obviously because it's metal and free, the In Flames song since I've been a fan since before high school (I'm now 20), and the Angels and Airwaves track because I like it. So, in conclusions, stop hating music because you don't like it. Although, I'd like to see them release more than just one pack a week.

Forum Posts: 168
Comment #90 by Armor42
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 04:53:37 AM
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@59, yes! lololol

Forum Posts: 2
Comment #91 by GodIsALie
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 05:04:59 AM
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In Flames!!

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #92 by xSMOOCHYx
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 05:43:14 AM
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Ugh, Devil Wears Prada and Chimaira suck, Unearth is ok.

Forum Posts: 358
Comment #93 by kizwiz
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 06:18:19 AM
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Guitar Hero:Slipknot would....SUCK! Not everyone has same music taste and its not like they can fit every song ever made in the game can they? It's like one of you make a suggestion of your favourite all time song and then everyone else hates it.

Forum Posts: 69
Comment #94 by DollarBill04
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 06:25:05 AM
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In Flames? Chimiara? Unearth? Hell yeah!!! Its about time they gave us some real metal. The rest of it is junk though. Who the hell seriously would get Pink. Thats just retarded.

Forum Posts: 27
Comment #95 by Resurrection
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 06:42:30 AM
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Ive known about the chimaira one for a while, finally man theese guys deserve it, as well with Unearth and TDWP

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #96 by ALEX IS L33T
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 07:39:36 AM
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The Devil Wears Prada is shit. As well as all the other dlc in this game.

Forum Posts: 138
Comment #97 by MONS1EUR FOL1E
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 07:46:10 AM
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We need some good Rock music DLC's since this was originally a rock game..

Forum Posts: 18
Comment #98 by Opayk
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 08:21:30 AM
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Yay! I love Met- oh wait. No I don't. One more reason for me not to buy this. If it's gonna be dominated by metalheads, then I'd rather not bother, thanks.

Forum Posts: 88
Comment #99 by plebeianprint
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 08:46:15 AM
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not into metal. this doesn't appeal to me at all. it may be more mainstream, but i'll take Rock Band's Franz Ferdinand and l7 Naked eyes.

Forum Posts: 4
Comment #100 by deadlycrusader
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 09:06:43 AM
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there's a bunch of whiners in here..

Forum Posts: 95
Comment #101 by Nick Is I
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 09:46:01 AM
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Prada = win

Forum Posts: 281
Comment #102 by BaconHorde
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 10:34:20 AM
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No songs that I really want.

Wait, I don't really own the game, teehee.

Forum Posts: 10
Comment #103 by timmah638
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 11:15:29 AM
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Chimaira and Unearth just made this the best DLC month GH:WT has ever had

Forum Posts: 72
Comment #104 by yamiseth
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 11:20:20 AM
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Free Unearth and TDWP?!? I would have bought that in a heart beat, but it's free! I'm also excited for In Flames and A&A. Awesome month of DLC.

Stop complaining rock band is better people. they both have amazing DLC this month, and I can't wait to buy all of it >_>

Forum Posts: 13
Comment #105 by TSTLSOOM
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 11:40:27 AM
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hey alot of peopel bag on GHWT, but how many free songs has rock band 2 gave out? (not including the 20 free when you buy the game) the springsteen pack, the reggee pack, and now the metal pack. maybe each genre will have a pack

Forum Posts: 68
Comment #106 by paynexkiller
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 11:46:12 AM
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Out of all of IN Flames songs, they pick the worst. FUCK THE NEW ALBUM.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #107 by Exiled_SJ
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 12:31:25 PM
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@#105 how do you not include the free stuff that comes with the game?

Forum Posts: 63
Comment #108 by Triplewing
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 01:08:58 PM
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Go and listen to on Broken Glass buy Chimaira, for those of you with the game it should be fun :)

Forum Posts: 21
Comment #109 by jts3792
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 02:21:28 PM
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waiting for led zeppelin
iron maiden
more blink 182 and jimi hendrix

Forum Posts: 3
Comment #110 by GOBBLESNOOFERS
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 02:43:23 PM
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they need GH trivium DLC!!!! world tour has probably the worst set list ever though btw, i beat the game once and it was bad i havent played it since the week it came out

Forum Posts: 79
Comment #111 by JxOxHxNxSxOxN
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 03:07:08 PM
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great, more crap for GH

Forum Posts: 3
Comment #112 by Chiphead
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 03:12:30 PM
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Not to sound like a fanboy, but I like how Rock Band has more for this week than Guitar Hero has for the month.

Forum Posts: 16
Comment #113 by kingslayer06
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 04:31:00 PM
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Great, something free for once.

Forum Posts: 15
Comment #114 by Genesis Demon
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 05:42:27 PM
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if its free ill get it lol

Forum Posts: 238
Comment #115 by nobodieshero
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 05:46:27 PM
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lawls your silly this is a gaming website. If you don't have an opinion then why are you one this site. If you didn't care about other peoples opinion gamerscore would be meaningless. Reviews utterly pointless. Forums stupid useless this whole internet ideal is about an opinion so before you start trying to play good cop bad cop close your eyes think and then STFU. lol
I'm just teasing yea. but really good call on the whole pop thing my wording was out. In my opinion its not that WT doesn't have pop music in it. I like it because it has a variety and can provide rare tracks that I just don't see on RB. With the exception of Simple Man one of the best songs ever, RB just cant provide enough music for me. I can't Shuffle through my iPod and note that "hey this song is on RB" but I can

Forum Posts: 37
Comment #116 by Spartan C37
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 06:54:03 PM
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Oh well doesnt really appeal to me but everyone has there own taste in music so this will appeal to alot of people :)
must be hard for Activison (or whoever chooses the songs for GH) to really keep the fans happy. So bring on the trumpets :D

Forum Posts: 585
Comment #117 by MattyBoosh
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 07:01:05 PM
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How about some proper bands?
Led Zep, Floyd, Thin Lizzy, T-Rex?

But no, they gives us second rate bands that very few have heard of.

Forum Posts: 59
Comment #118 by TehClownsta
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 08:50:29 PM
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Chimaira and Unearth are amazing, too bad I don't have GH:WT anymore.

Forum Posts: 238
Comment #119 by nobodieshero
Saturday, May 02, 2009 @ 11:23:41 PM
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I definitely agree. However I happen to know that Pink Floyd has publicly said they will never release the right for their music to the games and I sure thats an issue with a lot of the bigger bands. In fact World Tour was the first time Tool has released rights to their music since the beginning of their band supposedly.

Forum Posts: 311
Comment #120 by epik499
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 12:25:42 AM
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@9 Hell no, Guitar Hero will F it up, we want Rock Band: Slipknot

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #121 by manuel1994007
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 12:36:22 AM
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whooo i only whant so what the other songs suck are crap

Forum Posts: 3
Comment #122 by Chiphead
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 01:14:03 AM
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Seriously? Rock Band has no variety? You've got Metallica, Jimmy Buffett, Megadeth, Devo, Yngwie Malmsteen, Roy Orbison, and a metric tonne more. Harmonix have come as close to pleasing everybody as humanly possible.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #123 by AugustBurnzRedd
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 02:20:33 AM
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awesome free pack, and In Flames is also awesome!

and to the people wanting Slipknot games... IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN SO FORGET IT ;]

Forum Posts: 2
Comment #124 by ZLU CORONA
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 02:25:12 AM
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this is crap!!!!

Forum Posts: 2
Comment #125 by Kejika
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 02:44:33 AM
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Forum Posts: 112
Comment #126 by XxHamRxX
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 05:00:22 AM
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Free+Metal=HELL FUCKIN' YES!!!
It ain't all devil worshipers, so what's the big deal. Bring out more SOAD. Ye we got B.Y.O.B, but rock band has got Chop Suey and Toxicity as well. Bring out those and Sugar or Question! as a 3 pack. SOAD are awesome.
Erm.. well, that's my opinion anywawy

Forum Posts: 3
Comment #127 by fps_schnell
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 06:03:09 AM
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lol opinions are like assholes, everybody has one

Forum Posts: 47
Comment #128 by eggflip66
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 06:33:33 AM
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crap list of songs. many unheard of artists and the ones you do know aren't that great.
man they really need to get some good music soon.
the nirvana pack they released was a joke, can't they release nirvana's good songs?

Forum Posts: 51
Comment #129 by damo366
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 07:50:08 AM
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ughhhh... some more bad songs ... they need good songs from great artists ... like kiss, led zepp, trivium, A7X, iron maiden, more SOAD, and other great guitarist like Tommy Emmanuel (yea im aussie so im allowed to support my country)


Forum Posts: 951
Comment #130 by Chaosflare
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 08:14:56 AM
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Honestly, I'd probably just get So What, but that's it. :/

Forum Posts: 72
Comment #131 by yamiseth
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 08:38:29 AM
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What the hell?!

Forum Posts: 47
Comment #132 by snoobs
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 09:55:57 AM
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i agree with #9 SLIPKNOT RULES

Forum Posts: 166
Comment #133 by Arcanon
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 11:32:42 AM
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OK, I see where you're coming from. I was just amused by the fact that in many comments about music DLC, people seem to think that their opinion, and only their opinion, is the one that matters, and everyone else's is shit. Which is usually the reason these comment threads degenerate quickly.

For example, your opinion that GHWT is the more varied game, I respect it. I don't agree personally, as RB is the more varied one for me since it has a lot more of my favorite bands than WT has, but I respect your opinion and your right to express it.

Now if only everyone else could do the same when discussing any topic. In a perfect world...

Forum Posts: 43
Comment #134 by xXBlaqOut92Xx
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 12:42:16 PM
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not sure about anyone else but I'd rather a GH: System of a Down. Only problem I'd see is the censors but hey fuck it I'll play it anyways

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #135 by ssssssssssssss1
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 01:35:41 PM
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finally some half decent music for this shitty game. they need more metal on world tour, all the good music went to rock band...

Forum Posts: 7
Comment #136 by estbarul14
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 01:36:21 PM
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I have a name....GH: Headbangers.

Just pure and fine metal!!!

From Symphonic, Power, Progressive, Death, Black or whatever you want...that would be just AMAZING

Forum Posts: 262
Comment #137 by II M1CK3H II
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 01:57:05 PM
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Or the best suggestion ever...

Guitar Hero: Rise Against!

Would be awesome.......

Forum Posts: 106
Comment #138 by jesse477
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 02:45:40 PM
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Forum Posts: 75
Comment #139 by captainhowdy95
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 02:47:05 PM
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ugh definitely not gh: slipknot. gayest white trash "metal" band out there. how about some more hardcore/real metal shit like as blood runs black, meshuggah, protest the hero? those songs would actually require some skill to play unlike fucking pink. gah.

Forum Posts: 106
Comment #140 by jesse477
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 02:47:14 PM
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Slipknot dosnet have enough albums to justify getting their own game. In Flames does. In Flames is the best metal band ever. PERIOD.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #141 by Cranbaby Sauce
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 04:08:37 PM
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No #140, that's ignorant. Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, yeah 'nuff said. Who are In Flames, besides bonus songs on GH?

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #142 by thedannison
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 04:25:12 PM
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I love In Flames! "Take This Life" in gh3 was such an awesome song. I was hoping for the song "The Mirror's Truth" but I will take whatever. I think Slipknot wouldnt work out in GHWT or RB2, and they kinda suck. I think GHWT should have better downloads though, but they have one thing that RB doesn't: Jimi Hendrix! I also think Def Leppard should be in GHWT, with songs like "Pour Some Sugar on Me", "Photograph", and "Foolin". Who knows? Activision could be savin up songs for the next few GH's by not having a flood of DLC like RB2. :D

Forum Posts: 24
Comment #143 by Saikito
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 04:32:15 PM
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"Comment #6 by JustAFriend
Friday, May 01, 2009 @ 04:51:53 PM

where has all the good music gone? o yeh to rockband"

So true, so fukin true ^^

Forum Posts: 177
Comment #144 by squirreltakos
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 05:10:54 PM
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I like how people think that their opinion is fact. You dumb assholes can just say you like it or just save the time and don't type anything. No one cares if you hate this music.

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #145 by tkoe666
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 05:19:30 PM
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I want Some Marilyn Manson or Johnny Cash

Forum Posts: 33
Comment #146 by Kirk Sadler
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 06:30:51 PM
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I'm looking forward to GH: Smash Hits, but Rock Band definitely has better DLC than Guitar Hero

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #147 by thedannison
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 06:34:28 PM
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Ya I think RB has better DLC. I think GH:SH looks cool, but the songs they chose from GH3 is a little pitiful. TTFAF is hard, but I dont like Dragonforce that much. Raining Blood is awesome. But no Gun's & Roses? C'mon!

Forum Posts: 106
Comment #148 by jesse477
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 08:31:09 PM
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at #141, yes Pantera i guess I can agree with.....but you really need to check out In Flames

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #149 by connally88
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 08:45:28 PM
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COMMING THIS JUNE: BRITANEY SPEARS!!! Im glad I bought Metallica, it gives me my metal fix everytime. At least there is actual skill involved. GH... start making GUITAR games and not POP games, leave that to LIPS....

Forum Posts: 2444
Comment #150 by DENAz666
Sunday, May 03, 2009 @ 10:26:06 PM
(0) Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Report Comment
Meh @ In Flames, they are nothing special. But thats just my opinion :) Not trashing them or anything, just not for me. So happy to see Unearth on there, love those guys with a passion!

Pantera would make a awesome GH game

Forum Posts: 92
Comment #151 by ROA5T BeeF
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 12:19:17 AM
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Oh my! Now I want this game! Along with the three Tool songs in the game, this would make me very very happy! The Devil Wears Prada. Chimaira. Wooh! I gotta admit I want that AvA song too.

Oh yeah and i have to say In Flames we trust (though the song is from their newest CD...which is their worst ever I think).

Forum Posts: 24
Comment #152 by Rock Blocked
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 01:00:54 AM
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God damn I swear, Guitar Hero's DLC gets worse and worse.

There has been NO good DLC for GHWT. Activision fucking sucks.

Forum Posts: 57
Comment #153 by thefamousamos1987
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 04:27:17 AM
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There is a main reason why this crap is free because nobody in their right mind would ever pay for this garbage. Where is all the good music? I will not even download this for free.

Forum Posts: 151
Comment #154 by CRAZYCJ20
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 04:29:23 AM
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woohoo more virtual fecal matter with a price tag

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #155 by Kage1995
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 05:16:28 AM
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If you don't like guitar hero get out of this fucking forum and quit commenting r-tards.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #156 by Cranbaby Sauce
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 06:54:08 AM
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Learn a real instrument.

Forum Posts: 233
Comment #157 by donkeydood15
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 08:39:14 AM
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Yes! Devil Wears Prada, and its FREE! I'm definitely downloading that pack.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #158 by sabbath890
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 11:07:40 AM
(0) Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Report Comment
Metal Blade! now from them we need Behemoth and Neaera. If they are going to have a European track pack, they need more Scandinavian bands like Opeth and Dark Tranqillity.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #159 by BattlingLobster
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 11:38:15 AM
(0) Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Report Comment
Absolute crap!

Forum Posts: 87
Comment #160 by dylanmannen
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 12:07:41 PM
(0) Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Report Comment
nice. ghwt needs metal if i going to like it. i think tha game was boring but now i mayby pick up the guitar and drums and play som god music

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #161 by hitmansgun
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 01:04:05 PM
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needs to be guitar hero: metal

Forum Posts: 406
Comment #162 by iruhlman
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 01:16:43 PM
(0) Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Report Comment
pretty telling that they now have to release free DLC since not many people are buying it for the GH games.

win win for me as i love metal!

still not buying a single piece of DLC for any GH game.

*back to playing Rock Band like everyone else*

Forum Posts: 30
Comment #163 by GawkyKiller
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 01:52:45 PM
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how about GH : BucketHead :p

Forum Posts: 238
Comment #164 by nobodieshero
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 02:41:05 PM
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I think your up out your mind. Half the reasons my friends were disappointed with world tour was because there was to much variety. There is literally something from everything on the original set list. To the point where people didnt want to play half of the music. RB seriously contains nothing but radio music. I mean you can bitch and moan all you want but the fact remains Disturbed and Pantera all still radio music. I like to here stuff I have never heard of like GH3 had The Sleeping - Dont Hold Back. I got there cd now but I never would have heard it if it wasnt for them nd they are truely unique. You need some time to review.

Forum Posts: 911
Comment #165 by good ol boy366
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 03:26:08 PM
(0) Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Report Comment
@ #6
lol...yeah man, cause i love playing those country crapfests and spongebob packs...and the naked, rb has the best dlc EVA!, moron.

Forum Posts: 3
Comment #166 by keech93
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 03:30:00 PM
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ive wanted that for dlc since i heard it =]

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #167 by the glew
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 05:38:20 PM
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i really wish some rammstein would come to this game or even rock band

Forum Posts: 27
Comment #168 by Static Parsley
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 06:26:15 PM
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wow really. The devil wears prada? once again GH brings in crappy music. Maybe instead of trying to relate to the scene kids, bring in some real music. Some pink floyd would be a good idea.

Forum Posts: 381
Comment #169 by UltraAmoeba
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 06:35:48 PM
(0) Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Report Comment
Free DWP??

Ohhh lawdy fapfapfap

Forum Posts: 1541
Comment #170 by Schism
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 07:32:46 PM
(0) Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Report Comment
Slipknot is not hardcore. MTV makes them out to be..but they arent. MTV and other stations got me to not watch TV any more. Now i rot my mind with XBOX :D

Forum Posts: 190
Comment #171 by Luis Ownz
Monday, May 04, 2009 @ 08:22:53 PM
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Oh my fucking god. TDWP?
No wonder why its free.

Forum Posts: 233
Comment #172 by Rusty Nail zh
Tuesday, May 05, 2009 @ 04:45:32 AM
(0) Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Report Comment
Niiiiiiiiiiiice!!!! Some Metal And Hardcore Shit!!! The Devil Wears Prada ruleZ!! And In Flames are kings!!! Sweeeeeeet!!!! And the Metal shit is free!!!!!!!

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #173 by Hijiabo15
Tuesday, May 05, 2009 @ 08:27:48 AM
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Pink are you serious no one wants to listen to that crap and why don't they put more metal like all that remains, as I lay dying, parkway drive or even underoath quit putting pop crap

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #174 by Hijiabo15
Tuesday, May 05, 2009 @ 08:33:01 AM
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@ 65 I hope your not a pop fan

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