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6 Years of Halo Planned, ODST Sells 2.5m & Reach Confirmed as Prequel

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If you love Halo, you'll love the next 6 years if 343 Industries' Creative Director, Frank O'Connor's words are anything to go by. If you loathe Halo... suck it up... it's going to be a long ride.

"We do have a plan that goes out at least six years," says O'Connor. Plans that include not only Halo: Reach, the upcoming anime Halo: Legends but a new Marvel comic series called Halo: Bloodline following the success of the current series Halo: Helljumper, a new story collection called Halo: Evolutions and the sixth wave of Halo action figures. And we suspect there is more... lots more.

According to USA Today - where all this new info stems from - Halo 3: ODST has already sold over 2.5 million units in just its first 2 weeks which according to Microsoft, amounts to about $125 million for their Entertainment and Devices division. The article doesn't specify whether that is just US or global sales, but it's pretty damn good either way.

O'Connor talked briefly about Halo: Reach as well, confirming our suspicions that the game will act as a prequel to the franchise, suspicions that were based on the fact that Reach was the target of some serious Covenant aggression before Halo: Combat Evolved.

"It's a prequel to Halo 1," says O'Connor, "a chronological prequel, but it is not a prequel in the directions the Star Wars prequels were to the (original) movies."

"It will cover events in and around the planet Reach." Again, something we assumed already.

O'Connor did find time to mention the Halo film which is currently on hold, as well as... try to act shocked here... hinting that Master Chief may return.

"We're being very careful to pick the right time and the right partner," O'Connor said about the movie. And Master Chief, well...

"I think that (his) fate, Cortana's fate and the identity of that giant, dark planet at the ending (on the game's hardest skill level) — that's a spoiler — are probably big mysteries that would be irritating if they were just cliffhangers."

Good news for Halo fans. Just news for everyone else.


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