Activision Announces Four New ''Hero'' Games

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You know, when the whole music-as-a-video-game thing hit the scene, it was pretty awesome. Even people who were terrible as real musicians had the chance to feel like they could shred the guitar, and later beat the skins or "slappa da bayass" (I hope everyone has seen I Love You, Man to get that joke).

Now though... give me a break. However, Activision can look at its sales sheet and say to themselves, "the public is still buying, so we're still funding." And then they all sip some fruity drinks on a beach I imagine. Why didn't I think of this?!

Aaaanywho, Activision has officially announced four new "Hero" branded games coming later this year. Most of them were already rumored and all but official, (some even had screenshots) but you can expect Band Hero, DJ Hero, Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero: Van Halen all before the year is out. And below you can see a promo shot of the official DJ Hero "controller."


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