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Oh Twitter, how you’ve invaded our lives at the drop of a hat, and now, you want to invade our consoles!? We’ll have none of it. Okay, we will, but only if you’re any good... and that, you are not.

I’ll kick off the fall update previews with a look at one of the service’s sour points; Twitter. Simply put, it just doesn’t work. Sure, you can tweet from your dashboard now, but unless you own a chatpad or a USB keyboard, Twitter will be gathering virtual dust the moment it's released to the masses. The inability to “tweet” anywhere on your console is surely a missed opportunity as the application can only be used from the confines of the dashboard - no tweeting mid game about that sick headshot.
It isn't the dashboard issue that majorly disappoints us though, not being able to follow links, use TwitPic or any of the fun stuff that makes Twitter what it is, makes it seem half assed and not worth the effort. Okay your avatar does dance when you tweet, you can retweet with the click of a button, but in all seriousness, it lacks the basics that an iPhone app like EchoFon can offer you, so you have to question who will use it?
Throw in the fact that the application is decidingly sluggish, you can only view the last 50 updates in your news feed, and you can only view the last 25 updates on someone else's profile, and it seems like half measures all round.
It seems like Microsoft saw Twitter becoming so widespread that they put it in without knowing why it works so much... accessibility and networking. So sticking people in one spot and nailing them down there doesn't have the freedom we wished the application would have. Will we use it again? Probably not.

Things do get a hell of a lot better with the update, so stick around for our impressions on them later on today.
Take a look at our short walkthrough below and some screens (there are more in the gallery) we snapped earlier. If there are any questions, I will answer them if I can, just whack them in the comments. Q and A starts... now!!
The Preview Program update e-mails for wave 1 are going out this week. If you haven’t signed up, check out the details here. The full update is coming soon. No specific date has been named yet, although November 17th is a good shout.

Check out the fall 2009 dashboard update gallery here for all the Twitter (and more later) screens.


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