Microsoft Stealth Edits the UK Twitter & Facebook Date

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In a scenario that is close to your parents saying, "Christmas will be some time in the holiday period this year kids," Microsoft today stealthily edited the UK homepage on removing the November 17th date for Twitter and Facebook that we reported on yesterday and replaced it with "Autumn 2009"... or "fall" to our friends on the other side of the pond.

This isn't necessarily a statement that the social applications aren't coming to the Xbox 360 on November 17th, it could simply mean that Microsoft hate to work under the pressure of a deadline and once every site reported it this weekend, they had a ton of people off sick today, so they panicked. Of course that could be just the Monday morning factor, or even the impending zombie apocalypse, we won't ever be sure. My money is on the latter though.

So then, Twitter and Facebook is coming in the "Autumn," or chances are, November 17th... I mean they must get these dates from somewhere. No pressure MS... really.

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