PAX 2010: Developer Walkthrough: Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7

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When Microsoft announced their Windows Phone 7, I - and no doubt many others - went... "What? cheevos on the go?"

If the first thing you said to that is, "Dammit Webb, it's achievements, not cheevos!" Don't worry, one day you'll be cool enough to recognise the awesomness that is the word cheevos.

I digress...

We caught up with Michael Klucher at this year's PAX, who is the lead program manager of the XNA Game Studio regarding Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone 7, who was kind enough to give us a walkthrough of what we can expect.

In short, Xbox Live on the go: games, your avatar and a whole lot of awesome. Our first impressions you ask? "When does my iPhone contract run out?" But seriously, if it's compatible with iTunes for instance, they could have themselves a new customer.

Of course, the phone models are just as important and the range supporting the new system are yet to be confirmed, although the Samsung i8700 (which is said to support it) appeared to leak on Engadget today. Now that is one hot phone!

For more info, and a look at the first wave of titles, head over to After you've watched this of course.


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