0 Day Attack on Earth - Achievement Guide
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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Enlistment (5 points)
Enter the Main Menu
As soon as you load the game up for the first time the game will welcome you with this when you enter the main menu.
 Crucible (5 points)
Clear the game on Normal in single player mode

See Onslaught or Gold Hammer

 Onslaught (5 points)
Clear the game on Hard in single player mode
The game actually only requires that you clear the final stage on each difficulty. So if you would like to save yourself a lot of time, just replay the final stage after you beat it on easy and it will take you all of three minutes.
 Wings of Friendship (5 points)
Play a CO-OP Mode game
Simply host or join a co-op game and this will unlock once the game begins. You do not even need to finish the stage.
 Sandwich Man (10 points)
Kill 10 Sandwich enemies
These are the small round enemies that split in half and try to crush you. They are located all throughout the game. Just kill ten of these enemies.
 Snake Killer (10 points)
Kill 10 Snake enemies
These are the long thin snake like enemies that you will encounter during the Paris stages. Kill ten of these enemies.
 Mosquito Killer (10 points)
Kill 10 Mosquito enemies
These are the small orange/yellow enemies that will stick onto you and drain your life. Kill ten of these.
 Valiant Warrior (20 points)
Kill 100 targets in CO-OP Mode
Green targets to not count towards this achievement. Only the orange targets count. I would recommend that you completely ignore green targets until you have the achievement. This way you can track your total kills on the leaderboard. The kill is only awarded to the player who fires the killing shot, so this would be easiest if boosted with a friend.
Secret Achievements
Like taking candy from a baby (20 points)
Occupied all control points in CONTROL POINT MODE
Host or join a control point game and shoot all the white targets on your radar until they turn the color of your team and the game ends. Achievement will unlock in the post game lobby.
Gold Hammer (30 points)
Cleared the game on Normal difficulty or harder without losing a life
This will take a lot of time, patience and practice. You need to clear the whole game, from start to finish, on at least normal, without losing a single life. Here is a video that may be helpful. If you haven't already unlocked it, Crucible can be unlocked at the same time.

Chris Clement has put together 6 videos to walk you through the different stages if you're having trouble with this.

May Day King (30 points)
Got shot down 256 times
This is all dependent on your performance. If you play well, it will take longer. If you play poorly, it will take less time. A good place to boost this is the final stage on hard, lose all three lives and then finish off the boss.
Ruler of the Universe (50 points)
Earned every rank
You will need to reach the final rank of First Lady. Once you get to the general ranks you will not be too far off. You rank up based on your performance both offline and online. Note that you can be demoted as well as promoted. To avoid demotion, keep your kills up and deaths down. If you are farming deaths on the final stage you may even find that you will get to First Lady before being shot down 256 times.

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