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On the 9th January, the XBLA will be blessed with what is tipped to be one of the most hardcore shooters available. Omega Five allows the gamer to step in to take control of one of the games' heroes on the way to stopping a evil galactic force.

Thanks to Hudson, we are proud to release the achievement list before anyone else which can be found here. And to top it all off, check out the interview we managed to get with someone off the team which is very insightful and very entertaining.


x360a: Hi, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions. Could you please introduce yourself and the role you play in making the game?

AG: Hi there.  My name is Amar Gavhane and I handle the marketing for the game, so while the creative guys get to make the game, I get to tell everyone about it (to put it simply).

x360a: Not much is known about the story so far. Could you give us a quick insight to the storyline?

AG: Since this is an homage to old-school shooters, we kept the storyline to a minimum and the action at a maximum.  The story goes like this: five of the greatest warriors in the galaxy have been summoned to battle an evil invasion force.  Now go blow stuff up.

x360a: What exactly was the inspiration behind the game?

AG: It was the brainchild of one of the team members at Natsume.  He was working on it as a hobby and eventually it got noticed and made into a full-fledged game.

x360a: In all the previews so far, the game has been tipped as a really difficult title for hardcore gamers only. Was this your aim or was it something that became more apparent towards the end of production?

AG: Believe it or not, this was our aim.  We wanted to make a challenging shooter for a few different reasons: 1) It’s a throwback to the difficulty of games past; you don’t get the same challenge nowadays  2) we wanted to see who the best gamers are out there; anybody can beat an FPS with infinite respawns and recharging health or an RPG using a walkthrough, but to beat a shooter without cheats is an accomplishment  3) for the people who do manage to beat the game, we wanted to give them a very real sense of satisfaction; if you have one of the achievements that indicates you’ve finished the game, you’ve among the select elite, you know it, and you can be proud of it.

x360a: The size of the characters and enemies seem to be larger than any other of this genre and can only add to the difficulty of the game. Was this all part of increasing the difficulty?

AG: To some extent, it was.  Yes, larger characters mean larger hit boxes mean you get hit more often.  Mostly though, it was that this is a great system with HD graphics, and we wanted to run wild with highly detailed, gorgeous characters.

x360a: I noticed that there were 3 characters to choose from at the beginning of the game. Are there any differences between the characters apart from the looks?

AG: Actually, there are two characters two choose from at the beginning of the game, and two more unlockable characters.  There are huge differences between the characters and a gamer is sure to find one that fits his or her particular playing style.  The Tempest (the huge green guy) is tough, meaning he takes a less damage, has brutal weapons like fire and acid, and can even reflect enemy fire.  He’s better for manhandling enemies, whereas Ruby, a nimble female warrior, is better for dodging enemy attacks and using precision weapons.  She moves faster than The Tempest, has an alternate attack in which her weapons lock on to an enemy to direct all of her fire there, and her main weapons include a laser than can reflect off of walls and a lightning gun that can carve through enemies, while also zapping nearby enemies with little bolts of electricity.

x360a: The game certainly looks stunning so far and will stand out visually as one of the better XBLA titles. Was the 250MB limit sufficient enough for you to do what you wanted?

AG: Actually, when we began developing the game, the 50MB limit was in place, so the game you’re seeing is no larger than 50 MB.  Imagine what we could’ve done with 250MB!!!  So, 50 was enough to do what we wanted, but when you’re creating a game, there’s always something more you could add.

x360a: What are the best and most unique features of Omega Five that will keep gamers coming back for more?

AG: The two most unique features are the two you’ll notice right away when playing it.  First, it’s absolute eye-candy.  Gamers will keep coming back to look at the detail in the characters, enemies, and backgrounds; that is, if they’re not too busy trying to stay alive.  Second, it’s seriously challenging.  People will come back again and again to try to get just a little further, to maybe beat that level they’re stuck on.

x360a: The talk of unlockables will intrigue many. What sort of unlockables will you offer the gamers?

AG: We’re offering a bunch of unlockables.  Two of the biggest are two characters: Sensei and R.A.D., whom you get if you beat the game under certain conditions.  You also unlock Challenge Mode (in which you go for a high score in one level) as you progress through Arcade Mode.  You can even unlock game options and a new game mode, called “++ Mode” in which your life bar is gone, and if you get hit, you’re dead.

x360a: The local co-op will be a welcome addition to most gamers, will there be any online co-op? If no, why not and could it be a future inclusion?

AG: We’re offering local co-op only.  We wanted this to be reminiscent of playing shooters in the arcades, where it’s you and a buddy standing next to each other, frantically trying to stay alive.

x360a: Is there a possibility of downloadable content in the future? If so, what could we be looking at?

AG: We’re always looking at providing gamers with downloadable content for our XBLA games.  What that might be for Omega Five, I can’t say.  But if you want to drop into the Hudson Entertainment forums and suggest a few things, by all means, let us know!

x360a: With all Xbox 360 titles having achievements, do you see them as a burden or are you excited to add them in to a new title?

AG: A burden?  It’s the complete opposite!  I don’t think “excited” even begins to describe how we feel about including achievements.  They let us point out some of the more challenging things you can do in the game and reward players for having the skill to do so.

x360a: If you had to pick one achievement that will be in the final version. Which would be your favorite one?

Well, my favorite achievement is called “Incredible Restraint” in which you have to go 30 seconds without swinging Sensei’s sword.  It’s not easy to not attack in a shooter; it goes against your instincts.

Thanks for taking a few moments to answer our questions and we anticipate the release of your title.

Hey, my pleasure.  Thanks for talking with me today.

Thanks to the folks over at Hudson for the list and the interview. So you've read the interview, seen the achievements and know the release date. All we can do now is wait and play this beast of a harcore shooter. XBLA may never be the same!  


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US January 09, 2008

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