Altered Beast - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Complete The Game (25 points)
Finish the game.
 Renaissance Man (25 points)
Start the game once with each of the four difficulty settings.
 Points III (25 points)
Score 350,000 points.
 Untouchable (25 points)
Reach the third level without losing a life.
 Points II (15 points)
Score 250,000 points.
 Boss III (15 points)
Defeat the third level boss.
 Boss I (15 points)
Defeat the first level boss.
 Wolf Hunter (15 points)
Kill 30 two-headed wolves.
 Multiple Beasts (10 points)
Play in an online multiplayer game.
 Points I (10 points)
Score 150,000 points.
 Three in a Row (10 points)
Collect Spirit Balls from the first three White Wolves in any level - Single Player mode only.
 Giant Man (10 points)
Collect a Spirit Ball.

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