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Magna Carta 2 Updated to 1240; DLC Available Now

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It's a bit alarming to buy a game and before you're even able to put it in the disc tray, there is DLC on the marketplace that adds extra achievements. Well, if you didn't pick up Magna Carta 2 when it was released early last Firday, prepare to be alarmed! 

On its official release date (yesterday), the "Magna Carta 2 Bonus Pack" showed up on the marketplace with an accompanying nine new achievements. Having pre-ordered it myself, I began working through the game when it dropped last week. Unfortunately, these new achievements require the collection of every weapon in the game (including the two bonus weapons for each character included with this DLC), something I had not been doing. Needless to say, I began a new game last night.

The other part of the new DLC are three "Live Dramas" which are simply short, amusing cutscenes involving the game's characters. You launch them and view them from the main menu of the game.

The only good thing about all this? For the Japanese market, this DLC pack was split into six sections and sold for a ridiculous 320 MSP each, a total of 1920 MSP. We here in the US can enjoy all that content for a mere 400 MSP. So, if you'd like extra achievements, 2 new powerful weapons for each character and three Live Dramas...

Click here to queue up the Magna Carta 2 Bonus Pack for 400 MSP.

"The Magnacarta 2 Bonus Pack features a number of premium items for Magnacarta 2. 3 Bonus Cutscenes: Catch a glimpse of Magnacarta 2 characters when they are not busy fighting the forces of evil in these 3 candid and comical cutscenes. 12 Weapons: Acquire powerful weapons for each of the 6 main characters in Magnacarta 2. Each character will receive two weapons, one for each of their two fighting styles."


Note: These achievements and this DLC does not appear to be available for the European version of the game.


Viewed Live Drama 1 20
View Live Drama 1 "What's Wrong With Her?!"

Viewed Live Drama 2 20
View Live Drama 2 "Does Anyone Want Seconds?"

Viewed Live Drama 3 20
View Live Drama 3 "Celestine's Pet Adoption Agency"

Weapon Collector: Juto 30
Collect all of Juto's weapons, including downloadable content.

Weapon Collector: Zephie 30
Collect all of Zephie's weapons, including downloadable content.

Weapon Collector: Argo 30
Collect all of Argo's weapons, including downloadable content.

Weapon Collector: Crocell 30
Collect all of Crocell's weapons, including downloadable content.

Weapon Collector: Celestine 30
Collect all of Celestine's weapons, including downloadable content.

Weapon Collector: Rue 30
Collect all of Rue's weapons, including downloadable content.


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