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Team Fortress 2 Add On Achievements Uncovered?

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Attention Team Fortress junkies, there is a new map on the way called Goldrush [which you may have already known] and 36 achievements.

Even better, thanks to the guys over at Kotaku, we now know what they all are. If that didn't make you happy, unlocking these achievements will net you some fancy weapons. However, they are unclear as to whether these will just be PC achievements or 360 achievements as well.

Kotaku writes...

"One third of the achievements will net you The Blutauger, a new syringe gun. This weapon does not give critical damage, but instead sucks health from the enemy on impact. Earn two thirds of the achievements and you will get The Critzcrieg, a new medigun that will rapid fire critical rockets. Getting all the achievements will see you receiving The Ubersaw which takes melee combat damage and converts it into Ubercharge. Four direct hits with it will charge up whatever Medigun your Medic has currently equipped."

Sounds very sweet. Check out what you need to do to unlock the weapons below with the full list of achievements.


All 36 Achievements

First Do No Harm: Play a full round without killing any enemies and score the highest on a team of six or more players

Quadruple Bypass: Heal a teammate who is taking fire form four enemies at once

Group Health: Work with two other medics to deploy three simultaneous Ubercharges

Surgical Prep: Have an Ubercharge ready before the set up phase ends

Trauma Queen: Deploy three Ubercharges in less than five minutes and assist in five kills during that time

Double Blind Trial: deploy an Ubercharge within eight seconds of a nearby enemy medic deploying his

Play Doctor: In a team with no Medics, be first to switch to Medic after a teammate calls medic and heal 500 health

Triage: Deploy an Ubercharge on a teammate less than a second before they are hit by a critical explosive

Preventative Medicine: Block the enemy from capturing a control point with an Ubercharged teammate

Consultation: Assist a fellow Medic in killing five enemies in a single life

Does It Hurt When I Do This?: Kill fifty Scouts with your syringe gun

Peer Review: Kill fifty Medics with your bone saw

Big Pharma: Assist a heavy in killing thirty enemies where neither of you die

You'll Feel a Little Prick: Assist in killing four enemies with a single Ubercharge on a Scout

Autoclave: Assist in burning eight enemies with a single Ubercharge on a Pyro

Blast Assist: Assist in exploding five enemies with a single Ubercharge on a Soldier

Blunt Trauma: Assist in punching out for enemies with a single Ubercharge on a Heavy

Medical Breakthrough: Assist in destroying eight enemy Engineer buildings with a single Ubercharge on a Demoman

Midwife Crisis: Heal an Engineer as he repairs his sentry gun while it's under enemy fire

Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria: Assist in killing five enemies on an enemy control point in a single life

Grand Rounds: Heal two hundred teammates after they have called for Medic

Infernal Medicine: Extinguish one hundred burning teammates

Doctor Assisted Homicide: Assist in killing twenty nemeses

Placebo Effect: Kill five enemies in a single life, while having your Ubercharge ready but undeployed

Sawbones: Hit enemies with your bone saw ten times in a row without dieing or missing

Intern: Accumulate seven thousand heal points in a single life

Specialist: Accumulate ten thousand heal points in a single life

Chief of Staff: Accumulate ten million total health points

Hypocritical Oath: Kill an enemy spy that you have been healing

Medical Intervention: Save a falling teammate from dying on impact

Second Opinion: Ubercharge two teammates at once

Autopsy Report: Provide an enemy with a freeze cam shot of you taunting above their ragdoll

FYI I am a Medic: use a bone saw to kill five enemy spies who have been calling for Medic

Family Practice: Ubercharge ten of your steam community friends

House Call: Join a game that one of your friends is in and then deploy an Ubercharge on him

Bedside Manner: Be healing a teammate as he achieves an achievement of his own


Read the full article here. Great read for all Team Fortress fans.


UPDATE: Confusion surrounds whether these are either a.) PC achievements or 360 achievements, Kotaku weren't clear on that. But with some TF2 DLC on the way... Only time will tell.

UPDATE2: This is Alan Pettit (aka The Pants Party) updating Mr. Webb's post. I can confirm that these are "Steam" achievements, and will only be available via the PC version of the game, which does not update to an Xbox Live Gamertag. They will show via your Steam profile and that is all.

Valve/Microsoft came to an agreement that they could use 99 achievements in the Xbox 360 version's launch, but Valve was not allowed to add any additional achievements, regardless of the 1250 rule, because there is also now a 99 achievement rule. Obviously the PC version has no such restrictions since it is not a Games for Windows Live title and does not connect via Xbox Live.

Sorry to disappoint!


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