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Halo: Reach 'Armour Lock' Ability Revealed

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In an exclusive interview with Game Informer, Bungie has detailed some more features for Halo: Reach, the most potentially game-changing of which is the new 'Armour Lock' ability.

Reach's sandbox designer, Josh Hamrick describes the ability as, "... kind of a throwback to the old school bubble shield but you always have it on your person and it’s intended to keep you safe. It’s kind of like a block. If your opponent closes on you with a shotgun or is about to land a melee blow or run you over with a vehicle, you can engage Armour Lock and become temporarily invulnerable."

There is one slight caveat to the Armour Lock though, just to keep things fair as Hamrick explains, "You can’t move, aim, or shoot. You’re stuck there, but you can’t be killed. You can do that up to three times on one charge or you can do one sustained lock for a few seconds."

But wait a second! That's not all Armour Lock is capable of. It has another function that nullifies vehicles with an EMP blast: "There is also a knockback and EMP blast component. The longer you hold your Armour Lock, the more pronounced the effect will be. There are three different tiers – if it’s just a short lock, I’ll get a small knockback and a tiny bit of EMP up to the max level, which is a much larger knockback and EMP blast. It’s really intended to say, “hey, you better not mess with me, I’m extremely dangerous even though I’m trapped in here!” It’s particularly effective against vehicles as well. Also, if you’re stuck with a plasma grenade or have needles in you, they’ll be knocked off when you engage Armour Lock."

Armour Lock sounds like it will seriously change the way you play Halo, but we hope that it doesn't throw the game's fine balance out of whack. We'll see when the Beta strikes on May 3rd. Incidentally, Bungie's Brian Jarrard says "The public beta is going to include a huge chunk of Reach sandbox goodness."

What's more, the Game Informer interview hints at an unrevealed vehicle. It's all too much! Really Bungie, you're spoiling us!


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