Twitter et al Now Available for Under 18's in the US

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It seems that an update rolled out to the North American masses yesterday that allowed those who were under 18 to gain access to the Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM features of the fall update.

According to Major Nelson, "I want to remind you that as of today Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM are now available for Xbox LIVE members with child accounts. If you have a child account over 13, and you get parental approval, you’ll be able to have access to these applications. Be sure to set Automatically log in or Remember me when setting up the application for the first time, otherwise you will be prompted for parental permission every time you launch the application.  Enjoy and thanks for your patience."

So, Twitter and Facebook on the Xbox... has the novelty worn off yet or are you genuinely enjoying them? I can safely say that I've not used either since I did the previews for the site some time ago now.


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