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There are 18 achievements with a total of 300 points.
 Bone On!! (10 points)
Win a race in Mega Quest!

You will earn this while playing through Mega Quest. The first race is the second quest of Chapter 1. It’s called, “Taste of Action.” Win the race, and the achievement will unlock.

 Cheaters Never Prosper (20 points)
Defeat that dastardly Thief at the end of Chapter 1.

You will earn this achievement after completing Chapter 1. Beat “The Tournament” level and the achievement will unlock.

 Flip Out (20 points)
Unleash your power and defeat the boss at the end of Chapter 2.

You will earn this achievement after completing Chapter 2. Beat “The Temple Guardian” level and the achievement will unlock.

 Hail to the King (25 points)
Complete the Mega Quest and bring peace to the Raskulls.

You will earn this achievement after completing Chapter 3. Beat “The Final Showdown” level and the achievement will unlock.

 King Of Bling (25 points)
Collect every Medallion in the Mega Quest.

Throughout Mega Quest, you earn medallions by completing each level. Some levels have second and third stages, and will require much skill to complete. There are a total of 67 medallions to attain. Collect them all, and the achievement will unlock. You'll need to collect all medallions in the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1- 20 medallions
  • Chapter 2- 23 medallions
  • Chapter 3- 24 medallions

At first, some levels might seem like they are impossible to complete. The more you attempt them, the more you will become familiar with the level layout because it is the exact same every time. Just keep practicing to try and find the best path the complete it and you will end up either getting lucky or find out a route that is just fast enough to complete the stage.

 Tell Friends About This Game (10 points)
Win a four-player local Grand Prix match – and don't forget to brag about it!

You’ll need a total of 4 controllers for this achievement. Using guitar/drum controllers work fine, as well. Set up a Grand Prix game in local multiplayer, and win.

 Five Times a Raskull (20 points)
Win 5 Xbox LIVE Grand Prix matches!

Grand Prix matches consist of 4 races. Each player earns points depending on what place they came in. Coming in first place earns 3 points, second place earns 2 points, third place earns 1 point. Fourth place earns nothing. The player with the most points at the end of the four races wins the Grand Prix. Win five Grand Prix races and the achievement will unlock. This achievement can be boosted, so check the Achievement Trading Thread for boosting partners.

If you are actually playing online, don't get discouraged if you do poorly in the first race, you can still come back from that. If you end up tying with someone, whoever did better in the last race will finish ahead of them. So for example, if you are one point behind someone going into the last race and you come in first and they come in second, you will have the same amount of points. But since you did better in the last race, you will win overall.

 Smarty Pants... (20 points)
Win by jumping off another Raskull to an out of reach finish. (Local or Xbox LIVE multiplayer)

While playing any race, jump off any enemy Raskull into the finish. This achievement can be unlocked in single-player or multiplayer. The achievement will unlock immediately once you finish the race.

 Flame Grilled (10 points)
Hit three other Raskulls with a single Flame Charge.

You must hit 3 enemy Raskulls with the flame charge power-up. Power-ups can be found in presents, and are completely random. There are multiple versions of the Flame Charge to be attained in presents. There is a single Flame charge power-up and a triple Flame charge power-up. Both do the same things. Once you get one, use it with  to charge through 3 enemies. The achievement will unlock after you’ve done so.

This is easily boosted if you can't get it either in single player or while playing online. Once you get a flame charge power-up, just get the other three raskulls in a line right next to each other, and use it while facing them.

 Uncomfortably Energetic! (10 points)
Keep a single Frenzy going for 10 seconds. (Excludes Mega Quest bosses and "Stay Frenzied" races.)

While playing through races, you'll see three different items/zones where you can raise your Frenzy level. The little bubbles found after breaking blocks are called boosties. Collecting boosties, jars of boosties and running through Boostie zones will increase your Frenzy level. You must stay active for 10 seconds while in Frenzy mode. This achievement may be tricky, unless you find the right spot. The perfect spot during Race #2 in the Crown Cup.

Credit to Jedi for the video and location.

 Accomplished Blocksmith (20 points)
Destroy 20,000 blocks across all modes. (That is, the small blocks that make up the big blocks.)

You must destroy 20,000 blocks. You destroy blocks by pressing  or and zapping them with your wand. This achievement is cumulative, and does not have to be done in one race. Keep destroying blocks, and you’ll unlock this before you finish the Third chapter. If you destroy a bigger block, it counts as destroying many blocks, so don't worry about trying to keep the blocks small to destroy more.

 Zuppercut! (10 points)
Launch Raskulls upwards with the Thunder Staff 10 times. (Local or Xbox LIVE multiplayer.)

You must hit a total of 10 raskulls with the Thunder staff power-up. Power-ups can be found in presents, and are completely random. There are multiple versions of the Thunder staff to be attained in presents. There is a single Thunder staff power-up and a triple Thunder staff power-up. Both do the same things. After you’ve attained the Thunder staff power-up, which looks like a purple staff, use  to hit 10 enemies. The direction of the hit does not matter, as long as you make contact. Hit ten enemies and the achievement will unlock.

NOTE: This achievement is cumulative and does not need to be completed in one match.

 Block Dodger (20 points)
Finish the Shiny Stone Cup without being crushed.

There are 4 races in the Shiny Stone Cup. You don't have to place in first for this achievement to unlock. You don't even have to finish the race. You can set up a Grand Prix race and have each AI finish, and the achievement will still unlock. As long as you don't get squashed by any falling blocks during the course of the entire race, the achievement will unlock after the game has been completed.

This achievement can be completed with a second controller. Set up a Local Grand Prix race, have a second controller, and play through each race at your own pace. There will be no other players on the field besides you and your partner, so you can go as slow (or fast) as you wish. The achievement will unlock after the scores have been shown.

 Purrrrfect (15 points)
As Kitten, win a race with a Stun All in reserve.

The Stun All power-up is the Lightning-Bolt looking power up. Just as the title of it says, it stuns all of your opponents. This power-up is one of the rarer ones to obtain, so keep replays races until you obtain it. Once you've gotten it, hold onto it, make good use of your Frenzy, and win the race.

This achievement can be earned with a second controller.

 Viking Punch! (15 points)
As Viking, rebound a Flame Charge with Wand Push.

You'll need to use your wand to rebound someone who has used their Flame Charge power-up. When an enemy has used their Flame Charge power-up, and it charging towards you, press  and they'll be rebounded. The achievement will unlock immediately after doing so.

This achievement can be earned with a second controller.

 Stay Frosty (20 points)
Finish the Halfbrick Cup without being burnt by lava.

Keep in mind that this achievement only requires you to "finish" the race. You can come into last place, finish, and still unlock the achievement. Take your time, be careful, and it'll unlock.

 Well-Done (15 points)
Win on Tempest Tunnels by Flame Charging upwards to the Finish.

Tempest Tunnels is the first race in the Halfbrick Cup. You must come in first by flame charging to the finish line. You can complete this with one other controller and win that way. The flame charge turns you into a fireball, and you fly in whichever direction you choose.

 Battleboned! (15 points)
As Battlebones, win a race without using Frenzy.

Battlebones is the army-looking gentlemen, pictured in the achievement tile. You must complete a single race without clicking . You can unlock this achievement with another controller and complete the race that way.


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