E3 2010

E3 2010: 165 Shots From The Show Floor

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Fast cars, hot women, Ice-T, robots... no, this is not the cast for next week's premiere of the new season of Entourage - although it's probably not far off - it is in fact everything that we managed to snap with our camera whilst on the show floor of this week's E3. Everything from the Microsoft press conference to the show floor antics and a few snaps from Microsoft's Best of Xbox party.

To check out all 165 images, you'll have to browse the galleries, but as we always do, we embedded a few of our favourites so you can get a feel for what we saw last week. It's as good as going, honest, and this way you can escape the whiff of the crowds and come away with your ear drums intact - two things we had to endure.

Stick close to X360A over the coming weeks to get all of our latest opinions from the show floor on the industry's biggest games.

Thousands of journalists and industry folk wait for Microsoft to open the doors on their E3 press conference.
Moments before Microsoft's press conference kicked off.
The new Xbox 360 slim, sat alongside the newly renamed Kinect. Oh, and a controller. a frickin' controller!
Video games in your face LA!
Ice-T + Rod Fergusson + Lancer = Ice-T in Gears of War 3... like you didn't know!
Warhammer 40K Space Marines don't need to queue. They are the queue!
Vanquish is so fast paced, you need 12 screens to see everything that's going on... Honest...
The Mafia II playmates gear up for a photo. Neither looks impressed, but I have to say, the gun is a little excessive.
In a word... Epic.
UFC may already be out, but that didn't stop THQ using the ring girls to pull in the crowd. Cunning!
Funnily enough, it was the live streamed World Cup that brought the biggest crowds. True story.
KOEI and Tecmo combine to tempt in the crowds... oh, and they use their secret weapon: booth babes.
Characters created out of LEGO are always a win... even if they are Harry Potter and co!
The Virgin Gaming booth babes out in force... there's nothing Virgin about them (or so we assume, yes, we like to assume). 


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