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E3 2011 in Pictures - Days One, Two and Three

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So, the original plan was to give you a rundown of each day of E3 2011 with an overview and some pictures to show you what was going on around the showfloor, but amid all of the LA Convention Centre chaos, that fell entirely by the wayside. That doesn't mean that we can't play catch up on the first day after the event itself though, by bringing you all of the pictures that we had the chance to snap.

Bear in mind that most of these were quick, impromptu shots taken between running to various appointments or hustling for hands-on sessions with whatever games we could, so they're not necessarily of the finest quality. That said, there are a lot of highlights in here, whether it's the various booths or indeed, one or two of the booth babes. Sadly, we simply didn't get the chance to take pics of all of the booth girls that we wanted to. Those ladies are always in high demand amongst the sweaty masses.

Still, if it's photos from the booths and the Forza 4 party where Mixmaster Mike and Travis Barker took to the stage together, or even a shot of the Stig from Top Gear and some lovely cars, then look no further. Check all of the shots out in the gallery, or stick around for some of the best images from the E3 2011 showfloor and parties below. Oh, and look forward to a veritable deluge of previews in the coming days and weeks ahead.

After the jaw-dropping BioShock Infinite gameplay demo (preview coming soon), we were greeted by this. A gigantic model of the game's ominous Songbird punching its way through a wall. Scary.

He might not look like much here, but this Space Marine fella is actually about seven-feet tall. He's a proper big bugger.

Wanna see a model of JC Denton's arm from Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Yes. Yes you do.

It was actually a complete coincidence that a jet fighter happened to crash through the roof into Namco Bandai's Ace Combat stand.

SEGA's booth was immense this year and took up a ton of floor space. It was also very, very cool.

As was Bethesda's booth, which was all about Rage and something called Skyrim, which we hear is some sort of RPG thing.

Telltale Games' Walking Dead display. Top tip: If you happen to have zombies clawing at you, simply pull your campest facial expression.

Marcus Fenix doing his Gears 3 cover pose, with (grr!) angry Dom in the background.

Top Gear's The Stig in a characteristically non-talkative mood at the Forza Motorsport 4 party.

Travis Barker going nuts on the drums while Mixmaster Mike spins records at the Forza 4 shindig at LA Live. Barker was literally a blur, which is why he's, well... a blur in this shot.

There were some pretty sweet cars at the Forza 4 event too, like this slick white Koenigsegg CCX.

For the record, I can't stand Glee, but I do like cheerleaders.

And here's the Binary Domain booth babe threatening to shoot me if I don't go away.

And the lovely Gotham City Impostors booth girl, who was thriving on the attention and judging my sloppy shooting skills while I played. Badly.

That's all folks! Until next year and E3 2012 - June 5th to June 7th.


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