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We have just added 10 new screenshots for the upcoming game Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventure. Check out the one below, and the rest can be found here.



But that's not all! We have also got hold of the game details, all of which can be found below.


Enter one of the most popular fantasy universes of all time, in ”Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures”. Based on the original works of famed author Robert E. Howard and set shortly after the novel Hour of the Dragon, this massively multiplayer online role-playing game puts you in the middle of Conan’s savage world filled with brutal combat and perilous adventure. The world of Hyboria, a fictional reality of our own earth 10.000 years BC, is faithfully reconstructed according to the original lore, and the developers are drawing upon hundreds of books and comics magazines that have been released since Howard first wrote about Conan the Barbarian over seventy years ago.

Hyboria is a world known for its many perils, a place where ancient evils lurk beneath both the ocean waves and the sand dunes, and where horrible endings have awaited many an unaware adventurer. Staying true to this vision of Conan’s world means giving players everything Hyborian: Bloody battles, gory decapitations, drunken brawls, sinister plots, and hours of endless adventure. Through known environments such as Tortage, Murrogh Forest, the Bossonian Marches and Tarantia, players must tread their own path as they discover the challenges of Conan’s world.

•    Based on the original works of author Robert E. Howard
•    Set in Hyborian nations such as Aquilonia, Cimmeria and Stygia
•    Meet up with many of the characters known from the lore, such as Toth-Amon, Kalanthes, Strabonus and even King Conan himself
•    Faithful to the mature, sinister and violent nature of Hyboria
•    Dozens of locations featured from the Conan lore
•    Dive into the lands of Hyboria, experience the adventures found in the books and comics, and explore the detailed world behind the texts
•    Set shortly after the novel Hour of the Dragon

Be anything you want

The world Hyboria is a melting pot of people, cultures and personalities. From the nobles of Aquilonia to the barbarians of Cimmeria and the desert-dwellers of Stygia, all of these make out the blood that is pumping through the veins of this world. And just as each of these has been born into their respective clans, tribes and families, they each follow their own specific calling in life. This might be anything from the violent ways of the Soldier, to the soul-searching ways of the Priest. And while some follow the shady path of the Rogues, others dive into the magical powers of the Mages.

This is the world in which you are born, and as such, you too must choose the path that best suits the nature of your character. You must shape the appearance of your alter-ego from the coloration of your skin to the width of your brow, and when you first place your feet in the burning sands of the Barachan Isles, you immediately set out on the journey where you will have to answer the call of your life. The first hours of your life will be spent as a common Cimmerian, Aquilonian or Stygian, before you select a class such as Soldier, Mage, Rogue or Priest, and once you are ready to face even bolder challenges, you can delve deep into many of the classes such as Druid, Conqueror or Zealot. All along the way there are choices to be made in the world of Conan.

•    Begin your life as a common Cimmerian, Stygian or Aquilonian, and then become a Soldier, a Mage, a Rogue or a Priest
•    Advance into one of the many classes such as Druid, Scion of Set, Conqueror, Zealot, Ranger, Master Thief, Lich and many more
•    Numerous of different feats to master in the class of your choice
•    Dozens of skills to hone during the lifetime of your character
•    Build your own unique character by utilizing the game’s powerful character creation system, that lets you alter anything from the size of your arms to the angle of your beat-up nose
•    Advance through 80 experience levels of adventure
•    Go deeper into the character development and become a Lord, a Commander, a Crafter or one of the many other choices available to you
•    Be a lone wolf, a guild leader or even a battlefield commander

Revolutionary MMO combat

    The world of Hyboria is as violent in nature as it is vast in scope. Disputes are settled with the sharp edge of the sword, battles lead to the deaths of many, and creatures roam the lands in search of throats to cut. Original author Robert E. Howard is famous for his graphic descriptions of raw violence: Sprays of blood gush wildly from the cuts of the wounded soldiers on the battlefield, sleeping noblemen meet their silent deaths by the hands of the shadowy assassins, and dark magic fills the air as powerful casters battle out in endless spellweaves that is as deadly as the sharpest sword.

    In “Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures”, this violence is rendered faithfully according to the visions of the original Conan author. Through a revolutionary real-time combat system, where the player uses a six-direction fighting system to actually carry out their own strikes, the battles in “Age of Conan” is as dynamic and raging as the ones described in the Conan lore. Players can fight from horseback, drawing lance or sword, and those equipped with a bow have to manually aim their lethal arrows toward their foe. The combat in “Age of Conan”, dynamic and action-packed, is unlike any you have ever seen before in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

•    A real-time, dynamic combat system that lets sword-wielders, magic casters and archers fight their own battles – no more combat on autopilot!
•    Six directions of freedom as the sword-wielders make their own strikes
•    Archers get to string their bow, zoom in on their targets and manually let go of the arrow to make the deadly strike
•    Magic-wielders get to create powerful spellweaves – a series of combined spells that can lead to devastating destruction
•    Fight from horseback – mount your creature and plow your sword into the backs of your foes as you ride swiftly through them
•    Discover and equip hundreds of different weapons, from swords to lances
•    Enter formations with other players or computer-controlled characters to maximize damage potential and create strategic attacks
•    No more targeting – when you swing your weapon, you can hit many enemies in one blow if you’re lucky enough
•    Got a game pad? Use it to fight like you would in a console game

Massive PvP and siege battles

    Mankind fight for fame, fortune and, of course, power. In the world of Hyboria, leagues of men stand ready to conquer land and structures in quest for the ultimate power that is to rule others and make them do your bidding. Vast numbers of nations lay spread over the face of the planet, and borders shift constantly as one King, Lord or war chief launches assault upon assault against their neighbors, whether it may be nations, cities or other tribes. The political struggles between men is evident through all of the Conan lore, and the battle for power and control over land and its people, often turn into primal battles for survival and the right to exist as a people. In “Age of Conan” players will be able to fight to protect their player-made cities and take over so-called battlekeeps.

    In the area called the Border Kingdoms -- situated outside the game’s three nations Cimmeria, Aquilonia and Stygia -- player guilds will be able to fight for the ownership of these battlekeeps. Once captured, players will have to defend their property against the ruthless attacks of other players who are driven by both greed and envy. At the same time players will also be able to build entire cities, outside of the Border Kingdoms, which they must defend from sieges brought on by the computer-controlled enemies of the different realms that will hive next to your city.

•    In the Border Kingdoms, capture entire battlekeeps with your guild, and fight to defend it from rivaling player guilds
•    Outside of the Border Kingdoms, in designated areas, build your very own guild city and protect it from computer-controlled invaders
•    Engage in fights to the death with other players, either on the battlefield, in the streets or in the local tavern
•    Engage in loud bar fights – get drunk, stir up trouble and hit each other with tankards and table-legs till one of you get kicked out
•    Mini-games such as capture the flag and king of the hill in certain areas
•    Earn Blood Money, a separated currency gained on the battlefield as you slaughter other players and use it to acquire incredible benefits
•    Defend your battlekeep with siege engines such as trebuchets and catapults, or destroy the other’s using the same means
•    Want peace? Live the quiet life far away from player battles

Build and defend player-made cities

    In a world driven by conquest, bloodshed and endless battles, the great constructions of men are often torn down by the merciless hands of trebuchets, catapults and the men who operate these vehicles of destruction. But while men disappear and leave nothing but blood and rotting flesh upon death, a fallen city can be raised again to exceed its former beauty and splendor. This is particularly true in Hyboria, where the work of men rise and fall as if in rhythm with the very ebb and flow of the world itself.

    In “Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures”, you and the guild you decide to join can build your very own city. By purchasing a piece of land in one of the three nations included at launch – Aquilonia, Cimmeria and Stygia – the guild will then have the opportunity to erect buildings and city walls, to defend it from intruders. Your guild and its members will have to collect resources such as wood, stone and of course money in order to build the city of your dreams. But building such a beacon of civilization also attracts unwelcome visitors in the form of invaders.

•    Buy a massive piece of land in one of the game’s three nations
•    Collect resources such as wood and stone to erect functional buildings such as the blacksmith, the city hall, the barracks and much more
•    Build fortified city walls to defend your city from invaders
•    Become a resident of your own city, walk around between its buildings and invite other players to come and trade on your streets
•    When building a city, computer-controlled enemies will start building their own city next to yours, eventually launching an attack on you
•    Attack your neighboring city with siege weapons such as trebuchets
•    Dabble in the ways of the architect, giving you the power to erect buildings, siege engines and so on
•    Place out computer-controlled guards to patrol your city, and place vendors in the streets or in shops to do the trading

Single-player AND multi-player

    First and foremost, “Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures” is a massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG). That means exploring a huge game world filled with literally thousands of other players, and you will have to fight them, join them or avoid them. By teaming up with them, you can face the dangers of the world together and harvest the treasures that lie in the deepest bowels of the planet. You can join guilds with other players and help build entire cities, and you can slaughter other players on the battlefield. “Age of Conan” is, in every respect, a fully-fledged massive online game.

At the same time, “Age of Conan” advances the genre by also adding a single-player game to the mix. When starting out for the first time, you will go through a story campaign with interactive environments and challenging, world-altering quests. Starting out as a freed galley slave having stranded on the burning beaches of the Barachan Isles, you will spend hours following a story tailored to you and you alone. That means going through a cinematic and riveting experience that would normally only be possible in a traditional single-player game. When your character is strong enough, you will step into the massive world where the other players are.

•    Enter a massive online world populated with thousands of other players just like you, who plays “Age of Conan” on the Internet
•    Hook up with other players and adventure together through exciting locals, or play by yourself as a lone wolf
•    Become a part of the political life of your server, as you join guilds who construct cities and war against other guilds on the battlefields
•    Start off in a single-player game, where you follow a storyline tailored to you and advance your character at your own pace
•    When the single-player is complete, step into the online world
•    A revolutionary combination of single-player and multi-player, that aims to make massive online games more accessible
•    Even though you are in a single-player portion of the game, you still play towards our servers which means you need to be online

Adventure in a massive world

    Thrilling adventures, daunting challenges, rewarding success and painful failure – the life of any Hyborian is one fraught with both perils and pleasures. You are but one person who inhabits this gigantic world that stretches beyond the horizon and into places unexplored by man, and you will have to cleave heads and shake hands in order to make your way through the Hyborian life. You will face incredible dangers, but at the end of any demanding task is a rewarding treasure in some form or another. Whether you dedicate your life to, your days spent in Hyboria will be filled with quests and adventure which you can experience alone or in the companionship with thousands of other players.

    The in-game world of Hyboria is massive, and spans over the three nations of Cimmeria, Aquilonia and Stygia. You will experience some of the most memorable locations seen in the Conan lore, such as the cold Egliophian Mountains of the north and the burning Sand Dunes of the south. You will visit the majestic city of Tarantia where King Conan occupy his seat, the pirate hive of Tortage, the desert-city of Khemi and many more exotic locales. Everything from the cities to the countryside and the dungeons will be populated with interesting characters true to the lore of Conan.

•    Explore dozens of different regions of the world, each spanning up to many kilometers in width and length
•    Travel between the snowy mountains of the north to the sandy deserts of the south, taking in the forests, swamps, plains and all else in-between
•    Experience the exotic cultures of Aquilonia, Cimmeria and Stygia
•    Dozens of dungeons, caves, temples and other lairs of evil scattered throughout the lands, full of adventure and rewards
•    Encounter the many inhabitants of Hyboria, like the savage Picts, the brutal Vanirs, the pillaging Pirates and many more
•    Journey on mounts such as the horse or the camel
•    Undertake epic quests that gives you exiting adventure and lucrative rewards at the same time as telling an involving story
•    Certain locations use instance technology to provide a frustration-free experience, while other areas are massive

Groundbreaking technology

    Bringing the wondrous vistas and the dynamic action of Hyboria to life is no easy task. It takes a top team of developers such as programmers, graphics artist, world designers and testers to make the virtual world of Conan a reality, and one of the reasons why we are able to bring such an ambitious projects to life is because of our own proprietary technology that we’ve developed through the years. “Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures” is a testimony not only to Funcom's ability to create cutting-edge games with superior graphics and sound, but the advancement of gaming technology in general.

    Graphically, “Age of Conan” is one of the most advanced PC games currently in development. The rendering engine is able to show characters and environments in extreme detail, and the incredible view distance allows the player to stand on the roof of the world and gaze into the mountainous horizon that seem to never end. Motion capture technology give eerily life-like detail to both beasts and people, and the fast, dynamic battles seem as alive as they would in the real world. Add an immersive soundscape presented in rich 7.1 surround, and you have a game that should impress your senses.

•    A powerful graphics system based on Funcoms proprietary DreamWorld engine, that delivers beautiful and lightening-fast visuals
•    Incredibly detailed character system, where the player can alter the looks of their character down to the bone structure and the aging of the skin
•    Featuring a graphics engine capable of displaying a vast number of characters on screen at once, useful for the massive siege battles
•    Mountain ranges like you've never seen them before, landscapes so thick, deep, lush and ancient you'll think it has existed forever
•    Motion captured animations bring life to characters and beasts – even the horses are motion captured, giving a fluid feel to every movement
•    Use of instancing technology, ensuring both a problem-free gameplay experience while maintaining the massive feel of the world
•    Believable sound effects and epic music created by award-winning producers, all presented in mind blowing 7.1 surround
•    The first massively multiplayer online game to use DirectX 10, the newest generation of DirectX technology


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