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Mass Effect 2 Info Leaked From Latest OXM

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Subscribers of OXM have recently been getting their copies sent through the mail of their June issue, and thanks to Hunter 192 over at the Mass Effect forums, we can now bring you plenty of info from the upcoming OXM cover game, Mass Effect 2.

We're going to chalk all this down as a rumour for now, simply because we haven't been able to verify it with our own eyes, but considering the thread was allowed to continue and the odd programmer and even Community peacekeeper Chris Preistly came into correct the information, makes it seem legit. Get ready though, there is a LOT of info. Right, here goes nothing *takes deep breath*

- One of the new races (the one seen in the pre E3 video) is called the Drell and Thane, a member of that species, has the possibility of hooking up with your party. The Drell look amphibious and Thane is described as smooth and suave.

This is apparently the main Cerberus outpost.

- Players get the chance to visit Illium, an Asari planet that is full of skyscrapers (the planet we saw in the GDC clip some time ago).

- For those familiar with the novel Ascenscion, the Mass Effect 2 prequel, you'll be pleased to know that we get to visit Omega, a lawless planet full of crooks. The planet is in fact a hollowed out asteroid with maze like streets for all those interested.

- We do get to play as Shepard for at "least a decent chunk" of the game which is a little ambiguous. It will be Shepard's job to investigate the human colonies that are going missing and the mission is described a "suicide" mission.

- The galactic community will still be fending off the reapers but this chapter deals with Cerberus and their enigmatic leader, AKA, The Illusive Man, who was also the main bad guy in the Mass Effect 2 prequel, as Saren was in the Mass Effect 1 prequel.

- If you are extremely paragon or renegade in Mass Effect 2 you would get extra special endings.

-  Joker will return in Mass Effect 2 (and we presume Seth Green will be voicing as well.) Joker however is not the only returning character, although no specifics were given.

- There will be a new Krogan character called Grunt.

- There will be the chance to accept a Salarian into your ranks in Mass Effect 2, a tough but clever scientist who is the "Clint Eastwood" of scientists.

- There are new weapons (as confirmed by the pre-E3 clip). Apparently one that turns enemies into dust and a "nuke gun" that unleashes room-clearing nuclear fire.

- The Elcor and Volus actually move around this time making things a bit more interesting according to Casey Hudson.

- The magazine showed a Quarian dressed in medium or heavy armour. A new addition to the series.

-  Casey Hudson on Uncharted Worlds - "We decided to really improve a lot of the points of interaction throughout that experience. We'll be showing this at E3, but there's more [going on] when you're in orbit, looking at [a planet], scanning, and riding down to the surface. And there's a much stronger focus on a really rich, interesting set-piece location."

- At E3 they plan to show a.) whether Shepard is dead, b.) the new transit system, c.) uncharted worlds exploration, d.) who you ultimately play as, and e.) more info on Thane.

- The "new transit system" is replacing the old elevator loading segments.

-  We could be getting a new ship, or at least a revamped Normandy, as a new interior quarters is described that is bigger than the Normandy quarters and even has a small model of the old Normandy in it.

- The Mako now is a different vehicle and it moves in a different way. No specifics given at this moment.

- The game will no longer suffer with texture pop-up.

- There is a totally revamped inventory system.

- Choices are being flaunted as more meaningful, and there is apparently a real risk that major support characters can and will die.

- Mass Effect 2 could feature a Geth ally, party member or main character? The user quotes a BioWare developer, "he's a specific character you probably recognize him from the trailer, also people will really connect with him and his slick animations, like flaring his lens cover in surprise make him really appealing."

And in closing ...

- "Substantial" Mass Effect DLC is being worked on as we speak and something should be announced real soon. This will be the last piece of content before Mass Effect 2 is released.

OXM's June issue is out real soon. To get the full scoop and a good look at all the pictures, pick it up ... I know I will.


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