Bungie "actively" working on new Halo games

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Halo 3's out, Bungie's off the MS leash, but there's no time for rest as the studio manager Harold Ryan reveals the developer is already hard at work on not one but two new IPs, and new Halo games.

Talking of the split from Microsoft, Ryan said: "Obviously Microsoft wanted us to make more Halo games. Both I and some of the more senior guys from the original Halo game have deep piles of game designs for the Halo universe that we are excited to build at some point.

"If the stars align and motivations are good and the platforms are right we'll do them," he teased.

He goes on to say, encouragingly: "A lot of the staff here are fans of the original game or fans of the studio. We shipped Halo with 45 people and now we're 115 ... For the most part they came here because they were really excited to work at Bungie and in the Halo universe. So from that point of view we don't have a shortage of people happy to make Halo games."

Then the part we wanted to hear: "We're actively engaged with the senior staff here on a couple of new IPs right now, but the team that can generate cool Halo games is still running full-speed as well," revealed Ryan.

He explained that new game prototypes created during the development of Halo 2 were ditched to deal with the hefty workload that was Master Chief's second outing. But it's not dead and buried.

"We kept that prototype running throughout the development of Halo 3," he said, "and now we have a creative team which feels like they own that," added Ryan.

"We also have Halo DLC on the way, and a new IP prototype that we are very excited about. Then we have other Halo games that are cranking along also. So the end result so far has been exactly as it should have been - we're happy, excited, and doing our best work on a path that lets us grow," he enthused in an interview with Develop.

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