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Bioshock 2 Continues GTTV's Good Run of Form

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GTTV has been on a diamond run of form in recent weeks, starting a few weeks back with its Modern Warfare 2 coverage, then featuring The Ballad of Gay Tony last week - admittedly, I didn't watch that one - and now, Bioshock 2 this week.

Keighley headed off to 2K Marin this week to talk the single player campaign with Creative Director, Jordan Thomas, and a bit of multiplayer with the game's Senior Producer, Melissa Miller.

Bioshock 2 takes place 10 years after the original where the Big Daddies are no longer the top of the food chain. In those 10 years the splicers have become more feral, stronger, agile and less human. As I'm sure you're aware, you'll play as a prototype Big Daddy - one of the first made in fact - in Bioshock 2 and you'll traverse Rapture in your antique diving suit.

The game's villain is a certain Sofia Lamb, who just so happens to be a political rival of the infamous Andrew Ryan - the villain from the original. The Ryan storyline from the original is all but over, but he will appear as a voice character in the sequel, through what we can only assume will be audio diaries. Lamb is the exact opposite of Ryan. She prides herself on her altruistic behaviours, believing we all have a duty to the world but unfortunately for you, she sees people as just numbers.

The latest episode also takes a look at one of the game's new environments - Siren Alley, AKA Rapture's Red Light District. Here you'll find Father Wales, Lamb's chief religious zealot who has spun her philosophy into a simple religion that the splicers can understand. The religion - known as Rapture Family - teaches the splicers that they owe a sense of unity and brotherhood to one another.

Bioshock 2 also welcomes a wide variety of new enemies, from the feral splicers who are ripping up parts of the environment to throw at you, to the new Big Daddies; The Rumbler - who places down mini turrets and bombards you from afar with rockets. Of course you'll run into the game's new Big Sisters as well, who are former little sisters that grew older and became unstable. There are numerous of these dotted around Rapture, and of course, there is also the Big Sister who is story related.

According to Thomas, Vita Chambers will return but they'll no longer be exploitable (using a method called "Vita Thrashing" which allowed you to slowly whittle down a Big Daddy's health by constantly dying and respawning).

As far choice in Bioshock 2 goes, Thomas stated that they've extended the number of choices from the first game and this time around you aren't confined to decisions involving the little sisters. In Bioshock 2 you will encounter adults around Rapture that are unspliced and sane, and will need your help. It's up to you to decide their fate.

The multiplayer in Bioshock 2, unlike the story, will act as a prequel to Bioshock 1, as it takes place amidst the civil war between the Ryan and Atlus factions. There are 5 different modes with 2 variations. Currently only the Survival of the Fittest mode (free for all) and Civil War modes (Team Deathmatch) have been revealed, until last night of course.

Last night we were introduced to the latest mode - Capture the Sister, which is effectively Capture the Flag but with a little sister. This ten player mode pits two teams off against one another; one defending and one attacking, looking to extract (or protect) the ADAM from the opposing team. Each team will have a randomly assigned Big Daddy to achieve their goals as well. However, the Big Daddies aren't confined to this mode though, and you'll find one randomly placed suit somewhere on the map in both the other two modes. Unlike the single player mode, it'll be the classic Rosie - freshly equipped with rivet gun, melee attack and mines galore.

Expect a fully robust multiplayer arena with character progression - 40 levels in fact - and rewards offered for leveling up, like new plasmids and weapons to try out.

If you've got 20 minutes spare this weekend, head on over to GameTrailers and check it the latest episode.


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