New Project Gotham Racing Confirmed?

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A Microsoft Executive, Tom Burt, who is a big player in the Microsoft legal department and proud owner of a Tesla Roadster, may have inadvertently outed the next installment of the Project Gotham franchise in a recent blog post.

Burt was writing about his experience with his new Roadster on the Tesla blog section and stated how they used it to record a series of car noises for some upcoming games. Burt writes, "A team of sound engineers from Microsoft Game Studios (some working on Forza, some on Project Gotham Racing) asked if I was willing to take my Roadster to a track so they could record a variety of sounds."

The Project Gotham franchise has been in limbo ever since Bizarre joined Activision's ranks and Microsoft never found a suitable replacement. The rumours state that Turn 10 are to work on that franchise as well as Forza, but that has yet to be confirmed.

It's hardly an official confirmation from the publisher, but it's as close as we've come to one so far. Who's willing to bet that we'll see an E3 unveiling next year with a fall release... you know, like a certain Forza game this year.


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