PAX 2010 - Raskulls Hands-On Preview & Gameplay Vid – You Need This Slice of the XBLA in Your Life

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The time is 17:30 pm and it's an overcast day in Seattle. While the  crowds are thinning on the final day of PAX 2010 and the pods free up  as the 18:00 closing time creeps up on us, one of the show's true gems  sneaks up on us and punches us in the face with its sheer addiction levels. A simple game that highlights the sheer awesomeness that is online multiplayer with its chaotic pace, frantic random events and pure unadulterated fun. Ladies and gents, this is Raskulls.

Granted, you might not have heard of HalfBrick Games' Q3 2010 Xbox Live Arcade title before, but if you put your faith in us, this small package of cel-shaded glory should be on your radar in about 500 words or so.

So, Raskulls, what the hell is it? Well that's a pretty good question and a difficult one to answer. Making use of a similar art and character style to Castle Crashers, the game mode on show at this year's show was a straight up race from point A to B – incidentally, one of numerous other modes.

Before you snarl and scoff, "Pffft, what's so fun about a race you idiot!?", let me finish. Raskulls is a platformer at its roots and not only do you have to bash blocks out of the way to clear your way through - both vertically and horizontally - to the finish line, but you also have to contend with each other along the way. Whether you're using weapons or trapping your opponents with falling blocks that you trigger, it's these frantic gameplay moments that put this charming XBLA title on our radar.

The 2 player races are full of "those classic moments" that will have you laughing, hollering and whooping all the way to the finish line. Up the ante to 4 players though, and the intensity and fun grows ten-fold. Moving from fourth to first and back down to fourth again in an instant, gives you an insight at the unpredictable nature of the game.

The key to success revolves around your ability to gather an orange substance that acts as your boost and using the various weapons at key times. Whether that's the mega boost, your laser gun, a plunger to slow down your opponents or timing a block to fall on their head stopping them in their tracks momentarily and making them lose their boost, it's all fair game here.

Raskulls is a game that just existed in our minds before PAX, but I can wholeheartedly state that after going hands-on with it, it was genuinely one of the most addictive and fun titles at the show. If you're interested, it's now currently my personally most anticipated XBLA title.

Rather than sit here for hours and sing the praise of the title, check one of the short fire races we snapped on the show floor. Manic. Amusing. Damn good fun.


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US December 29, 2010
Europe December 29, 2010

HDD Space Required : 151.76 MB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $9.99USD
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