Fall 09 Dashboard Update
Twitter et al Now Available for Under 18's in the US
Written Wednesday, December 16, 2009 By Dan Webb
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It seems that an update rolled out to the North American masses yesterday that allowed those who were under 18 to gain access to the Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM features of the fall update.

According to Major Nelson, "I want to remind you that as of today Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM are now available for Xbox LIVE members with child accounts. If you have a child account over 13, and you get parental approval, you’ll be able to have access to these applications. Be sure to set Automatically log in or Remember me when setting up the application for the first time, otherwise you will be prompted for parental permission every time you launch the application.  Enjoy and thanks for your patience."

So, Twitter and Facebook on the Xbox... has the novelty worn off yet or are you genuinely enjoying them? I can safely say that I've not used either since I did the previews for the site some time ago now.


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Comment #1 by macd
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 12:15:32 PM
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I don't use either, and if I did, I'd use my laptop rather than the 360.

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Comment #2 by ferrara316
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 12:18:24 PM
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worst news i heard all day, i predict an increase in online sexual predators in 2010

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Comment #3 by blackout529
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 12:18:38 PM
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The only one I've been using is No twitter account for me and I can just access facebook on my phone....

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Comment #4 by silent_earth_3
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 12:19:01 PM
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I agree, I go on my 360 to play games, not go on facebook.

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Comment #5 by NawtyCawty
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 12:20:32 PM
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Surely no one will admit to using twitter. Its just so pointless.

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Comment #6 by zyxomma100
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 12:23:55 PM
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I think I downloaded the plugins/programs/whatever they're called in order to use Facebook/Twitter on my 360, but I haven't used either yet. It seems so pointless when my 360 is less than a foot away from my laptop.

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Comment #7 by WHITE WIDOW 13
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 12:25:54 PM
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I can say that i do use the last fm more than i thought i would, its great that i can just type in jay z and turn on my surround sound and do some chores around the house whilst listening to all diffrent artists in that genre ;)

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Comment #8 by Chanens417
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 12:34:05 PM
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Used Facebook once. Never touched it again...

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Comment #9 by Battosai343
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 12:34:59 PM
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Twitter is pointless unless you're a celebrity/company, and I already have my laptop in the same room as my 360. Why do I need my xbox for an inferior version of facebook? But, I do like, I've used it quite a bit and will plan on using it for a while =]

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Comment #10 by Wicelow
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 12:42:44 PM
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Same as #8

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Comment #11 by X360man
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 01:01:15 PM
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same as #10

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Comment #12 by nathan1556
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 01:13:26 PM
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what about the UK, when are we getting the update? and of course the rest of world

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Comment #13 by N00B EATA
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 01:48:46 PM
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#9, exactly my computer is like inches away from my xbox lol

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Comment #14 by mattie00
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 02:04:48 PM
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#12, i think we already have it, as i live in the UK and i have a childs account and can access all of these features

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Comment #15 by gingerCHRIS123
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 02:12:49 PM
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Meh, my pc is a meter away from pc. i stream all music from this, so last fm's useless. Don't use twitter, apparently im not famous enough or intertesting enough to be "followed" or "stalked". and facebook is better on the PC imo.

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Comment #16 by Xtrem3 Poptarts
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 02:18:30 PM
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Seems like pretty fantastic news if you decided to use a child account by accident.

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Comment #17 by L1E
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 02:36:53 PM
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They're kind of pointless when your computer is right next to your TV.

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Comment #18 by oOoOMidoriOoOo
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 02:37:32 PM
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Novelty wore out when they first announced it. Whatever.

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Comment #19 by Ben172
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 02:38:51 PM
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Goddamn it, why the hell did my brother make this account? He's only 12 now.

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Comment #20 by LocustDawn
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 03:22:52 PM
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Last.FM pleasently suprised me, it far surpassed what I thought it would be like, however I haven't even bothered downloading Failbook or Twatter, if I wished to view either for whatever reason i'd use my laptop.

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Comment #21 by ShadyZer0
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 03:26:54 PM
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ha im 17 now i can finally use :D

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Comment #22 by i got squeezed
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 03:51:25 PM
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Lol, so glad for this, when I made my account, I was honest and put 16 but now im 17 so yeah!! lol

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Comment #23 by Benchem
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 04:37:55 PM
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Us in the UK have been able to access these features for the past week.

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Comment #24 by crunchb3rry
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 06:25:03 PM
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Excellent news. Now I can continue not using Twitter.

Here's an idea, Microsoft: can you give us toggles to hide 90% of the bullshit you insist on cluttering the dash with and displaying by default? I'm a gold member, for my money I'd like to see less advertisements. I don't need to look at a welcome pane telling me I can "play" (ie: have no chance in hell) some game with a shitty nu metal band, or any of that other crap. At least meet us halfway and just have nothing but clips of Jessica Chobot. Preferably wearing a french maid uniform.

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Comment #25 by braddelo
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 07:15:57 PM
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@21 and 22

Haha. Young'ns.

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Comment #26 by Acid Mother
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 08:40:45 PM
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#24 I agree with you, as of now the Welcome page is completely pointless, if they want to remedy this easily just give us an option to start the 360 on the My Xbox page.

Or any page for that matter, as I know a lot of people who check the music section constantly. Maybe an option to start up on ANY page?

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Comment #27 by toonsage
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 09:28:11 PM
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laptop ftw =P lol

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Comment #28 by slipintonite
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 10:37:43 PM
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i set them up excited, haven't used since. i guess at least they're expanding the services? so many other brilliant ideas out there that won't help M$ make money that go unnoticed though. c'est la vie.

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Comment #29 by dementedlullaby
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 10:47:01 PM
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"Meh, my pc is a meter away from pc."

that sucks

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Comment #30 by Thrall320
Thursday, December 17, 2009 @ 08:52:01 AM
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I stopped using the features after a single day while I was in the Preview Program.

It's all handled so poorly. It should all be in the Guide as well, and Groups should be added to Facebook.

... Every once and awhile I may go on Facebook to look at pictures on the HDTV, but rarely.

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Comment #31 by WarBound Priest
Thursday, December 17, 2009 @ 10:29:23 AM
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Twitter is fucking gay. As said above I go on my 360 to game not to tweet or whatever. I hate kids.

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Comment #32 by WarBound Priest
Thursday, December 17, 2009 @ 10:31:16 AM
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@ 25. Bahahaha awesome.

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Comment #33 by caboose69ing
Friday, December 18, 2009 @ 02:27:27 AM
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@24/26 I lol at you hardcore because you can hide the welcome page.....When mine turns on it's at the my xbox page. haaaaahaaahaaaa fags

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