X10: Ken Lobb: Killer Instinct Has a Place on the XBLA

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When people mention classic games that they want brought on to the Xbox Live Arcade, Rare's classic, Killer Instinct, always seems to feature in some way or another.

Speaking with X360A at X10, Microsoft's General Manager for Live and Creative Director for Microsoft Game Studios, Ken Lobb, said he had fond memories of his brainchild and mentioned that they were constantly in discussions over the title.

"Ahhhh, Killer Instinct, another one of my babies," mused Lobb. "I obviously have personal feelings about Killer Instinct, but I do think it’s got a place and again it makes that sort of sense... "Let’s bring something that people loved in the past and see how it does on the Live Arcade." Again, we haven’t started anything yet, so don’t freak out, but Killer Instinct is something that we’re constantly talking about."

When pressed on whether the franchise would ever get a true current generation sequel, Lobb reveals that they actually started on the sequel after Killer Instinct 2.

"Actually after KI2, we started KI3 so there was some early work done on it," Lobb revealed. "Someday, maybe. I think in some ways – again, we don’t have any plans – but if we were going to do a KI3, we’d probably start with KI1 on XBLA, you know to a.) see if everyone is still interested in the IP, but also as a reminder of what it was like."

"Street Fighter is a great example of that, right?" he continued, "They obviously did Street Fighter 4 last year very successfully, but right before it, Street Fighter HD. It sold very well. I’ve always been a huge fighting game fan so I never really “got out” of Street Fighter, but when Street Fighter HD came out, I played the crap out of it. I was excited to get Street Fighter 4. I think the same thing could work."

This news will surely raise a smile to the faces of fans of the series and hopefully the original will become more than just "constant" talks in the coming weeks/months/years. Well, at least we hope so.


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