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E3 2011: The XBLA Games of E3 - All The Info

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Considering all the massive games that have been announced, trailered, detailed and screenshot during E3 2011 this week, it would be easy to miss out on the little guys. But as huge fans of XBLA, we reckon that would be a bad thing. So with that in mind, have a look at this: our one-stop-shop for all the XBLA info to emerge from this year’s LA trade show.

Below you’ll find details on a load of XBLA games, along with any relevant screenshots, trailers or footage. Better stock up on Microsoft Points!

Summer of Arcade

Microsoft's annual showcase of the very best new games XBLA has to offer is probably the best place to start. There'll be five up for grabs this August, of which you'll find more info below, but first here's the Summer of Arcade trailer.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War

The sequel to last year's popular Toy Soldiers, this sequel gives the game a Cold War twist by pitting American forces against the Commies. Part of the Summer of Arcade showcase, it's out in... yeah, this summer.


This action RPG from Supergiant Games has been impressing us from afar for a while now. We're not the only ones, either. Bastion is the recipient of a number of awards nominations, including the Excellence in Visual Art and Excellence in Audio at this year's IGF. Another of the Summer of Arcade titles, you can see why below.

Fruit Ninja Kinect

The Kinect XBLA version of the swoopy, swipey iPhone game, this one's part of the Summer of Arcade too. What better way of looking like a grinning idiot in your living room, eh? Trailer is below, it's nuts. Or melons.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

A side-scrolling collaboration between artist Michel Gagné and developer Fuelcell Games, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet looks a little bit like The Undergarden, except with more spaceships. This is a good thing. It's part of Summer of Arcade.

From Dust

Heralded as "the spiritual heir" to Populous, From Dust is a world-shaping God game that looks pretty damn fascinating to us. Lee (the other one) liked what he saw back at last year's Gamescom. We've got some new screens in the gallery.

Renegade Ops

From Avalanche, the creators of the Just Cause series, comes Renegade Ops, a co-op based twin-stick shooter that challenges you to stop an evil madman destroy the world. It's coming out this summer. We've got a whopping 18 new screens in the gallery.


The latest result of Double Fine's "amnesia fortnights," that see devs downing tools on whatever they're working on to dream up bitesize titles, Trenched is a mech shooter set in a quirky alternate history. It's out on June 22nd for 1200 MSP. 

Rock of Ages

From the crazy people that brought you Zeno Clash, Rock of Ages is a slightly difficult game to categorise, but can be easily defined thus: Roll a giant rock at an enemy's castle in order to crush it. It looks really fun.

Guardian Heroes

Originally released on the Saturn back in 1996, action-RPG Guardian Heroes XBLA has been sexed-up with enhanced graphics, online co-op, battle modes and a few other bits and bobs. There's 13 new shots in the gallery. It's out in the Autumn.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition

Another old game to get the revamp treatment is Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Edition. The hardcore fighter game fan's hardcore fighting game, SFIII:3SOE also has some swish netcode and a Youtube upload feature. It's out this summer.

Crimson Alliance

Not entirely unreminiscent of Torchlight, Crimson Alliance is an action-RPG hack 'n slasher. It too is out in the summer. We've got a trailer and ten new shots in the gallery.

Trials: Evolution

The so brilliant I just want to smash it into the ground because it's so damn infuriating Trials HD is getting a sequel. Promising three-bike simultaneous racing and all-new locations, it'll no doubt have us throwing our controllers at the floor once more. But in a good way. Kind of.

Ms. Splosion Man

Behind every good man is a great woman, so they say. If that's true the multiplayer-enabled sequel to Twisted Pixel's platformer Splosion Man should be a corker. It's out on XBLA this Autumn.


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