Next Rainbow Six is Still in Development and Will Be Innovative

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According to a report on Kotaku, the new Rainbow Six is still on the way and is in development at Ubisoft despite a glaring no-show at this year's E3. Apparently, some rough first images from the game have also been leaked, offering what may be an early glimpse at the game, which shows an operative camped on the Brooklyn Bridge with a New York cityscape looming in the background.

Kotaku's report also claims that the next Rainbow Six title will blend the series' classic hardcore tactical shooter gameplay with a fresh gameplay twist that involves morality. It also promises to be a far more serious, story-driven title than previous instalments, tasking players with preventing a homegrown terrorist group in the USA. This group are sick of the greed on Wall Street and the government that protects them, so reacts by attacking New York City. Topical stuff!

There'll be a branching morality system too says the report, with moment-to-moment decisions occurring at key junctures in the game, affecting the overall path of the story and ultimately, the ending encouraging repeat playthroughs. Kotaku cited an example they'd supposedly seen, involving the terrorists breaking into a home and kidnapping a stranger. You then assume the role of the stranger, holding down a trigger button to stop an explosive-filled vest from going off.

Later on, the perspective will put you back into the black military boots of the Rainbow Six, waiting on a bustling Brooklyn Bridge, as you must take out the terrorists and subdue the walking bomb you played as earlier. You'll be able to target specific parts of the body using the HUD, which will also provide a readout of information like how many innocent people are on a bus, for instance. There'll be numerous ways to approach the walking bomb situation, each with a different moral outcome, although Ubisoft is apparently still weighing up the pros and cons of implementing the morality system.

Allegedly, there's a build of the new Rainbow Six that exists without the morality system, so it could potentially go either way. Still, if Ubisoft decided to include the morality aspects and the branching storyline, it would certainly set Rainbow Six apart from the shooter crowd. For now though, the next Rainbow Six remains under wraps, unannounced, unnamed and still in the works. Accordingly, we'll be categorising this one as rumour until something more official surfaces. Surely it's only a matter of time now! Come on Ubisoft! Announce the new Rainbow Six already!


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