White Gold: War in Paradise

White Gold: War in Paradise first look

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Deep Shadows and Play Ten Interactive today officially unveiled the website for their upcoming next-gen title “White Gold”, heading for release next year on PC and Xbox360 platforms. The game’s website, is brimming with exclusive new content! The latest addition to the “News” section of the site includes a trailer showcasing the various vehicles that can be used in the game.

Exciting in-game footage sheds more light on the different combat situations between helicopters, mobile SAMs, planes, gunboats, tanks and other dangerous adversaries that are present in White Gold. The main hero of the game can be seen fighting off a squadron of enemy choppers, assaulting a mercenary camp on a tank and hosing enemy motorboats from a .50 caliber machinegun.

“This is just the first trailer, giving a glimpse of what to expect from our title in general,” said Sergey Zabaryansky, director of Deep Shadows. “We’re planning to release more videos, showing the stealth mode of the game, sea and underwater travel, surface battles, interaction with NPCs and eventually some of the most peculiar quests present in our project”.

Already dubbed “a classic right there” by PC Zone, and “one hell of a game” by 360 Magazine, White Gold” is aimed for a worldwide release in Q2 2008.


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