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Yesterday I asked the members of our esteemed community – that’s you! – whether you had any lingering questions about Halo: Reach, the achievements for it, our Halo: Reach review or anything Halo: Reach related really.

So today I’ve spent the day going through the game, trying to answer of many of your questions as possible, ahead of Tuesday’s launch. The questions came in thick and fast, asking about the difficulty of Legendary on your lonesome, a little more insight into Forge World, plenty of armoury questions and more, so without further delay... Let me answer those questions for you.

Wehttam asks:

“I noticed you gave reach a perfect 100 for playability, is this the first game on this website with that score?”

I actually had to check through the archives for the answer to this and I half expected to come back and say, “Oh no, we’ve given loads of perfect playability scores,” but the truth is, we haven’t

Mass Effect 2, Bayonetta and Burnout Paradise were the only 3 I could find. That’s not to say it’s perfect though, because we all know, that there’s no such thing as perfect. It is to say that it’s set a new benchmark and is at the top of its genre.

“Also, Halo 3 has a 1% lead on Reach in the reviews, yet you say it’s the best Halo ever?”

I just knew someone would ask this, because although you made the comment in jest, it’s something that gets asked a lot, but there are a couple of things to take into consideration here:
  • Reviews are always subjective for the most part. Yes, a reviewer has to remain objective and leave any personal grievances, preconceived notions or bias behind them before they go into review a game, but it’s very rare that two reviewers will agree on the exact same score every time. Halo 3 and Reach were reviewed by different people.
  • Reviews are also relative to the time period they come out in. For instance, a 10 two years ago, may be an 8 now. Whether that’s because better titles have come out and set the new benchmark for games to aim at, or because they haven’t aged well, it's usually one of those two. If review scores weren’t relative, then it’s conceivable that every iteration that improves on a previous game should essentially score more than its predecessor. And with FIFA, that means that after 10+ years, we could effectively be scoring it 101/100 now.
While it might score a 94 now and effectively score lower than Halo 3, the industry has made leaps and bounds since the second title came out, ultimately meaning that it is the best Halo game Bungie have ever made.

He did comment, “Haha don't take the second question too seriously that's probably me just being anal,” but I thought I’d answer it anyway.

And finally from wehttam, “Another thing, after playing some Halo 3 - please tell me the Spartan Laser doesn't make a return, that gun is sooo annoying.”

Sorry to report, the Spartan Laser does make a return.
Hand of Blood52 asks:

“Kat's robot arm, is it available in the armory? (Please say yes!)”

From the off, I can’t see Kat’s cyborg arm in the armory, but that’s not to say it’s not there. I’ll touch more on this in your next question...

And also... “Aside from what we were shown in the armory, let’s say you got helmet 1,2 and 3, is there a helmet 4 and 5 to unlock?”

Well, the fact that Kat’s arm isn’t showing up to start with doesn’t mean that it’s not there and that ties in with this question.

While there is a wide selection of goodies to purchase and unlock from the off, as you rank up, more and more items appear in the armoury for you to purchase. For instance, I ranked up to a Corporal First Grade earlier this afternoon and with ranking up, more options became available in the armoury: if I recall correctly, it was a few new shoulder attachments and also a new visor colour. So yes, with your hypothetical question, there is a helmet 4 and 5 to unlock. There’s even Master Chief’s MJOLNIR armour!

xxxxHolic asks:

“From what you've seen in the Armory. Will players be required to reach some ridiculously high rank to unlock certain items or will most be easy to obtain provided you earned the appropriate amount of credits?”

Consider you earn about 25,000 credits for completing the campaign on normal and you get around 500 points a game in multiplayer – an average game this is – then the answer is yes, players will be required to do a ridiculous amount of work to get some of the more exclusive items.

For instance, Sgt. Johnson & Cortana’s Firefight voice is 100,000 credits to buy, Master Chief’s Firefight voice is 150,000, the Birthday Party armour effect is 200,000, the Heart Attack armour effect is 300,000, the Pestilence armour effect is 1,000,000 credits and the Inclement Weather armour effect is 2,000,000. So yeah, a it's going to take a loooooong time to unlock those!

Donlowc06 asks:

“Can Halo Reach be installed to your hard drive? Or is it going to have the same issue with Halo 3?”

Yes, Halo: Reach can be installed to your hard drive. It takes about 10 minutes to install and takes up 6.6GBs of space. As someone noted in the forums, the chances are that Halo 3 didn’t install because the game came out before the ability to install was available.

Pearson asks:

“During campaign co-op they said the difficulty would change according to how many players were playing. So, how much harder is it to do the campaign with a party of 4 as opposed to doing it solo?”

Well, I’ve not had the pleasure of playing 4 player co-op yet – only 2 player – but I have had the pleasure of watching a few people play it at the Halo: Reach review event. Put it this way... on normal, 4 players were struggling on a bit that ‘s pretty easy on your lonesome. I think that right there says it all.

xxxxHolic asks:

“I'm still rather curious as to how they deal with multiple players in campaign. From what I saw, your custom Spartan takes the place of Noble 6 on your screen, while the other players see their own custom character. Does this mean that you do not see the other players in movie sequences? Can you talk with other players through them, and how do they (if it's even an option) handle skipping said sequences?”

First and foremost, you see your own Spartan in your own online version of the campaign, so if yours is pink and your mate’s Spartan is green, you see pink, he sees green. Secondly, no, you do not see your friend’s Spartan in any cutscenes.

I’m not sure what you mean by the third question, but the fourth question is an easy one. To skip a cutscene, you press A and then Y – apart from the opening cutscene which you can’t skip. So be careful if you’re playing with a careless friend, because you might end up missing some of the story.

“Guess I could throw in if there is any word on the Legendary ending. From what I've read there doesn't seem to be any although an interview with a developer lead people to believe that there would be.”

Well, I can’t say for certain, but talking with the Bungie rep on hand when we went down to London to review it, it was heavily hinted at there being the usual multi-story endings – i.e. Normal has an ending, as does Heroic and so does Legendary. The way I look at it, Bungie have been doing special endings for years now, so why would they stop now? It makes no sense considering that Bungie do a lot of things for fan service.

toolieo asks:

“What emblems have been removed from the game?”

I’m not 100% sure what has been removed from the game in terms of emblems, as I’ve not seen any lists to start with and it’s been a hell of a long time since I played Halo 3. However, that being said, the choice there is incredible and you’re definitely spoilt for choice.
There are 80 foreground images that range from the usual numbers and Halo symbols, to the more quirky and random symbols like a cat, a spider, a rock-on hand gesture symbol and even a cup. Each emblem has two versions as well – toggled and untoggled – with the toggled version adding a twist to the symbol – i.e. the wasp is dual coloured and the bull has feathers hanging from his horns.

Combine that with the 53 background shapes that range from hats and crowns, to shapes and even gradient backgrounds; and the usual ability to customise the two colours on each layer, and it should be easy to make a really unique emblem.

xxxxHolic followed that up and asked, “I'll second the emblem question as well. I THOUGHT I saw the return of my all time favorite the drone in a Reach video but it wasn't in the Beta at first so I'm hopeful to say the least. XD”

Yes, the Drone emblem is back!

TG Wolf asks:

“Have they fixed the ridiculous usage of the Focus Rifle; over 300 people that I know also complained about that. Have they dealt with it being used as a close range sweep weapon instead of a sniper like it's supposed to be?”

Unfortunately not. The Focus Rifle is still as beasty as ever and dangerously effective at close range as well as long distance. It does seem that Bungie has tweaked the overheat rate though, so now, it feels as if it takes less of an extended trigger burst for it to overheat – maybe they’ve extended the cooldown time after that as well. After reading your question though and testing it out enough to be able to answer it, I will say the first time I picked it up, I went 7-0, so yes, it’s still powerful as hell – that’s 7 kills, 0 deaths by the way. Nuff' said.

guillermo316 asks:

“What are those daily and weekly challenges?”

Well guillermo, I’m glad you asked that. The daily and weekly challenges are in-game challenges that Bungie issue the player to complete every day/week to give you something else to shoot for. So for instance, this week’s challenges involve getting 75 multiplayer matchmaking kills and for it, you get an extra 750 credits; killing 100 enemies in Firefight matchmaking for 1,000 credits; 10 multikills in Firefight matchmaking for 1000 credits; an assassination for 250 credits; and finally, completing 9 campaign missions on Heroic for 5,000.

Now, I know that the first four of the five mentioned supra are in fact the daily challenges because I netted the achievement earlier by completing those four. Judging solely on the fact that the symbol for the Heroic challenge and the weekly achievement are the same, the final one is sure to be your weekly challenge.

What’s unclear is how it works... I’m guessing that the daily challenges stay up for a week, but you must finish the daily challenge within a day. I say that because I got one daily challenge yesterday and three today. This however could change when the game ships – Bungie may be holding back stuff there.

If you interested, doing it on Legendary counts as Heroic as well, so if you want to start there, then by all means, carry on. These, according to Bungie, will change quite often, allowing you to net more credits this way – and they do make a nice good boost!

RuggersAssassin asks:

“Can you have a four people split screen campaign (four people on one screen) or only two people like it was with Halo 3?”

No, the local split-screen campaign is two players only still.


“The special code for the recon helmet, do you get it in store or does it come with game?”

I assume that you get it with the game, like with every other game. My Legendary Edition doesn’t turn up until tomorrow/Tuesday, so I can’t confirm or deny that. By the time I know, chances are you’ll already have it and know for yourself.

D4RKXPOW3R asks numerous Forge World questions:

“How many people can I have in Forge World?”


“Can everyone who is in the game, help edit the map as well?”

Yes, everyone can edit at the same time.

“Are there options to turn someone off specifically to prevent them from editing the map, or must I turn everyone off?”

No, it doesn’t seem like there is. If they’re in, they can go crazy with your creation. You can end the game though and back everyone else out into the lobby if that starts to happen. Or you can...

“Is there an option to boot someone from Forge World?”

Yes, you can boot people. Depending on your network settings though – what you have Forge set to – they can easily rejoin. For instance, you can set the options to ‘open to party,’ open to friends,’ local, etc. If you have it set to friends only and your mate starts to piss around, you can boot, press start and change the options to ‘invite only.’

neosman8 asks:

“Can you earn credits in campaign and custom games?”

Yes, you earn credits in absolutely everything you do. So Forge World, Firefight, multiplayer – custom and ranked – and the campaign all net you credits. That’s a lot of modes and a lot of credits!

And finally, neo and a lot of people are asking...

The “A Monument to your Sins” achievement, how hard is it?

Well, it is and it isn’t that hard. As long as you take it easy, for the most part, you’ll be alright. There are however going to be some tricky chokepoints and huge difficulty spikes in the game that will require you dig deep and prepare for a frustrating push. You’ll know when you get to these points, so that's all I'll say as I don’t want to spoil any of the campaign for you. In all though, there are only about 3 or 4 of these potentially tricky chokepoints, so be careful. In my opinion, it’s no harder or easier than any other of the Halo games on solo Legendary though.

Following on from that, the inevitable question, asked by Frostie is...

“How are the AI teammates in the campaign? Do they just shoot a lot of bullets making it seem like they are doing something or are they actually useful? Would be good if they helped since by the sounds of it solo legendary campaign might be tougher than the previous games, and I'm not exactly fantastic at Halo.”

Your Spartan squad for the most part are a great deal of help; however, it’s when you’re on your own that becomes the trickiest on Legendary. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it can get super tricky. So, get brushing up on those skills: learn the noob combo, remember to stay very close to cover, never rush, work out which armour ability suits you best – probably the bubble shield with regenerative health properties – and take your time.
If there are any more questions, I'll try to answer them in the comments if I can. In the meantime, don't forget to read our spoiler free review if you haven't already. 


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