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Modern Warfare 2 'Resurgence Pack' Available Now
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Modern Warfare 2's 'Stimulus Package' shifted more than 2 million units despite objections levelled towards its 1200 MS Point pricetag, proving that the marketing was actually quite canny and astute, generating massive revenue from five multiplayer maps.

The 'Resurgence Pack' looks set to repeat the trick, with a new set of five maps - well, three new, two old - for the exact same price point of 1200 points.

It's available right now too. So, if you're desperate for new maps to conquer in MW2's ever-popular multiplayer, forget that cheeky price and go add it to your download queue right now. You know you want to. Resistance is futile.

And there's still time to pick up the Resurgence Pack in our giveaway, which ends this Sunday. Act now!


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Comment #1 by MasterKingz
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:15:50 PM
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No...No.... Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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Comment #2 by oxHARMONxo
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:16:19 PM
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Not a fan of the new maps...

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Comment #3 by CarbonArgon
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:16:52 PM
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MW2 = Epic fail...

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Comment #4 by I am Cunslow
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:17:21 PM
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Glad I never went back to this game... Gears all the way.

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Comment #5 by JRiSdAtjAmaiCan
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:18:05 PM
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lmfao 1200 ms points 4 3 new maps & 2 old 1s hahaha rip glad i got 1k on da game & traded it in -_-

Forum Posts: 97
Comment #6 by deth2sokpuppets
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:18:06 PM
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Why do people who do not like mw2 have to come in here and complain about it? Why read news on a game you do not like?

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Comment #7 by bigmac393
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:18:41 PM
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here we go again with all the whiners...dont buy em if u dont want em

Forum Posts: 12
Comment #8 by Goblin Techies
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:19:58 PM
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I don't play this game too much, so this is a defiantly a pass. Maybe one day it will go down to 800 or Infinity Ward will have a map pack bundle in which I might purchase for the right price of course.

Forum Posts: 7120
Comment #9 by Opiate42
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:21:19 PM
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Comment #10 by Karniespooner
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:21:20 PM
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maps are definetly not up

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Comment #11 by wardiephil1986
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:21:49 PM
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Any1 to buy this YOU FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!! if u want cod4 maps play cod4 simples. If they updated the maps so it looks diffeence as the timeline is 5 years on (campaign) then it may be worth a peek. Any1 who still plays MW2 get a job so you can buy a new game once again FAIL!!!!!

Forum Posts: 3191
Comment #12 by Hot Juicy Pie
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:23:06 PM
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People are entitled to their opinions. And it's better than reading a bunch of biased reviews that have been paid for.

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Comment #13 by wardiephil1986
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:23:07 PM
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@6 i liked the game its IW being lazy and microsoft ripping off, if IW had new spec ops missions it wouldn be a fail.

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Comment #14 by toonsage
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:24:20 PM
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Yay ^.^

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Comment #15 by blackout529
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:24:47 PM
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Downloading this now! It may be pricey but for the amount of time I plan on spending on them, its definitely worth it.

Forum Posts: 105
Comment #16 by Ninjamonkey6493
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:26:09 PM
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@#1 LOL i read that and thought of cleveland off family guy.

Forum Posts: 124
Comment #17 by BillyKlyde
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:26:34 PM
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Cut the prices DOWN, come on Microsoft 1200 for maps?!

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #18 by Badblood
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:27:02 PM
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seriously i love this game but there is no fucking way im paying that much for maps I.W. can stuff them up it's arse

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #19 by Quantum47
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:27:56 PM
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Traded this game in a long time ago.

Forum Posts: 6
Comment #20 by LateralusDSOTM
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:28:56 PM
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@6 i too like the game, but 1200 maps it terrible. I'm just waiting for come the Halo haters...

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #21 by giarctterrab
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:29:53 PM
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@11 grow up.
how can i "fail" for buying a map pack? what am i trying to achieve?

Forum Posts: 91
Comment #22 by Menzeldinho
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:31:20 PM
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1200 for 5 maps... 800 for 19 ... modern warfare 2 or gears 2... i wonder...

Forum Posts: 398
Comment #23 by Wicelow
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:31:21 PM
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Do... Not... Care.

Waiting for more Bad Company 2 DLC instead.

Forum Posts: 95
Comment #24 by KarmaAmputee
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:32:04 PM
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Nice, the link in this post works. The that link Major Nelson and AceyBongos tweeted both have "Content not found" messages!

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Comment #25 by xX THE GRIX Xx
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:33:14 PM
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Activision prices the maps NOT MICROSOFT

for 1200 MSP i can buy 1 great arcade game, screw 3 maps

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #26 by wardiephil1986
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:35:17 PM
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@21 you fail for wasting money on something i sure you once had if you dont still have it already. its not about me not being grown up its me being realistic, play CoD4 save your money. Just friendly advice to the 2 million who wasted money on the first map pack.

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Comment #27 by Acid Mother
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:35:37 PM
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#6 Because it's news for a console which we all own, and 2 million multiplied by 1200 points and other devs are sure to take notice. Don't be surprised that when this pack does as well as the last, DLC starts showing up from all sorts of different devs with those "extra" points tacked on, inflating the price.

And when that day comes, we'll all have you (and all your buddies who thought it was harmless giving in to a high selling price!) to thank.

Forum Posts: 126
Comment #28 by cleric_80
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:37:05 PM
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maps are not up... I literally just checked at 2:32PM EST

Forum Posts: 6
Comment #29 by wardy 4
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:37:30 PM
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still not up in england...takes the piss!

Forum Posts: 98
Comment #30 by B Rock3232
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:37:36 PM
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Great game. Would like to get back into it but not paying 15 bucks for new maps. If you bought both map packs for 1200MSP each that is 30 bucks you just spent on 10 maps. That is half the price of the whole game!!!! Not cool at all. Total rip off. I might pick them up when they go half price but never paying that much for maps.

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Comment #31 by IrishGrenade187
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:39:19 PM
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Here we go with all the lame internet dorks that hate this game so much that they read every single bit of news on it. Funny how that works. Oh, and #11 should go get a job instead of posting on video game threads all day. Very lame, sir. FAIL. People like MW2 no matter how much you whine about it sucking (aka you are horrible at it). It's still putting up the best numbers of any game out there. Including your precious Bad Company 2. And, guess what, when the next COD comes out, it'll do the exact same thing. How can something suck so bad yet millions still play and pay? I guess the majority in this situation are the idiots and not you guys hating right? Sure.

Forum Posts: 614
Comment #32 by Jordbrett
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:44:39 PM
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I loved mw2 but i've fortunately stopped myself from being addicted to it and at this price point I can't see myself being pulled back in. Gimme both packs for 1200 or even 1600 and I'd buy it.

Forum Posts: 126
Comment #33 by cleric_80
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:45:22 PM
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you can access and dl content from when it's not even up on the marketplace accessible through your 360?

When the F did this happen?

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #34 by wardiephil1986
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:46:47 PM
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@31 hahaha 1) I have a job and can browse the net for 30 mins a day not all day 2) this game doesnt suck just the DLC does, 3) cant wait or next CoD neither 4) I just complaining that IW are lazy who here doesnt want more spec ops maps it would send thier ratings back to the top. You say the haters are idiots noooooooooo its the people paying for something twice play COD4 i prob will later and save 1200MSP.

COD rules developers fail FACT!

Forum Posts: 15
Comment #35 by Jack Flak
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:49:55 PM
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Forum Posts: 2556
Comment #36 by Mister Buds
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:49:59 PM
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no deal, howie.

Forum Posts: 499
Comment #37 by XBLsFinest
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:51:18 PM
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Not today mate:)

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #38 by bigmac393
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:51:31 PM
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@34...if the developers fail, then why buy the next game and boycott dlc? isnt that a little contradictory

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #39 by lifetaker1000
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:55:05 PM
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well sooner or later the "game of the year" addition will come out with all the maps already on it so lets all just wait for that. agreed? lets play nice now

Forum Posts: 157
Comment #40 by traaped_under_ice
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 01:58:43 PM
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good news for the mw2 lovers
im not one so i dont care

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #41 by wardiephil1986
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:01:16 PM
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@39 lets hope so.
@38 FFS why does everyon have to pick at every little bit, i say developers fail or effort, who can disagree. who here didnt want more spec ops maps. who here doesnt think the price is steep for something already on the game half of gamers probably still own thats all. I offered advice for people to save money by playing cod4 thats all.

Forum Posts: 127
Comment #42 by ooh ahh mcgrath
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:02:19 PM
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i spend about £60 wen i go out on the piss so £10 4 the maps is ok wiv me,at least i get something out of it and not just a bad hangover and V.D

Forum Posts: 127
Comment #43 by ooh ahh mcgrath
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:04:23 PM
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i ment an S.T.D not V.D

Forum Posts: 39
Comment #44 by OnlyRinaldo
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:09:08 PM
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Still love MW2 almost play it every day. Didn't bought the first map pack but I will buy this one. But one thing I forgot to buy some mspoints.

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #45 by sHo0tTh3sMiLyZz
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:10:53 PM
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gonna wait till its deal of the week

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #46 by wardiephil1986
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:11:07 PM
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Question I went a few weeks without being on the site come back the other day to the new look and seeing leaderboards actually working. How do you get on the leaderboards?

Forum Posts: 2
Comment #47 by masteryates6
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:13:07 PM
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@34 first off I would like to start by saying that I too wish they were only 800 MS points cause there are other things I would like to be able to buy with my points. Although if you think for a second it makes sense. In CoD4 we paid 800 for 3 new maps in MW2 we pay 800 for 3 new maps that leaves 400 points left over. 400 MS points gets us 2 flashback maps so thats 1/2 price for 2/3 the maps. So if you are like me and loved CoD4 you probably love getting the chance to play on these flashback maps and remember what it was like playing CoD4. (plus getting to use a chopper gunner on overgrown was pretty sick too)

Forum Posts: 1031
Comment #48 by MAXIBHOY
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:14:27 PM
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hmmmm 5 maps for 1200 points ??

or 19 better maps and an awesome story chapter for 800 points ??

I just cant decide which is the best deal. (sarcasm)

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #49 by wardiephil1986
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:16:23 PM
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@47 agree, maybe they should of done the flashback maps on seperate DLC so its optional to pay or play COD4. Then everyone wins apart from those who wanted more spec ops missions :(

Forum Posts: 336
Comment #50 by Poisonheadcrab
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:16:31 PM
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Why are people blaming Microsoft for the prices? Weren't we blaming Activision for that?

Forum Posts: 53
Comment #51 by ChocoDK
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:16:32 PM
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@39: What you say is probably true about the GoTY Edition but how long will Activision actually leave those map packs bundled in the game. When CoD4 GoTY Edition came out it had a card in there with a voucher for the Variety Map Pack. However, when I bought the game in December (on Boxing Day) I was shocked to see that there was no voucher in the game. Instead on the main menu I got spammed with "New Buy our Map Packs."

I looked online and found out that after awhile Activision pulled out that voucher for the free map packs in the GoTY Edition. So yeah they may include the maps free but for how long.

Forum Posts: 2097
Comment #52 by litepink
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:18:06 PM
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Love when people blame Microsoft for the pricing. And #34, you post was a big pile of contradictions.

Forum Posts: 24
Comment #53 by Initium
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:45:02 PM
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I bought COD4 on Steam for the price of this map pack. :)

Forum Posts: 1593
Comment #54 by H0p3sfalL
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:48:52 PM
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think it would be better to buy maps seperatly rather then the whole map pack. Both packs had maps i liked and didnt like.

Forum Posts: 3281
Comment #55 by Jappe XBA
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:51:26 PM
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@2, 3, 4, 5, 19, 23, 36, 37, 48: I hope you're satisfied with your Gears 2 and/or Bad Company 2 in your little dark room with ya little soda and chips playing your ass off cutting orcs' heads off with a chainsaw integrated to a machine gun (lol), but please stop posting useless comments on how people fail buying these map packs and go comment on Gears 2/Bad Company 2 news. You just proved that you're interested in this game by reading the news and also by writing a comment.

Forum Posts: 3281
Comment #56 by Jappe XBA
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:52:30 PM
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And for the map pack: already put it in my download queue :)

Forum Posts: 489
Comment #57 by dorkzilla123
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 02:58:29 PM
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I'm not a cod fanboy, but whenever there is a lame week for game releases (such as this one), this is a smart move cause I'll gladly add $15 to mw2 before I spend $60 on a crap game. And mw2 is right up my alley when I'm bored.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #58 by sonicdevron
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 03:00:26 PM
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64% finished through downloading, can't wait.

ITT: Butthurt cheap-ass morons.

Forum Posts: 1068
Comment #59 by The Bum-Mobile
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 03:15:28 PM
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Love how people feel that their opinions change the worth of this map pack...
In a more on-topic sentence, I think I'll get this. Loved the Stimulus pack and this looks even better (It has Vacant: bought.) I'ma see if my buddy is going to get this too before downloading.

Forum Posts: 663
Comment #60 by Atarii
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 03:15:54 PM
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inb4 complaints about the price.... oh, nvm

Forum Posts: 44
Comment #61 by vettesrule76
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 03:22:16 PM
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lets waste 15 dollars for 5 maps when you can actually buy something useful.

Forum Posts: 133
Comment #62 by Sonoki
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 03:24:12 PM
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ill buy them because any other game that is not call of duty get me bored

Forum Posts: 200
Comment #63 by xdiamondxinfernox
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 03:25:20 PM
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rip off

Forum Posts: 153
Comment #64 by scarface983
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 03:28:33 PM
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no achievements? no sale.. im about to trade this disappointment lol

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #65 by BUBBLESIZERE
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 03:32:11 PM
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i sold my mw2 3 months ago and i couldnt be happier :)

Forum Posts: 15
Comment #66 by EroticPotato
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 03:57:40 PM
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I'm not gonna buy the maps. I've only been playing this game because of double xp. As soon as that's over I'm going right back to Battlefield.

Forum Posts: 31
Comment #67 by mlemaire
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 04:01:19 PM
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Yeah, the price may not be great...but just find a site on the net to get cheap MS points. That way, you're paying 1200 points but not for the actual value of 1200. The way I've done it with this one and the last is get each for less than $4 all things considered.

Forum Posts: 674
Comment #68 by TheUglyCasanova
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 04:08:37 PM
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Hurr durr at all the general idiocy in here. Poor folks should do something better with their time then tell people that couldn't care less that they had to trade it in to even get a new game.

Protip: Get a job and you won't have to sell every game you get just to buy a new one.

Forum Posts: 288
Comment #69 by ONI recon 111
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 04:11:58 PM
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About time it came out, lazy bastards leaving it till near enough 4th of June for some of us :|

Forum Posts: 932
Comment #70 by Th33Troop33r
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 04:23:15 PM
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ill wait till its deal of the week or m$ actually makes it a reasonable price

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #71 by expletiveinherXBOX
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 04:42:56 PM
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Got them right as soon as I turned my xbox on this morning very good deal and awesome maps. You can not complain about 5 amazing maps for only 1200msp but if you can somehow don't buy it lol but do not say it is overpriced cause it is in no way overpriced you get what you pay for. I have over 70 arcade games that I have bought and then play a couple times and then never play again which each one is like 800msp but this is only 1200msp and I will be playing this well into the next few years just as I am still playing cod4. Much better deal then any arcade game or other map pack out there cause they are some awesome maps for an awesome game.

Forum Posts: 98
Comment #72 by Bebe Buell
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 04:43:24 PM
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Don't play this shit anymore, ahoy!

Forum Posts: 11
Comment #73 by HeavyTank89
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 04:46:57 PM
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I miss the days where maps came in patches on PC for free. My biggest problem with these maps and their price is that almost half of them are maps I technically already paid for with MW1.

Forum Posts: 337
Comment #74 by Phenoviral
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 04:57:01 PM
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It's not a 'much better deal' if it costs much more, though, is it? >>

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #75 by Pandapocalipse
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 05:04:56 PM
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I love this game I truly do but I just cant bring myself to spend 1200 points on new maps, Ill just stick to the old ones,
I just wish theyd patch auto scoping on Interventions :(

Forum Posts: 924
Comment #76 by DeafSunchaser
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 05:07:37 PM
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1200 for this is day light robbery! IW can fuck off... traded my game in coz of the stupid high costs!!!

Forum Posts: 924
Comment #77 by DeafSunchaser
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 05:09:27 PM
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and its no wonder why so many peeps are cracking the xbox to get them free! so many crap stuff coming out at high prices and cd's dont last so if they want more peeps to PAY then they should lower the prices...

so what if i posted double,,,, get over it!


Forum Posts: 1221
Comment #78 by Frozenghost001
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 05:20:35 PM
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Resurgence > Stimulus Package. I love the two CoD4 maps they've choosen (cause those were two of my four favorites from the game), Carnival is just amazing, Fuel is just as amazing, and Trailer Park is pretty good, but not amazing.

Forum Posts: 239
Comment #79 by SuperWoody64
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 05:21:18 PM
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CoD is ok but for online I'd rather play something more hardcore like Cars: Race-o-rama. You guys are suckas! Plus for 15 clams, I want 15 clams worth. I don't want to have to pay good money to have to put up with idiot kids who call me various racial expletives. At least the kids on Cars call me boogerface and stuff.

Forum Posts: 396
Comment #80 by achievementjockey
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 05:22:43 PM
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@39 The game didn't get game of the year. So there shouldn't be a "game of the year pack".

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #81 by Quantum47
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 05:33:44 PM
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@55 I don't own Gears of War 2, and I haven't played Bad Company 2 in a long time. Nor did I tell people that they're wasting their money. All I said was that I traded this in a long time ago, hence me not buying the map pack. What's with the attitude?

Forum Posts: 268
Comment #82 by Hand of Blood52
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 05:54:16 PM
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s/Stupid ripoff you guys fail!!!!

*downloading maps*

Yes retards you all fail!!

*Playing maps*

You still fail anyone who buys this is an idiot!!!!/s

Seriously stop it you all know you will be downloading this. STFU.

Forum Posts: 650
Comment #83 by E vee dub
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 05:56:23 PM
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$15 and you people we're sucker enough to buy it, knowing no achievements came with it? No wonder game makers hold out on the FULL game. They put bits and pieces of it on sale later for DLC.

We're so stupid for patronizing the nickle-and-dime of held-out, later added-on, DLC!

Forum Posts: 8
Comment #84 by cirruslyloud
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 06:08:43 PM
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WOW. I'm paying for 3 new maps and 2 CoD4 maps. In my case, I never played CoD 4 so they're all new. The 2 from CoD4 were updated to the MW2 engine. Not the same maps at this point.

You're only on for 30 mins a day, yet you have several posts in THIS thread alone. You need a life.

No one's failing for purchasing DLC. The only fail is you being broke and trying to talk everyone else out of buying it so that no one enjoys DLC because you can't.

I BARELY post, but your stupidity made me. Thanks!

Forum Posts: 38
Comment #85 by Kroesis
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 06:14:31 PM
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Do you know what's worse than people complaining that they're not going to get it/not worth it/sold their MW2 already etc...?

Those that do buy it and start to piss and moan shortly afterwards. Saw it with the Stimulus pack and bound to see it happen again.

Oh and I to got rid of my MW2 game a while ago but still want to comment in this thread.. because I can.

Forum Posts: 5
Comment #86 by Quantum47
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 06:17:08 PM
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@85 Exactly. I haven't bought either of the map packs, but I guarantee well over half of the people that buy the first and second map pack said at one point that they would never pay an outrageous price, or just trashed it in general, and then proceeded to buy it.

Forum Posts: 37
Comment #87 by Dongziller
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 06:24:30 PM
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over priced imo - they should try sortin some of the glitches and hacks out before pushin DLC out to maximise revenue, its all about the profits these days sadly with these companies :(

Forum Posts: 182
Comment #88 by PuttyGod
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 06:40:19 PM
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People, please don't buy this horse shit.
Nobody listens though and the world is full of morons so...

Forum Posts: 200
Comment #89 by Insane Sugar Rush
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 06:41:04 PM
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So if I bought both packs, that would be 30 dollars. That means I would have invested 90 dollars into MW2. I could have bought the special edition with that money.


Forum Posts: 1005
Comment #90 by Magicman10893
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 06:49:25 PM
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Why are people complaining about the price?
1200msp = $15
800msp = $10

So, $10 divided by 3 (considering Halo had 800msp map packs with 3 maps in it and no one complained) equals $3.33 per map.

And, $15 divided by 5 (the current pricing for Modern Warfare 2 map packs that everyone is complaining about) equals $3 per map.

I don't know about you but $3 seems smaller than $3.33 per map. I just don't want this map pack because I don't play MW2 very much anymore and I would rather spend my next 1600msp card on Mass Effect 2 DLC and save the remaining for either future Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age and Red Dead Redemption DLC.

Forum Posts: 112
Comment #91 by XxHamRxX
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 06:55:36 PM
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no achievements? GOOD! mw shouldn't have multiplayer achievements. and oh my god, $10! how will i pay for food now that i have paid for this! i bet you guys have spent more on things you used less. if you want it, get it. if you think its shit, good for you. but dont attack people for wanting it. the stimulus pack was awesome (bailout ftw) and i cant wait to do some clown deepthroating on carnival ;)

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #92 by The Revolution
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 06:58:12 PM
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From what i've seen, this is a brief summary of the maps in alphabetical order:
Carnival - Large map with a good balance of close quarters and open areas.
Fuel - Large map with a good balance of close quarters and open areas.
Strike - Medium sized map with a good balance of open areas and close quarters.
Trailer Park - Clusterfuck. Close quarters 95% of the time. This will result in tactical knife/smg/shotgun spam.
Vacant - *See Trailer Park*

Forum Posts: 339
Comment #93 by rsxdelerium
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 06:59:08 PM
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You can look at it like $3 per map .. or you could see the $15 x 2mil = $30mil in sales. Wonder how much it costs to develop a map pack?

Forum Posts: 15
Comment #94 by xITz JesusNinja xX
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 07:01:58 PM
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Got my map pack for free!! :0

cant wait to try them out.

Forum Posts: 1005
Comment #95 by Magicman10893
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 07:12:28 PM
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I'm just pointing out to people that complain about $15 being too expensive for them. I know you are spending more money at once, but it's like buying in bulk, you save money in the end. Like one box of cereal is $5 but if you buy a bulk package of 6 for $25 you save $5 even though you spend more at once.

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #96 by martyr banana
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 07:17:33 PM
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@39 and 51, there will not be a GOTY edition as this game did not win.Batman Arcum Asylum won instead.

MW2 is a great game and the only problem with it is the players.

Forum Posts: 1455
Comment #97 by tripleb2k
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 07:27:02 PM
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@ anyone whose downloaded the maps, how is the carnival map???

Forum Posts: 102
Comment #98 by Zacxx201
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 07:27:49 PM
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You can really tell the kids are out of school...

Forum Posts: 1541
Comment #99 by Schism
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 07:28:50 PM
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why does everyone have to complain about the price... >___< saw these maps at my friends house and they were actually good. Carnival is beast.

Forum Posts: 674
Comment #100 by TheUglyCasanova
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 07:41:38 PM
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@99 Because probably half of them are kids that have to beg mommy and daddy for the money or they don't have a job that gives them an extra $15 bucks to spend. I'm downloading them now so I'll let you know how they are once I get a feel for them.

Also schism? Nice name, love Tool.

Forum Posts: 65
Comment #101 by Jackel2556
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 07:54:32 PM
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I don't get why people give into Activision and why they just do not buy the map, its not like I can't afford it, just why pay half the price i paid for the game for 6 New maps and 4 old maps from another Call Of Duty Game I purchased

People really have to stop giving Activision what they want

Forum Posts: 557
Comment #102 by Jonesy2008
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 08:12:01 PM
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Go and fuck your own ass, you fail at fucking life. Go to the viva fucking pinata news if your dont like mw2, not the fucking mw2 news.

Forum Posts: 1
Comment #103 by Accel Dance
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 08:12:55 PM
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My ass is still bleeding from the last one. Oh wait, no it isn't, because I sold the game and got Mass Effect 2 instead. :)

Forum Posts: 231
Comment #104 by Infomouse
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 08:22:55 PM
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I smell a flame war...

Forum Posts: 62
Comment #105 by killajoy714
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 08:31:44 PM
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meh, I'll wait for a price drop.

Forum Posts: 279
Comment #106 by TheGoldenReaper
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 08:46:49 PM
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I think everyone needs to just settle down.

Forum Posts: 272
Comment #107 by weesplash
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 09:10:19 PM
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The maps are over priced but I just downloaded them earlier today and I must say they're pretty good. I'm willing to pay the money though cause I'm getting bored of playing the same old maps over and over. Can't wait for the next DLC; fingers crossed for backlot and creek :D

And on a side note, people need to stop trolling the MW2 news. If you don't like the price, don't buy them, it's as simple as that. Just wait a year for the price to drop and stop your yapping it's giving me a headache!!

Forum Posts: 24
Comment #108 by spacin_mason
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 09:27:40 PM
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cheeky bastards...i already got it >_

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #109 by expletiveinherXBOX
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 09:36:31 PM
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1200msp is not that much of a difference from 800msp and some arcade games cost 1200 msp what I was saying is that I have spent over $700 dollars in arcade games that I never play any more so for me this is a great deal. because I know I will play this for a long time to come whereas I do not play the arcade games that I bought more then just a few times after I buy them.

Forum Posts: 210
Comment #110 by High Lord Sigma
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 09:43:06 PM
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The amount of stupidity in these comments is astonishing. To everybody calling people unwilling to pay $15 for the maps cheapskates and other stereotypes, consider this. Isn't refusing to support a company until they make improvements to something the entire concept behind . . . oh, I don't know . . . a boycott?

Forum Posts: 10
Comment #111 by xTAcT1cALR3C0Nx
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 09:56:59 PM
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#102 oh yeah all the way......all you ppl who hate this game then why comment

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #112 by noxymoron19
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 10:03:48 PM
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I just read all th comments and their was no comments on whether they liked the maps or not. The article is about the maps and in over 1oo comments no one comments on whether they are good or not? Also loved the kids whining about the kids whining. Noticed how I said kids

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #113 by E.M
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 10:09:37 PM
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I agree that it is overpriced... but I couldn't help it. I still bought it, maybe I'll finally go back and play this repetetive multiplayer game (don't hate)! I agree with others to that 19 maps and a 30 minute campaign add on is very good for only 10$ and is really weird to be compared to 5 maps for 10$.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #114 by E.M
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 10:10:42 PM
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Like really.. make up your mind whoever is coming up with these prices!

Forum Posts: 298
Comment #115 by ViNyLek
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 10:23:41 PM
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To all of you that keep bithcing about the price and end up buying it. If you actually decided to keep your money and sales would be poor they would have to lower the price. This way everyone is just proving to them that they can keep pushing it for as long as they want to.... I for one, would never juice up $15 on 5 lousy maps when there are many great arcade games and other DLC for $10...

Forum Posts: 172
Comment #116 by ryangiroux1
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 10:52:50 PM
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God I love this game but it sickens me to see all of the people who think this is a "good deal". It honestly isn't, and here's why:

The cost of the salary of a video game programmer must be what, $100,000 MAXIMUM. About 100 (at most) of them to work on the new maps and edit old ones. So $10 million dollars there at most. Modern Warfare 2 grossed $401 million the first day. I know it costs money for distribution, marketing, etc., but seriously, they could be giving the map packs out for free and STILL make a massive profit.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #117 by ReSpaWnN3m3siS
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 10:56:30 PM
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you guys do know microsoft set dlc prices like when valve wanted to give x360 consumers left 4 dead 1 dlc for free and microsoft said no

Forum Posts: 4
Comment #118 by Fata1Stryke
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 11:20:35 PM
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I like MW2 and all, but I'll be waiting for a DotW on these maps. Not a huge fan of Vacant or Strike either...if only they'd bring back Pipeline.

Forum Posts: 41
Comment #119 by Tim 13
Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 11:42:31 PM
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All right, look, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Nobody opened their mouths about 800 MSP for three maps, right? Original or not, that's about 266 MSP per map. Five maps for 1200 MSP is a greater value, at an even 240 MSP per map, or $3. So stop complaining about the price. It's a one-time fee, and you add five maps to your gameplay experience.

Forum Posts: 7
Comment #120 by sledge1981
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 01:09:19 AM
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Carnival is amazing. and wise up its only £10 fs.

Forum Posts: 8
Comment #121 by Matt2005USAF
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 01:48:45 AM
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Actually Uncharted 2 won Game of the Year...on the majority of sites. Batmand: AA came in second with some sites calling it their GOTY. Too bad there isn't an official GOTY, as pretty much anybody could release a GOTY version of their game. The creators of Deadly Premonition were talking about releasing a GOTY version of their game just because they can.

Forum Posts: 337
Comment #122 by Phenoviral
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 02:11:15 AM
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Microsoft wont let anybody release achievements for no price (with some exceptions). It's normally the actually companies, though, I'm pretty sure, that set their price.

Forum Posts: 337
Comment #123 by Phenoviral
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 02:15:06 AM
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So.. I could get this and a gold account, for $25, or I could buy Commander Shas'o R'alai for £30.


Nah, actually, I just got Spore. Galactic Adventures comes first for me. ^^

Forum Posts: 214
Comment #124 by Farnham
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 03:48:43 AM
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geez by the time you read and/or write a comment you could have earned the measily 1200 points to buy it

Forum Posts: 7
Comment #125 by rowtheboat
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 04:35:24 AM
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cod = overrated

Forum Posts: 20762
Comment #126 by Barad
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 04:47:13 AM
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Forum Posts: 46
Comment #127 by Jor-El
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 04:49:13 AM
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Infinity Ward & other devs should learn a thing or two from Rockstar. Rockstar is one of the best devs out there period. Not only do they continue to patch their games over the course of it's lifetime, but they put out quality DLC for reasonable price. Both DLC's for GTA IV were amazing. Look at what you got for 1600 msp each. 23+ missions each, new activities, new stories, new achievements, new multiplayer modes & more. These episodes lasted you more than 10hrs each, not to mention all the replayability. And look at what their doing for Red Dead Redemption. The first DLC pack will be free, not to mention they will be giving us those 2 other Gamestop outfits for free as well & who else knows whats to come down the line.

Whereas Infinity Ward puts a hefty price tag on their rehashed map packs. If you people keep buying these inflated prices, they will only get worse & next thing you know map packs will be 1600 msp each.

The best way you can fight this sort of greediness is with your wallet. And to everyone out there, Microsoft has no say in the price. That is purely IW.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #128 by CheesyToast111
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 05:10:32 AM
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Well I have started getting into MW2 again, but im not paying 1200MS for three new maps and two old ones. Especially when Gears of War 2 has made every single one of its map packs for 800MS that is seventeen maps for 800. Compare.

Forum Posts: 140
Comment #129 by Suplemental
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 05:25:51 AM
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stop complaining if your not gunna get the map pack noobs -___-

Forum Posts: 9
Comment #130 by BOZOH
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 05:53:43 AM
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people make me laugh stop being so tight its only 1200 points get a job or ask your mum and dad to buy them

Forum Posts: 662
Comment #131 by Pieville
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 06:17:33 AM
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Honestly I don't care that's it 1200 points, sure it's a bit pricey but I like the game.
Hopefully it's not like the Stimulus Package and the best maps will be the old ones.
The only half-descent map from the Stimulus was Bailout.
Well it's too late now, I've already purchased it.

Forum Posts: 454
Comment #132 by Caramel Cardinal
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 06:52:50 AM
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can't be bothered buying this like i didn't buy the last one, 1,200 just isn't worth it, don't get me wrong i love mw2 but really when you can currently download 19maps and a new chapter for gears 2 for 800 points 1200 for 5 seem like a lot of a rip offthough having said that i suppose i'd get a decent ammount of play out of them when everyone who donwloaded the maps says they play them every other match i.e it would mean we'd stop playing the old maps an just play the same 5 or 10 maps over and over

Forum Posts: 38
Comment #133 by Kroesis
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 06:57:49 AM
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@117 MS don't set the prices they just make the rules and guidelines, Activision (not IW) set the prices for the map packs.

Forum Posts: 38
Comment #134 by Kroesis
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 07:07:27 AM
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@130 I like the fact that you can only make 2 assumptions if people aren't going to buy the pack. Too young for a job or don't have a job.

I know it may sound a little far-fetched to you but do you not think about those who have jobs but have other commitments to spend their cash on such as bills? Plus what about those who have disposable income but still think that the price isn't worth it compared with other DLC/Acrade games? That's a personal decision, nothing to do with being tight or having parent buy stuff for them.

Just something to think about.

Forum Posts: 126
Comment #135 by cleric_80
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 08:31:08 AM
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not entirely true. Many developers have stated they want to release content for free but Microsoft wouldn't allow them to do so on their marketplace.

In fact if you look over some of the free DLC over the past few years it was actually sponsored by someone.

* The GOW1 map pack that was free was sponsored by Discovery Channel's "Future weapons". The other map packs were not free.
* The first L4D DLC that was free was sponsored by the movie "Drag Me to Hell". No DLC for L4D or L4D2 has been free.

Forum Posts: 38
Comment #136 by Kroesis
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 08:47:04 AM
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Yeah, that's probably one of their rules, nothing hosted on their servers for free (unless sponsored) but that doesn't mean they set the price tags. They most likely have a guide for companies for DLC pricing but IW have already stated that Activision set the price for the packs.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #137 by Spinny
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 10:13:00 AM
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Meh, I've got a few points lying around and nothing better to do with my time. Sold. Just have to remove my girlfriend from the equation and it's all good. A meal with her family can be easily avoided by some convenient 'food poisoning'.

This is going to be Oscar-worthy.

I'll film it for you...

Forum Posts: 90
Comment #138 by DanFlyhight
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 10:40:07 AM
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I still just don't like the fact that I'm 1200 for them. And two of them are old so I'm paying for old content. Don't get me wrong. They're good maps, but put the old maps in their own pack and make them free or at least at a good discount. I didn't buy the last one and I'm not buying this one. IW has let me down. Strike 3.

Forum Posts: 45
Comment #139 by HyperChondriacMusic
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 11:37:24 AM
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the main crunch point here is that they're not available with the rest of the maps and the rest of the playlists. Infinity Ward/Activision, whoevers controlling who in the DLC side of things have really dropped the ball for MW2. And the fact that they came out and said they could have charged £15/£20 for the maps is diabolical and i would see as extremely idiotic and bad PR. but that said, they still would have sold upward of 2 million units so it doesn't fucking matter cause

@130 i have a job which pays quite well, but i have a thing called principles, and i don't think its right to pay £10/$15 for 5 maps, 3 new, and 2 recycled. £20 for 10 maps, no thankyou.

Forum Posts: 9
Comment #140 by NATH4Nx
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 12:24:05 PM
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The only map that looked decent was the circus.

Forum Posts: 337
Comment #141 by Phenoviral
Saturday, June 05, 2010 @ 09:36:27 AM
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That's what he said. Microsoft sets rules (IE, you can't release DLC for free), but it's up to the companies to price the DLC as long as it follows the rules.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #142 by phantom gangsta
Saturday, June 05, 2010 @ 11:34:06 AM
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sony has it priced th same way :/

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #143 by Wville4
Thursday, June 10, 2010 @ 02:23:32 PM
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awsum map pack! alredy downloaded it! CARNIVAL: best map eva!!!

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #144 by Yachi
Sunday, July 04, 2010 @ 10:39:07 AM
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Forum Posts: 0
Comment #145 by Skribe
Tuesday, July 06, 2010 @ 05:19:59 PM
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1200?? wtf

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