Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 17 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Congenial Captain (30 points)
Made friends with a captain.

This achievement doesn't need anything specific to trigger it. During the game you will get random radio calls from other captains in regards to just chatting or finding a good/bad spot for fishing. I unlocked this during the Greenhorn campaign mission.

While replaying the Greenhorn campaign mission to try and get another achievement, I had a call from a captain at the begining saying it was nice chatting. That is what was stated the first time I actually got the achievement so I'm guessing it will automatically trigger sometime during that mission for everyone.


 Old Salt (200 points)
Won all the campaigns.

Some of the campaign missions you complete are actual achievements as well. The later missions won't unlock until you complete some of the previous missions. They are pretty self-explanatory but I will give more detail on the individual achievements themselves in regards to what I used and did to complete them.

The nine campaigns are as follows:

  • The Tutorial
  • Capt. Greenhorn
  • Duel
  • Season 4
  • Bonanza
  • Full Career
  • Slim Pickings
  • Stormy Seas
  • Underdog


 Lifesaver (50 points)
Rescued a crewmember outside of Practice mode.

For this achievement you will need to be notified by the coast guard that someone is in the sea and you need to rescue them. I didn't have this pop up until later in the campaign. You will probably see this in the "Full Season" mission a few times during seasons 5 and 6 and possibly in "Stormy Seas" as well.

In order to save the person, you need to be in your ship and PING the sea to find the general area where the person is. Just hit  when it starts and then look for the general direction the bounce back wave comes from. Move your ship in that direction and keep pinging until you go over the circle the ping came from.

After you have found the person, you will go into a retrieve pots mini game exactly like the one you use to pick up pots during a normal mission. Just speed up or slow down the boat using  or  and then throw the life preserver using . Its all about timing but it's really easy.


 Fearless (40 points)
Pulled up and sorted crab in Hurricane weather.

This achievement can be obtained during the "Stormy Seas" mission. When you drop pots, make sure to put them somewhat in the way of the hurricane storm cloud you see on your map view. When you go to pickup the pots make sure the huge circular hurricane cloud is over your pots section and then pick them up and sort the crab. I wasn't even trying for this and got it randomly during another campaign mission but "Stormy Seas" is perfect to get it on.


 Greenhorn (30 points)
Won the Capt. Greenhorn campaign.

This is the first mission after the tutorial. It basically entails you to collect $300,000 worth of crab which is rather easy to do. I would suggest the ship with 80 pots on it and drop 40 in 2 different fishing sections. You should be able to get 3 drops & pickups during the season time if you stick with picking them up around the 35-40 hour mark. I believe I cleared about $500,000 during this mission not really knowing the best places and times for the pots to soak when I did it.


 Capable (20 points)
Finished the Tutorial.

This is the first campaign mission you will do. Not much to describe except to follow what it tells you and watch the achievement pop at the end.


 Underdog (60 points)
Won the Underdog campaign.

This campaign mission sticks you with a rust bucket of a boat and you are tasked with beating everyone else money-wise. It sounds hard but really isn't. Keep the same strategy of 40 pots dropped per location. You may want to retrieve the pots, sort and drop them in the same spot again if its still above 1/2 on the crab meter on the screen (It is the little yellow bar shown for each fishing circle on the map). Make sure to head to a dock that can repair your boat after your done dropping and/or picking up pots in an area because your rust bucket will need to be repaired quite frequently.


 Veteran (100 points)
Won the Full Career campaign.

This is the most time consuming achievement of the game. You will need to complete 6 seasons (3 king crab and 3 opilio = 6 seasons). Your best bet is to take a simple boat on the the first 2 seasons and just fish for money (you do not need to be first in any season, you only need to catch $1,500,000 worth of crab in the last season) so you can buy an expensive boat starting in season 3 or 4. Upgrade the boat to a nice 150+ pots capacity for seasons 5 & 6. During the 6th season my suggestion is to find 2 good spots somewhat close to the top of the screen and near one of the docks and just drop 50 pots in each one. Make sure and see if other boats are in your area. If they are, move to another spot since they will basically turn your crab collection into about 1/3 of what it would normally be based on the yellow bar for crab amount in the area.

Get a good crew as well. I had two 3% share schmucks who I alternated the dropping of pots between and then picked a single person for retreiving pots, sorting crab & unloading and only used that particular person on each job. I used Katie & Jonathan for dropping, Neal for retrieving, Lenny for sorting & Freddy for unloading.

Make sure to keep them all rested as much as you can. The more rested they are the longer your bonus bars last, giving you an opportunity for pulling in maybe $200,000-$400,000 extra in a single season that is added to your crab catch totals. When you get close to the end of season 6 you should have well over $1.5 million. I ended up with slightly over $2 million caught at the end of season 6.


 Crab Tycoon (80 points)
Earned one million dollars in a single season.

The easiest place to get this will be in the "Bonanza" campaign since your goal is to collect $1.5 million in 1 season. You may get it beforehand but this is the first guaranteed campaign mission it is easily achieved on.


 Captain Hook (50 points)
Got a streak of 20 while retrieving outside of Practice mode.

The hook is a simple minigame where you use  and  to move the boat slower and faster while using  to cast your hook to catch the bouys. The best way I can suggest to get this is to make sure you are retrieving a 50 pots pickup so you have a few extra bouys to grab during the mini-game. Your objective is to speed up the boat then slow it down enough to toss the hook in-between the red and green bouys. It is more of a rhythm to get the boat going fast to the next bouy, slow it down, toss the hook then speed up to the next bouy. You will at most, get a streak of 23 to 24 if you only hit one of the moving "5" point bouys. Avoid those and get as many of the "1", "2" and "3" point bouys for the streak.


 Fast Hand (50 points)
Got a streak of 16 in the Sorting game outside of Practice mode.

The sorting game involves sorting out bad (barnacles on the crab so it is white-ish looking), the small (about 1/3 the size of a normal king crab and only found during the king crab seasons) and fish (easy to spot) from the regular good crab. The trick to this game is once again, streaks. You will want to either throw out all the bad crab before going to the good crab or vice-versa to get a good streak. If you have a good sorter (4 or 5 bars on their description) then you will get a longer sorting bar streak.

My suggestion is to make sure your pots are pulled from a real good, almost 100% yellow bar, area. When you start sorting see what you have more of initially and throw the OTHER stuff away. Once the sorting area is cleaned out of good or garbage then start to  flick the rest to the correct area. With a well rested and good sorter, the bar last longer so when there are only 3 of an item (good or bad) the next pot will open up. If you space out the last 2-3 items for sorting until the bar is close to being down you can continue the streak into the next pot. If you are lucky it will be a pot with lots of whatever you are streaking with and you can get to 16 easily. DO NOT throw the things in the wrong side or your streak will stop. You have a bit of time up to about 10 or 11 before it speeds up a little so you need to be somewhat quick in flicking. My highest streak was 27 when I had some nice pots of opilio one after another. Those crabs would be your best bet to attempt them on.


 All Set (50 points)
Set 50 pots outside of Practice mode and got an 'A' without making an error.

This is pretty easy to get anytime. When you are ready to set pots, select 50 of them and then during the driving mini-game, just take your time and make sure to use  with enough time delay to at least hit the sides of the gray or gold circles without missing. Once more, it is all about rhythm and timing. You'll get it easily at least a dozen times during the campaign from being forced to do it so many times!


 Competitor (30 points)
Completed a tournament game.

For this achievement you can just set up a Tournamet using 2 players (only 1 controller is needed since you control both Player 1 and Player 2), DUEL and 8 hours per turn. Set up player 1 to go out and drop 10 pots. Rest for 48 hours, retrieve the pots, sort and return to the nearest dock. Unload the crab and then go rest until your turn is over. When player 2 is up just have them rest for the whole time. After the turn for player 2 is over the match will be over and the achievement will unlock.


 Soloist (70 points)
Came out on top of a season while hiring only a single crewmember.

This seems tough but I actually won on the DUEL campaign using only Monte as my crewman. I used a boat with 80 pots and then just had Monte doing everything! Make sure you have (2) good locations with about 3/4 yellow bar starting crab in the locations. Drop a set of 40 in 1 spot, move to the next spot and drop the other 40 pots. Once dropped, go back to the nearest dock and repair your boat, fill up on fuel and rest at the dock until your time for pots is around 40 hours (including your travel time to the pot location). Pick them up, sort and re-drop the pots in the same location then go back to the dock. Repair your ship once more then have Monte unload. Rest again at the dock until about 40 hours (after travelling) and repeat. I ended up with about $1.1 million after 3 drops and retrievals. I won by about $400,000 with only Monte.


 King Crab Jackpot (40 points)
Pulled up a string with more than 80 King Crab per pot.

This is more random than anything. Just make sure to hit some 90-100% yellow bar spots during King Crab season and pick up the pots no more then 48 hours after drop (and no sooner then maybe 45, just rest at the location if necessary to get close to the 48 hours). I believe the maximum I had was 84 and I hit 80 a few times. It doesn't pop the achievement if your at 80 average, only above it.


 Steady Hand (50 points)
Offloaded at least 50 crab outside of Practice mode and got an 'A' without making an error.

When you offload crab you have to toss them in from a distance using a guide and the  button. There is a swinging crane pulley thing that gets in your way also. What you need to do is make sure your have a large capacity storage boat, something with 100,000 lb capacity, so you have enough crab to meet the quota of 50 completed throws. If you hit the pulley at all, it will stop you from getting the achievement during that offloading session.

I suggest to save at the dock using the cabin and save menu then unload. If you screw up, quit the game and reload the campaign episode and you will be at the same spot before unloading. Take your time and don't worry about streaks. Your objective is to unload basically the whole boat without hitting the crane pulley. If you are having trouble just wait until the bucket is on the right side and the pulley is on the left and keep mashing  to fill it up as quickly as possible before it starts swinging in front of the crane pulley. A bit of practice and I was able to constantly knock out 50-60 streaks without any issues.

Make sure to use a crew member who has a high offload ranking (4 bars at least) and is well rested.


 Master Engineer (50 points)
Collected 8 bonuses during the Patch game outside of Practice mode.

This is the most time consuming achievement to get outside of the "Full Season" campaign. First off, you need to pick either Matthew or Nick (they both have 4 bars for the Patch ability). You need to go into a tournament, create a 2 player "Bonanza" and set the turn length to 8 days. Once that is done select PLAYER 2 and have them rest for the full 8 days time frame.

Now the fun part begins!

Pick the boat that has the worst reliability rating (You want it to break down!), fill up your gas tank to maximum, leave the dock and just drive from the farthest fishing point on the left to the farthest fishing point on the right side of the map and keep driving around doing this until you either break something that needs to be repaired or possibly run out of fuel. You are doing this so you can break the motor (or other item) on the boat.

Once its broken use either Matthew or Nick (only use 1 person the whole time for patching, don't use anyone else or your time will run out before the tournament is over) and patch the motor. Try to hit as many of the stars (a maximum of 6 or 7 stars will be available until you have a 5th bar patch ability) as your can. The time you take is irrevelant, hitting the stars will help you gain that 5th bar on the patch ability to enable the 8th star to show up. You will need to repair 3 things before either guys hits a 5th bar on the patch ability. Once they do just drive around until something else breaks and then use that crew member to fix the item for your achievement.


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