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Like all good pleasure delayers, we’ve left the best till last. As part of the pretty extensive fall update this year, Xbox 360 owners will get chance to use the Last FM service on their Xbox 360 dashboard. Not sure what Last FM is? Simple, it’s a music service that includes access to your music library and a series of radio stations. Unfortunately, like all the other applications, Last FM is confined to the dashboard and cannot be accessed separately in-game... however, if games like the upcoming APB will have Last FM integration, then things may change in the future.

So is it free? Yes. After setting up a profile - either online or on the Xbox 360 - and importing your music into your Last FM profile you will have access to that music on your Xbox – provided you are logged on to Live.
As far as the radio pricing goes, it’s about as clear as mud at the moment but we assume that things will be made more specific and public, upon release. If the same rules apply from Last FM's online portal, the radio will be free to the US, UK and Germany, and those outside will have to pay £3/$3/€3 a month after they have used their free 30 tracks. At the moment, that's pure speculation.
The service itself is smooth, with plenty of detail on your favourite bands and you can even listen to a themed radio station of bands and music of similar ilk. The service doesn't take too long to buffer and offers you plenty of photo slideshows to accompany your music.

A few questions have already been asked today over Twitter and we'll answer them now:

Does it sync with your Last FM account?
Yes, it "scrobbles," but only inside the application. Use the standard music player on the dashboard and it doesn’t.

Can you individually select songs?
No... Well if you can, I can’t see it, and I’ve literally gone through every option. It's like clicking random on your iTunes library, which I love doing by the way.

Are there loads of adverts?
The only one I saw in a few hours of fiddling was a LastFM one, seen in the video below, that appears after a certain amount of songs.

Is Last FM free?
Yes to gold members. Silver will only have access to 3 hours of music a month.

You know the drill, the gallery with the screens and short walkthrough are below...

The Preview Program update e-mails for wave 1 are going out this week. If you haven’t signed up, check out the details here. The full update is coming soon. No specific date has been named yet, although November 17th is a good shout.

Check out the fall 2009 dashboard update gallery here for all the Last FM (and more) screens.


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