Virtual-On OT - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 FIRST WIN (20 points)
Defeated an opponent in Single Player or Multiplayer mode.
This is probably the second achievement you'll get. Just do as the description says and you'll get it. If all else fails, boost it. You can find the achievement trading thread HERE.
 PERFECT (25 points)
Earn a PERFECT in a Single Player or Multiplayer match.
This is a easy one as well, but if you're having trouble you can boost it in a player match. You can find the achievement trading thread HERE.
 INFIGHT (25 points)
Scored a close-range attack in Single Player or Multiplayer mode.
If jump straight into a fight, this will be the first achievement you'll receive. Just get close to your opponent and attack to unlock it.
 300 HITS (25 points)
Scored a total of 300 hits in Single Player or Multiplayer mode.
This may be the last achievement you'll receive. If you look at your HUD when you hit your opponent it will say in big red letters HIT!! Simply repeat 300 times.
 RANK IN (15 points)
Uploaded a Score Attack score to rankings.
Play Score Attack and beat a stage. Throw the next fight and after it's over you'll upload your score and unlock the achievement.
 1 RANKED MATCH (10 points)
Played one ranked match.
  See "10 Ranked Matches"
 10 RANKED MATCHES (20 points)
Played 10 ranked matches.
Just as the description says. The only problem is that it's hard to find a ranked match, so you may want to boost this one. You can find the achievement trading thread HERE.
 WATCH A GAME (10 points)
Watched one match.
Just play a match and then go to Observer on the main menu and select Replay Last Game. Watch it from beginning to end to unlock the achievement. You can also just watch the CPU fight the match and get the achievement that much faster.
 CUSTOM VR (10 points)
Used a customized VR in Single Player mode.
Go to Customize and select a Virtuaroid. Hit and to Save it. Go to Arcade Mode and hit and press until you see a Dreamcast VMU or it says Custom Load. Select your Custom Virtuaroid and the achievement will unlock.
 VS. AJIM (20 points)
Battled Ajim (Ajim appears after winning repeatedly by letting time expire in Arcade mode.)
In order to fight Ajim: You have to win your first 3 fights by Time Over and inflict as little damage as possible to your opponent. Just hit your opponent once or twice and run until time runs out. I suggest Very Easy and 60 seconds to keep headaches to a minimum. Do this correctly and Ajim will appear destroying your 4th opponent. As soon as Ajim appears you unlock the achievement.
 BRADTOS (10 points)
Defeated Bradtos in Arcade mode.
Bradtos will always be your 6th Opponent in Arcade Mode. Remember, Bradtos can only be damaged when he shows off its weak spot.
 TANGRAM (10 points)
Defeated Tangram in Arcade mode. Letting time expire does not count as a win.
Tangram will always be your final opponent. Smash Tangaram up and the achievement will unlock. Remember to wait for Tangram's eye to appear and attack it to put a swift end to the battle.

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