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Dragon Age II: Choose Your Champion in This New Trailer

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One of the first decisions you'll make in Dragon Age II is your class. What kind of a Champion are you going to be? A Warrior, Mage or Rogue? As players of Dragon Age: Origins will already know, the Warrior is your all-round brawler, strong and reliable, wheras the Mage wields spells and hexes to best his/her foes and the Rogue is an expert at dual-wielding weapons and getting behind his enemies with covert sneak attacks. Check out our preview of the Rogue class for more on that.

Which class you go for will influence the type of character you craft in Dragon Age II, although you'll have the same flexibility in assigning specialities, talents and special skills that you had in Dragon Age: Origins. Take a look at the trailer to see the strengths of each Champion type played out, as Hawke demonstrates how to tear apart a Darkspawn minion with extreme prejudice. Nice!

All three classes look fantastic, with the Warrior tearing into enemies with a hulking great sword and a shield, while the Mage levitates his foe and rips it to shreds in mid-air. The Rogue meanwhile, puts his twin blades to good use, leaping through the air and stabbing his opponent into meaty strips.

Once you've watched the Champion trailer, take a look at the second part of the Dragon Age II Making Of below. You can watch the first part here. And if you're still hungry for even more Dragon Age II, be sure to read our latest in-depth preview of the game. Dragon Age II is out on March 8th in North America and March 11th in Europe.


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