Crysis UK: TimeSplitters 4 Not Ruled Out

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With the takeover of Free Radical now complete, the UK Managing Director of the new firm (now Crytek UK), Karl Hilton, stated that TimeSplitters 4 may not be dead just yet.

Speaking to Develop Mag, the UK MD found it hard to avoid the inevitable questions that were posed regarding the franchise and its fanatical following. When asked whether it was time to start working on a new TimeSplitters title, Hilton responded;

"Going forward, we’ve always made it very clear that we want to build original games and we’re going to do that, and we are concepting some of that up at the moment."

"It’s early days, but there’s some really exciting stuff that we’re concepting. When we’re ready we’ll talk to publishers, and hopefully publishers will like it, and we’ll own and produce those games in our own studio."

Hilton went on to say that it isn't just down to the developer, but instead, the demands of the market were more important.

"Like with all businesses, content is dictated by the desires of the market,” he said. "These days the mass-market shooters tend to be aimed at the hyper-realistic stuff. If developers had free reign with the CryEngine, they would easily be able to produce really bizarre, wacky wonderful stuff."

"We have artists who can make super-realistic games but we also have a team that has experience making completely bizarre stuff too."

"If the time comes, if there is a demand for that type of game, I’m confident we’d be ready for it."

Now if that isn't a rally call, I'm not sure what is.


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