Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Achievement Guide
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There are 59 achievements with a total of 1235 points.
 The Might of the Righteous (5 points)
Kill 100 enemies.

Like it says, just kill yourselves 100 enemies. Nothing too taxing. Should pop in the first chapter or two.

 Success is Measured in Blood (20 points)
Kill 500 enemies using Melee weapons.

500 kills with melee weapons, thats any weapon you swing by pressing and . That includes the Combat Blade, the Chainsword, the Power Axe, and the Thunderhammer...so swing away!

 Angel of Death (20 points)
Kill 500 enemies using Ranged weapons.

This time its 500 kills with guns. Any weapon you pull to use. This includes Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Stalker, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter, Lascannon, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun, Plasma Pistol, etc, etc.

Remember, "There is no 'Overkill'. There is only 'Opening Fire' and 'Reloading'."

 Visible, Violent Death (30 points)
Kill 2500 enemies.

Like it says, kill 2500 enemies. One playthrough of the campaign will not net you the kills you need, but it should leave you damn close. Another mission or two after you finish the campaign should net you this achievement.

 Firepower (10 points)
Kill 250 enemies using Exotic weapons.

'Exotic' weapons are any weapons that are mounted on tripod. You can find a Heavy Bolter and a lot of Orks in Chapter 2 where you can grind it out, and there are Plasma Cannons on Chapters 4 and 7 or 8. Mounted Autocannons can also be found later in the campaign. These weapons can be ripped off of the turret mount to carry around during the Chapter. For most turrets this disables its infinite ammo.

To grind this out, simply go to Chapter Select under Single Player, select Act 1, Chapter 2, and the section labeled "Trenches". Play through the Chapter until you reach the Digga cutscene where Ork machines bust up through the ground into the Imperial Guard trenches, then continue around the next few corners until you see a mounted Heavy Bolter. This is the location you want, as you can net somewhere between 30 and 50 kills after grabbing the Heavy Bolter. Once you gun down the horde, simply reload the checkpoint, run back around the corner, and begin the process again.

 The Bigger They Are... (20 points)
Kill 25 Ork Nobs.

Nobs are the big guys you see starting on the second mission that take a metric ton of damage before finally going into a 'stunned' state where they may be killed. They deal massive damage in melee, so unless you activate FURY, it would be best to engage them at range.

Starting around Chapters 6 and 7, you will start seeing Shoota Nobs, these Nobs are simply a larger version of the basic Shoota Boyz. Shoot them as normal while you can, and when you see them pause to reload their guns or to unjam their guns, charge forwards and engage them in melee.

Once they are stunned, aproach them and press to enter a button mashing sequence to execute them and regain any health you may have lost in the fight.

 Not So Tough (20 points)
Kill 10 'Ard Boyz.

'Ard Boyz are the Orks that you see starting during Chapter 6/7 that carry the red riot shields. The Vengeance Launcher take 3 shots to kill an 'Ard Boy, and grenades can bypass their shields as well. Wailing on them in melee is liable to get you killed, as their shields will absorb most of the damage.

 Glorious Slaughter (10 points)
Kill 75 enemies using Executions.

Executions can be performed on any enemy that you stun with the melee attack. Once stunned, simply hit the button to execute the stunned enemy and regain some health.

Note: Gretchin, the very small green enemies that attack you with knives, can be executed without stunning them, making them ideal for restoring health and racking up executions.

 Put Them Down (10 points)
Get 100 Headshots.

100 headshots. Pulling to aim will help you, but the best weapon for this achievement will be the Stalker pattern Bolter because of the scope on it.

 Master of the Clean Kill (30 points)
Get 250 Headshots.

See 'Put Them Down'. Same general concept, just 150 more headshots.

 Shock & Awe (20 points)
Kill 150 enemies using the Charge attack.

Charge Attacks are when you sprint by clicking the Left Thumbstick, then pressing to perform a melee attack as you sprint. Charging orks like this twice will kill them, but a couple melee attacks or shot from a pistol or bolter before the charge should help make the charge attack a one hit kill.

An easier way is to charge through Gretchin (the little green orks) or through Chaos Guardsmen. Both have extremely low health and will die with a single charge.

To speed up the process, go to Chapter 13 and find the room where the Chaos Guardsmen are manning a Heavy Bolter. Kill them and proceed through the room. When you attempt to leave a Daemonhost will appear and begin summoning more Chaos Guardsmen. Here's your chance to grind this one out. Do NOT kill the Daemonhost, and just begin charging through enemies. There will be a never ending tide of them, so long as the Daemonhost doesn't die.

 Death from Above (15 points)
Kill 25 enemies with Ground Pound.

Near the end of Chapter 2, you will come across a jump pack. When you put this on holding will cause you to launch into the air. If you look down you will see a group of arrows pointing to a spot beneath you. If you press when you see these arrows you well jet towards the ground and smash into it, performing a Ground Pound.

Most regular boyz should die in one Ground Pound, but the Tankbustas (the guys with rokkits) will only be stunned by a ground pound. You must damage them before you attempt to smash them, or else you can simple Ground Pound them twice to kill them.

 The Emperor's Marksman (20 points)
Kill 10 enemies in a row in a single Ranged Fury activation.

On Chapter 3, you will find your second Purity Seal. This seal unlocks the 'Marksman Fury'. To use Marksman, click both thumbsticks, then pull and hold . When you do this, you will go into slow-mo and do increased damage. Now simply kill 10 enemies in one go. I recommend use the meltagun when you find it during Chapters 7 or 8, as it has a very wide area of effect. A nice spot for this is in Chapter 9, after your Valkyrie crashes and you have to start fighting off orks. The orks will come in waves at you, many including Gretchin, which makes it fairly easy to get 10 kills in one activation.

Also, make sure you do NOT let go of  during this time. Doing so will end the Marksman Fury activation.

 Feel My Wrath (30 points)
Kill 250 enemies using Melee Fury attacks.

Fury is unlocked during Chapter 2, when you find your first Purity Seal. To gain Fury, simply damage enemies. When the Ultramarines icon in the bottom left corner of the screen is filled with gold, click both thumbsticks to enter Fury. While in Fury, you can simply mash the button, as your damage output is increased, and you will heal with every hit you make.

A few good place to work on this are near the end of Chapter 5, where you must defend an elevator from waves of Orks and in the second part of Chapter 2, after you find your Purity Seal that unlocks Fury Mode.

For the Chapter 2 method, simply go to Chapter Select under Single Player, select Act 1, Chapter 2, and the section labeled "Trenches". Play through the Chapter until you reach the Digga cutscene where Ork machines bust up through the ground into the Imperial Guard trenches, then continue around the next few corners until you see a mounted Heavy Bolter. This is the location you want, and you can rack up quite a few kills here. Once you've use your Fury meter up and finished off the Orks, reload your last checkpoint, run back around the corner, and rinse and repeat.

 The Emperor Protects (25 points)
Complete Part 1 of the game on Hard difficulty in a single session without dying or restarting.

Part 1 of Space Marine is Chapters 1 through 4. You must complete all 4 chapters on Hard, without releoading checkpoints, without dying, and without quiting. Its best to set aside a couple hours for this, or else just pause the game if you must leave.

Notable areas of difficulty are near the end of Chapter 3, where you must defend one of your squadmates from waves of Orks, Gretchin, and Squigs and the end of Chapter 4, where you must use a Plasma Cannon to shoot down an Ork dropship.

 None Can Stand Before You (125 points)
Complete the entire game on Hard difficulty.

Complete the game on Hard.

To do this:

1. I would recomend avoiding melee whenever possible, as your job becomes much easier with less enemies in your way when you're forced to engage in melee.
2. When your armor's shield pops, fall back behind objects and wait for it to restore.
3. When you're low on health, try to execute any Gretchin or Traitor Guard for a quick burst of health. If no gretchin are nearby, fall back and use your bolter to thin the enemy before you engage in melee to heal.

Also: Do not use the chapter select after starting the game on hard. Doing so will cause the game to reset your progress towards beating the game on hard.

 Nob Down (20 points)
Win 10 struggles against the Ork Nob.

Struggles against Ork Nobs are where you must mash the button to execute them. Look back to 'The Bigger They Are...' for tips on how to beat Nobs.

 Blast Radius (5 points)
Multi-kill -- 5 enemies with 1 Frag grenade.

To get this one, simply lob a grenade into an oncoming group of Orks or Gretchin. As they're almost always in hordes, you're almost garunteed to get this one in the first 5 Chapters.

 Precision Killer (5 points)
Multi-kill -- 2 enemies with 1 Stalker-Pattern bolter shot.

You aquire the Stalker-pattern Bolter during Chapter 2. Your best bet is to line up a double headshot with the Stalker. The easiest way to do this would be to activate Marksman Fury for the slo-mo effect, then line up the shot.

 Chain of Death (10 points)
Multi-kill -- Detonate a chain of 5 consecutive Vengeance Launcher rounds, killing 10 enemies.

You gain the Vengeance Launcher during Chapter 3. To detonate a round from the Launcher, you must press the Right Bumper after you have fired a round. To get the achievement, however, you must hold the Right Bumper when you detonate the Vengeance rounds to detonate the chain. The end of Chapter 3, when your ally is loading the shell into the cannon, is a good place to go for this, as is the begining of Chapter 5 when you run into your first batch of Orks and Gretchin.

 Master of Sword and Gun (5 points)
Complete a Chapter of the single-player campaign using only the Bolt Pistol and Chainsword.

The Chainsword is aquired on Chapter 2, after it starts. You must complete an entire chapter firing only the Bolt Pistol and swinging the Chainsword. It's also worth noting that the Plasma Pistol you gain in Chapter 6 is a permenant swap; therefore you must complete this achievement before Chapter 6 to get this achievement.


Any easy way to get this achievement is to simply load the final checkpoint on Chapter 2 and finish the level with your bolt pistol and chainsword.

 Burn Them All (5 points)
Complete a Chapter of the single-player campaign using only Plasma weapons.

The Plasma Pistol is obtained in the manufatorum, during Chapter 6. The Plasma Gun can be found during chapter 12. This achievement can be gained as easily on Chapter 7, provided you do not use any weapons other than the pistol. Chapter 10 is a good Chapter to attempt this as well, as your primary enemies are turrets. There are, at most, 15 to 20 Orks on the mission, and plenty of cover when dealing with the turrets.

Note: Using melee, executions, or grenades will void this achievement.

You can get this achievement fairly easily by loading the final checkpoint of Chapter 6 and finishing the mission with just your Plasma Pistol. Deal with any Nobz you find by overcharging the Pistol when you see them. Remember to complete the objectives as fast as possible or else you will be dealiing with unlimited enemies.

 Brute Force...Unleashed (5 points)
Complete a Chapter of the single-player game using only the Vengeance Launcher and Power Axe.

The Vengance Launcher is obtained in Chapter 3 and the Power Axe is obtained at the end of Chapter 5. You must complete an entire chapter firing only the Vengeance Launcher and swinging only the Power Axe.

Note: Throwing grenades will void this achievement.

An easy method for this achievement is to again load the final checkpoint on Chapter 6. You simply have to finish the mission using only the Power Axe and the Vengeance Launcher. If you load this checkpoint make sure you grab the needed gear from the weapons cache before you run into any bad guys.

 Finesse and Fury (5 points)
Complete a Chapter of the single-player game using only Stalker-Pattern Bolter and Chainsword.

The Stalker-Pattern Bolter and the Chainsword are both obtained in Chapter 2. You must complete an entire Chapter firing only the Stalker and swinging only the Chainsword. A good place to attempt this would probably be during Chapter 3, as there are many groups of Shoota Boyz that attempt to engage you from above on catwalks.

Note: Throwing grenades will void this achievement.

To quickly knock this achievement out, load up the final checkpoint of Chapter 3 and grab the Stalker-pattern Bolter from the weapons cache. Now move on and finish the mission. After the cutscene where you and your allies destroy the cannon, simply move forward until Chapter 4 begins. Once Chapter 4 begins, bingo. Achievement Unlocked.

 Lexicanum (10 points)
Collect 10 Servo Skulls.

See "Librarian of Macragge".

 Librarian of Macragge (75 points)
Collect all Servo Skulls.

Servo Skull / Chapter & Checkpoint / Location 

  1. Audio Log: Workshift 465 / 2 (Chapter Start): Found behind a destructible Ork barricade, encountered before entering through the archways into the destroyed building.
  2. Journal: Guardsman Alexander / 2 (Chapter Start): Found above some sandbags in front of you, before the trenches, after reuniting with Leandros and the ambush by Gretchins.
  3. Audio Log: Medicae Station Ventris / 2 (Trenches): Found in the second bunker you see in the trenches, after meeting with Lt Mira
  4. Battlefield log: 2nd Lt. Mira / 2 (No Man’s Land): Found in a small room near the grenades, inside the building entered from the courtyard.
  5. Journal: Guardsman Alexander / 2 (No Man’s Land): Found in the first bunker to the left after exiting the building.
  6. Duty Log: Transmechanic Petronius / 3 (Chapter Start): On the right inside the fortress. Destroy the barricade next to the ammo. Skull is inside the room. 
  7. Battlefield Log: 2nd Lt. Mira / 3 (Armory): When you get off the elevator on the lower floor, the skull is directly ahead near some ammo.
  8. Audio Log: Medicae Station Ventris / 4 (Train Station): Turn left before heading to the train at the end of the first walkway.
  9. Journal: Guardsman Alexander / 5 (Chapter Start): After seeing the Crane and winning the battle with the Orks in the lower area, the Journal can be found behind the crate to the right of the ramp that leads you out of the area. 
  10. Encrypted Report: Inquisitor Drogan / 5 (Cargo Bay): After taking the elevator down, the report can be found on the walkway towards the manufactorum.
  11. Audio Log: Workshift 465 / 6 (Chapter Start): Found near some grenades on a walkway leading down in the opposite direction from the elevator.
  12. Encrypted Report: Inquisitor Drogan / 6 (Chapter Start): The report is found near the ramp to the left of the door. Head down there before activating the bridge and heading to the exit door.
  13. Duty Log: Transmechanic Petronius / 7 (Chapter Start): Log found after the second big encounter with the Orks, in the left sewer entrance.
  14. Audio Log: Medicae Station Ventris / 7 (Chapter Start): Found after dropping to the catwalks, on the left behind a barricade before the elevator.
  15. Audio Log: Medicae Station Ventris / 8 (Chapter Start): In a hallway behind you, found before entering the street and after dropping into some rubble.
  16. Encrypted Report: Inquisitor Drogan / 8 (Chapter Start): Found in a room on your right, following the encounter with the Shoota Boyz and after you’ve entered the building.
  17. Audio Log: Workshift 465 / 8 (Chapter Start): Upstairs from the previous skull, in a room on the left.
  18. Personal Message: Worker Nathaniel / 8 (Street Warfare): Found in the first underground tunnels, to the right near some ammo.
  19. Encrypted Report: Inquisitor Drogan / 8 (Streeet Warfare): Found to the left of the ramp, following the fight with Orks in the open area.
  20. Personal Message: Worker Nathaniel / 8 (Jump Pack): Found after you jump to the first platform. Follow the path to the right, tump up to the next level. You’ll find the skull there.
  21. Encrypted Report: Inquisitor Drogan / 8 (Jump Pack): Found by heading past the crashed Rok, to the right of the stairs.
  22. Audio Log: Workshift 465 / 8 (Jump Pack): Following the fight with the Wierdboy head down the stairs to the right. The skull is found near some grenades.
  23. Journal: Inquisitor Drogan / 8 (Jump Pack): After you exit the Weirdboy area, jump over some rubble straight ahead to find the skull, before heading down the stairs.
  24. Audio Log: Workshift 465 / 8 (Jump Pack): Found in the next area. After climbing up the small stairs the skull is two levels above you on your right.
  25. Personal Message: Worker Nathaniel / 9 (Kalkys Outskirts): Found at the end of the canyon, to the left of the destroyed bridge.
  26. Audio Log: Medicae Station Ventris / 9 (Kalkys Outskirts): Found near the crashed Valkyrie, where the canyons converge.
  27. Battlefield Log: 2nd Lt. Mira / 9 (Kalkys Outskirts): Found to the left of the ramp that leads up to the canal area.
  28. Duty Log: Transmechanic Petronius / 10 (Chapter Start): After destroying the pair of servo turrets head right at the intersection.
  29. Duty Log: Transmechanic Petronius / 10 (The Labs): Found in the smaller lab with a turret inside.
  30. Journal: Inquisitor Drogan / 10 (Security Room): Clear the remaining Shoota Boyz, then head towards the side walkway with the destroyed door before inserting the power source at the center of the room.
  31. Personal Message: Worker Nathaniel / 12 (Chapter Start): Entering the pipe from the bridge, then go upstairs and turn left. The skull is found at the end of the hallway behind the barricade.
  32. Journal: Inquisitor Drogan / 12 (Chapter Start): Follow the hallway in the opposite direction and head behind another barricade past the stairs and into a large room.
  33. Battlefield Log: 2nd Lt. Mira / 12 (Chapter Start): Following the Chaos and Ork encounter, the skull can be found up the stairs and in a room to the right.
  34. Journal: Guardsman Alexander / 12 (Enemies Aplenty): After reuniting with Lt. Mira and fighting in the large room, the skull is found near the back wall by some ammo.
  35. Journal: Inquisitor Drogan / 12 (Enemies Aplenty): Out of the elevator, move down the hallway. Continue to move until you see another hallway to your right. To the right of that is a small area with a Skull.
  36. Duty Log: Transmechanic Petronius / 12 (Bastion Primus): Back to the original hallway from the elevator, at the end, down the catwalk by weapons and a shrine.
  37. Journal: Guardsman Alexander / 12 (Bastion Primus): Found following your break from the squad and Lt. Mira, in a trench near some weapons.
  38. Battlefield Log: 2nd Lt. Mira / 12 (Bastion Primus): Found under the bunker, behind some crates near the ammo cache and final door that leads to Warboss.
  39. Journal: Inquisitor Drogan / 13 (Chapter Start): Found through the doorway on the left before the ramp, before exiting the catwalks area.
  40. Journal: Inquisitor Drogan / 13 (Free the Titan): Out of the elevator, found in the left corner of the room.
  41. Journal: Inquisitor Drogan / 13 (Free the Titan): Found in a sideroom up a ramp to the left of the elevator, after breaking from your squadmates.
  42. Inquisitor Attacked / 13 (Free the Titan): In a small room to the left of the walkway where you find the Chaos Drone.
  43. Journal: Inquisitor Drogan / 15 (Chapter Start): Found to the right of the ammo and weapons after exiting the elevator.
  44. Personal message: Worker Nathaniel / 15 (Traitor’s Arena): In a destroyed pipe to the right of where you fight some Renegades, before heading outdoors.
  45. Inquisitor Attacked / 15 (Traitor’s Arena): Near the weapons after you’ve fought the Bloodletter Daemons.
  46. Journal: Inquisitor Drogan / 16 (Ascent): In a hallway on the left, following the first encounter with the Chaos Psyker.
  47. Journal: Inquisitor Drogan / 16 (Vertigo): After exiting the hallway, on a floating platform above defended by a Chaos Space Marine.
  48. Inquisitor Attacked / 16 (Vertigo): After an encounter with a Chaos Drone, in a small room to the right.
 Battle Brother (10 points)
Get a Multiplayer character to Lvl 10.

See "Chapter Master"

 Veteran (15 points)
Get a Multiplayer character to Lvl 20.

See "Chapter Master"

 Captain (20 points)
Get a Multiplayer character to Lvl 30.

See "Chapter Master"

 Chapter Master (30 points)
Get a Multiplayer character to Lvl 40.

"Chapter Master" and the preceeding achievements are unlocked through progression throught the Multiplayer's leveling system. You must reach level 40 out of 41 levels. The best game made for this is Sieze Ground, as the games generally last longer than Annihilation games and allow for more kills.

Kill - Kill an enemy: 50 XP
Assist - Damage an enemy that an ally kills: XP varies based on damage you did prior to kill

Death From Above - Kill an enemy with a Ground Pound as the Assault Marine or Raptor: 35 XP
Headshot - Kill an enemy with a shot to the head: 35 XP
Death From Below - Kill a jumping Assault Marine or Raptor: 50 XP
Variety - Kill an enemy by using 2 or more weapons: 15 XP
Grudge - Kill the same enemy five times in a single round: 25 XP
Revenge -Kill the enemy who last killed you, without them dying before you kill them: 50 XP
Avenger - Kill an enemy who killed a teammate: 25 XP
Savior - Kill an opponent who hurt a teammate recently: 50 XP
Double Kill - Two quick kills in a row: 100 XP
Triple Kill - Three quick kills in a row: 150 XP
Quad Kill - Four quick kills in a row: 200 XP
Mega Kill - Five quick kills in a row: 250 XP
Killstreak - Get 3 or more kills without dying: Various XP, larger bonuses for longer streaks
Round Win - Win a match: 250 XP
Longshot - Kill an enemy at long range: 25 XP
Victory in Death - Kill an enemy after you die: 50 XP
Reinforcement - Have an ally spawn on you while you're using the Teleport Homer perk: 50 XP

Sieze Ground Specific Bonuses:
Point Uncapture - Uncap an enemy location in Sieze Ground: 50 XP
Point Capture - Capture a point in Sieze Ground: 200 XP

 Warrior of Darkness and Light (15 points)
Play 10 Multiplayer games as Space Marine and 10 Multiplayer games as Chaos Marine.

Play 10 games as both Chaos Space Marine and Space Marines. The game randomly picks a team for you, so you're just going to have to play until the achievement pops.

 Shapeshifter (10 points)
Play each class in Multiplayer.

Simply play each class in the multiplayer. The Devestator/Havok is unlocked at level 2, and the Assault Marine/Raptor is unlocked at level 3. The classes are unlocked in-game as soon as you reach the level. So once you die, press and swap classes. Once you've picked the third class the achievement will pop.

 Jack of All Trades (25 points)
Play 10 Multiplayer games using each class.

You must play 10 games wherein you play each class once during the course of a single game. To do this simply pick Tactical, Devestator, or Assault and play. Once you die, pick one of the other two classes. Play until you next death, then pick the final class. Repeat for 9 more games.

 Master of Arms (20 points)
Complete 5 weapon challenges.

See "Keeper of the Armory".

 Keeper of the Armory (30 points)
Complete all the weapon challenges.

All weapons weapons have 4 or 8 challenges. Every gun and melee weapon needs 250 kills to satisfy their challenge requirements, while all Heavy Weapons that Devestaor/Havoks and all rifles that Tactial Marines/Chaos Marines have a secondary set of challenges to complete.

Weapon challenges can have their progress checked by going to the multiplayer menu and selecting 'Challenges'.

 Armored in Glory (15 points)
Complete 10 armor challenges.

Armor challenges require you to do a variety of things from getting 50 kills as both sides to getting Killstreaks as both sides to even grudge kills where you kill the same enemy 5 times in the same match.

Your progress on the challenges can be tracked by going to Challenges under Multiplayer and pressing .

 Defender (10 points)
Kill 25 opponents who are capturing your Control Point in Seize Ground.

In Sieze Ground there are 3 to 4 objectives per map (Think Domination if you play CoD) that your team must control to win the match. When you control a location the letter above the Control Point will change to your team's icon. When it is being captured by an enemy you will see the icon above the Control Point will begin to flash. Simply kill any enemies on the Control Point while it is flashing to gain kills towards this achievement.

 Devastation! (25 points)
Have 10 times more kills than deaths in a single game of Annihilation.

Annihilation is the Team Deathmatch mode of Space Marine, and it requires 41 kills to win. This achievement require you to get at least quarter of the teams kill and very few deaths.

The ratio for this achievement goes like this:

10 Kills - 1 death
20 Kills - 2 deaths
30 Kills - 3 deaths
40 kills - 4 deaths
5 or more deaths = Try Again

As you can see, the more you die, the more impossible this achievement becomes.

My suggestion for this achievement is to use the Tactial Marine/Chaos Marine once you're around level 18. Once there, pick the perk that allows you to take more than one primary weapon and take the Stalker/Daemon Eye Bolter (the sniper rifle) and the Meltagun and any other perk of your choice. If you have 50 kills with the Stalker/Daemon Eye I suggest taking the ammo reserves perk to bring another 20 bullets to the fight.

Now, on any level take whatever high ground you can find and try to pop off head shots. If you find someone closing the distance on you try to hit them once more, then swap to the Meltagun get as close as possible before blasting the guy who is trying to kill you. If done right, the melta should kill the guy in one shot and net you another kill. The only danger in this method is that you might run out of ammo for the sniper.

 Master Crafted (10 points)
Fully customize a Space Marine and a Chaos Space Marine character.

To get this achievement, you must change every piece of armor from both the Chaos and regular Space Marines from their default armor pieces to armor pieces you have unlocked through the armor challenges or by beating the campaign. Once you change your armor on both the Space Marines and Chaos Marines, set the customized skins to your default skins and leave the menu. The achievement should pop once you leave the menu.

 Down to Earth (30 points)
Kill 50 Assault Marines/Raptors in mid-air.

When Assault Marines and Raptors press and hold the button, you will see them rocket into the air. At this point, just put as many bullets into them as you can while they're flying. Bolters, Storm Bolters/Twin Bolters, and the Heavy Bolter are your best options here for their rate of fire.

You'll know when you kill the Assault Marine/Raptor in the air, because you will be rewarded with the "Death from below" award.

 True Son of the Emperor (75 points)
Kill 40,000 enemies in the game (all game modes combined).

Get 40,000 kills. These come from any mode in the game, and a nice chunk will probably be ground out while playing online. However, any spot in the campaign with a wierd boy(the orks that summon more enemies) is a good place to grind this out.

See "Feel My Wrath" and "Firepower" for a location with a nearby checkpoint to grind out this achievement.The end of Chapter 6 and Chapter 8 both have wierd boyz, and the wierd boyz will summon an infinite number of enemies. These are also ideal places to grind out any of the "Kill" achievements you want to get sooner.

The easiest way by far to obtain kills towards True Son of the Emperor however, is by playing the Exterminatus game mode available as free DLC. This game mode pits you up against waves of enemies as you try to complete 20 waves. You can score hundreds of kills in this game mode in a relativly short time frame.

 Death to the False Emperor (15 points)
Complete Chaos Invasion Arena 1.

You'll get this achievement after you've completed Wave 5. It's the easiest arena, you can even complete it alone. For tips, see "Let The Heavens Bleed."

Recommended: Raptor

 Blood for the Blood God (15 points)
Complete Chaos Invasion Arena 2.

You'll get this achievement after you've completed Wave 10. two to three players will be fine but four will be easier and faster. For tips, see "Let The Heavens Bleed."

Recommended: Raptor

 Skulls for the Skull Throne (15 points)
Complete Chaos Invasion Arena 3.

You'll get this trophy after you've completed Wave 15. Four players are recommended because it's a hard arena. For tips, see "Let The Heavens Bleed."

 Let the Galaxy Burn (60 points)
Complete the Chaos Invasion mission.

You'll get this achievement after you've completed Wave 20. Four players are needed as it's a really hard arena. For tips, see "Let The Heavens Bleed."

 Let the Heavens Bleed (40 points)
Defeat the Chaos Invasion bonus wave.

This is the hardest wave/achievement in the DLC. In order to obtain this achievement, you’ll have to complete the bonus wave (Wave 21) on the last arena (Arena 4), complete it on a public match to get the "Heretic" achievement too.

Note: If you fail on this wave you'll have to start all over again from Wave 16.

There is also a new enemy on this wave (Killa Kan) he’s like a big robot and he uses a machine guns, he will kill you in a few shots if you didn’t take cover but here are some of my tips, I hope that it will help you to beat this wave with the easiest way possible:

1. You should have all of your weapons unlocked or at least the important weapons + perks, and here are the best loadouts:

  • Raptor: Daemon maul + Plasma pistol, Killing blow + Impenetrable.
  • Raptor: Chain sword + Plasma pistol, Swordsman’s Zeal + (Impenetrable OR Sure Strike).
  • Tactical: Melta gun + Daemon eye bolter, Weapon versatility + (Improved melta charge OR Stalker ammo reserves).
  • Havoc: Lascannon, Ammunition stores + (Feel no pain OR Iron Halo).

2. At least 1 or 2 players must pick Raptor class and let the ammo for the others, because if you all picked Tactical/Havoc classes you will end up running out of ammo.

3. Priority of killing: Bomb Squigs > Shooters > Melee > Killa Kans.

4. Always stick together and cover each other back.

5. It's better to use Plasma gun/pistol and Melta gun against the Killa Kans, because it will do really heavy damage to them.

 Frugal Spenders (15 points)
Complete a Chaos Invasion Arena without your team using any lives.

You need to complete an Arena without anyone of you die. The easiest arena to obtain this is Arena 1 but be careful, a group of Space Marines will spawn at Wave 5. It's better to use Raptor with the Killing blow perk because they will die after 3 hits.

 Kill, for the Sake of Killing (15 points)
Complete 3 challenges in one Chaos Invasion Arena.

You'll be given challenges on some waves. There are capturing points, headshots and killing challenges such as:

Three headshots in 15 seconds or get 10 kills in 20 seconds etc. They are really easy challenges, all what you have to do is complete three in a single arena. Even if you completed one challenge and the team completed two challenges (in the same arena), the whole team will get the achievement.

 Glory to the Dark Gods! (50 points)
Achieve a team score of higher than 270,000 in the Chaos Invasion mission.

Self-explanatory, you'll get this trophy when you get "Let The Galaxy Burn" achievement, I got over 300,000+ points.

 Heretic (10 points)
Complete a public Co-op game in the Chaos Invasion mission.


You have to complete the Chaos Invasion mission (plus the Bonus wave) in a public match to obtain this achievement.

Secret Achievements
Die, Heretics (20 points)
Kill 50 Chaos Space Marines.

Chaos Marines start showing up during Chapter 12. They are harder to kill than the Orks (clearly). Use your stronger guns to put them into a stunned state so they can be killed. Kill 50 of them and then you'll get this achievement.

You Must Carry It (10 points)
Retrieve the Power Source.

This occurs at the end of Chapter 6 when you've seen the cinematic of you getting the power source. You'll know it by having a light on your hip. This achievement cannot be missed.

We Take Our Chances (10 points)
Fire the Psychic Scourge.

This occurs during Chapter 11, after you've fired the Psychic Scourge. Cannot be missed.

But I Am Finished With You (10 points)
Kill Warboss Grimskull once and for all.

This occurs at the end of Chapter 12, once you've killed the Warboss. Cannot be missed.

Command Squad (5 points)
Reunite with your Space Marine brothers.

This occurs during Chapter 2 when you've regrouped with your squadmates. Cannot be missed.

Into the Breach (10 points)
Fight your way to the crashed Rok.

This occurs near the end of Chapter 2 after you've made it near the Rok. Cannot be missed.

Silence the Cannon (10 points)
Destroy the Orbital Gun.

This occurs at the end of Chapter 3 after you've destroyed the Orbital Gun. Cannot be missed.

Hammer of the Imperium (10 points)
Use the Invictus to destroy the Orbital Spire.

This occurs near the end of Chapter 13, once you've used the Invictus. Cannot be missed.

Here, At the End of All Things (20 points)
Kill Daemon Prince Nemeroth.

This occurs at the end of Chapter 17, when you've completed the quick-time event while fight Daemon Prince Nemeroth. Cannot be missed.


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