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Did You Know: Naughty Bear Actually Has Four Multiplayer Modes?

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Here's a little something you might not have known until now, but Naughty Bear has a proper multiplayer mode and everything! There are four distinct game types, and they actually sound like they might be a lot of fun.

Jelly Wars pits a team of bears against one Naughty Bear, who must single-handedly kill off the opposing team who must locate and gather jellies to put into a mixer and create as big a jelly as possible. The team of normal bears have to repair objects, heal one another, transport items and call for back up while Naughty Bear must maim, kill, destroy objects and hide jellies.

Cake Walk is like Halo's Oddball, except you have to hold on to a golden cupcake for as long as possible, with the winner determined by who manages to keep the cake for the longest amount of time.

Golden Oozy gives one player a powerful gun with unlimited ammo (the golden oozy), which he must use to mow down as many opposing players as possible. If you're in the firing line, you'll need to gang up on the lone gunbear and dispatch him to grab the gun for yourself.

The fourth and final multiplayer mode is Assault, which begins with 2 rival teams of red and blue bears, each with a base. Each assault match lasts two minutes and both teams must protect a golden bear statue for one minute while the other team attempts to destroy it. After one minute, the statue changes sides and the objectives reverse. It's a game of two halves, so to speak.

Naughty Bear's multiplayer has 15 badges to win, which grant unique powers. There's also a range of customisation options like hats and alternate bear types to play around with as well as traps designed especially for multiplayer, like paint and spore traps. And there's power-up capsules to grab during gameplay too.

Phew... Check out the six new multiplayer screenshots in the gallery. Naughty Bear is due to release at the end of the month.


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