Bomberman Live: Battlefest - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points.
 ...Of All You Survey (20 points)
You've dominated in every single arena.

This achievement requires you to win once in each arena:

  • Classic
  • Adventure Island
  • Dark Castle
  • Factory
  • Giant
  • Laser Arena
  • MultiMaze
  • Pirate Ship
  • Power Station
  • Reflectors
  • Steamworks
  • Thunderstorm
  • Time Tunnel
  • Volcano
  • Waterways

This can be done using two controllers in a local game. Just start up a match in each map, in "Battle" mode, and have the guest/second profile kill themselves.

 A Real Blast (20 points)
That explosion was huge! At least 12 bombs big!

There are multiple methods to do this.

Start a game with 2 human controlled players. Use the classic man and battle mode. Turn the time limit up to maximise the time you have if it goes wrong. Also change the powerups so you only have 
Bomb-Up and Remote Bomb in play. Once the game starts, blow up most of the blocks in the middle so you have enough room to put 12 bombs in a row. Make sure you have the remote bomb powerup with both players, then create a line of 12 bombs. When this is set up, press  with your player and this will unlock. Alternatively you can do this with your boosting partner.

 Full Closet (20 points)
A true fashionista, you've collected every costume!

To get this achievement, set up a local game between yourself and a guest, or a second profile. Set it to the "Classic" map, "Battle" mode, with a 2 minute time limit, and 9 rounds. Then, destroy as many soft blocks as you can, so that the clothing item does not spawn on your guest/second profile. Wait until "1:00" comes round on the clock (one minute after the start of the round), and you'll see a shining, spinning icosahedron (a 20-sided shape made of triangular sides) item appear somewhere in the arena. Pick it up. One of these seems to reward you with 2% of your closet, so logically, there can't be more than 50 costumes. Only one item appears per round. The icosahedron is immune to bomb blasts. Once the item is collected, kill the guest/second profile or wait until time runs out, and the round is declared a draw. Repeat until you have the achievement.

 Again, and Again, and AGAIN... (35 points)
Woah, that's serious talent! That's 11 consecutive Ranked Matches!

This achievement can be done with a friend in two-player "VIP" matches, as hardly anybody seems to play the "VIP" games.

Start a ranked match for two players on a specific map of your choice (do not pick Random), and set the game mode to "VIP". Your friend needs to search a Custom Match for the map of your choosing, with the "VIP" mode in Ranked. Then your friend needs to kill himself. Do this elevent times for the achievement. Do not click Ready in your "VIP" lobby until you see your friend in the lobby with you, as you may come across a random player, and may lose your winning streak should you play that random player. Whilst going for this achievement, both yourself and your friend will also get Clearly Important.

 Excellent! (20 points)
You showed those guys! You've won 25 4-player online games!

This achievement can be done in player matches, with two people who have a guest. Simply take it in turns, using the method described in the Again, and Again, and AGAIN..., but instead of "VIP" set the mode to "Battle", and make sure you both sign in a guest or second profile. Simply have both guests and one of the players kill themselves at the beginning of each match. Set it for one-round matches.

Alternate method, by III L3giOn III:
If you are boosting with a friend, play 2 on 2 "Team VIP" on any map, in a private match. Both you and your friend will need to have a second controller connected for a 3rd and 4th player.
Have you and your friend on the same team, and your guest and your friend's guest on the other team. As soon as the match starts, have the Guest VIP blow himself up. Repeat 24 times.

 Three with One Blow! (20 points)
Those three computer players never knew what hit them.

I found this achievement rather difficult. However, I have found out that you can minimize your suffering for this achievement by playing a local game, with 7 easy-difficulty CPU players. Set the map to "Giant", the game mode to "Battle", the time limit to "9:00", and the rounds to 9. Set the only items in the game to "Speed Up", "Bomb Up", "Max Fire", "Dangerous Bomb". Make sure the items CANNOT be destroyed.

It will take a few tries, unless you're lucky, but the tip is to get the "Max Fire" and "Dangerous Bomb" power ups as soon as possible. Then you can start destroying many soft blocks at once, and hopefully kill 3 CPU players as close to their spawn points as possible. You may also be able to use this method on a smaller map, but you may have to take more attempts, because the computer players may pick up the items first.

 Hail to the King (10 points)
Your 50 Capture the Crown points grant you a regal bearing, my liege.

This achievement can be done with two controllers/two profiles. All you need to do for this achievement is set up a local game of "Capture the Crown", with no CPU players. Set the time limit to 9:00, get the crown, and wait for the achievement to unlock.

 Wealth Beyond Measure (10 points)
Careful investment has netted you over $500 in your Bankroll career.

For this achievement, use the same method you used for Hail to the King for setting up the game, but instead of "Capture the Crown", choose "Bankroll" for your game mode. To get money, destroy soft blocks with bombs. I recommend using the "Giant" map, as it's a bigger map, and thus, has more soft blocks.

 Explorerman (10 points)
You came, you saw, you've played a game on every arena!

This achievement requires you to play once in each arena. You will get this achievement whilst boosting wins with your friend, whilst going for the "...Of All You Survey" achievement, or whilst using the two-controller method mentioned in the "...Of All You Survey" achievement. 

 Luddite (15 points)
That's 99 computer players we'll never see again.

For this achievement, simply kill 99 computer players. You will probably do all, or a sizeable chunk of this achievement, whilst going for the "A Real Blast" achievement. Just do the exact same game mode and settings that you did for the "A Real Blast" achievement.

 Patriot (10 points)
You've captured at LEAST five flags.

For this achievement, you can play with two controllers. Set up a local game of "Capture the Flag". There is an open pathway towards each flag on each round. Simply return the opposition/your guest's flag to your own flag five times for the achievement.

 Clearly Important (10 points)
Someone of real importance, you've been a VIP at least three times!

For this achievement, you can play with two controllers. Set up a local game of "VIP". Play three times, and the achievement is yours. Alternatively, you can get this achievement whilst boosting the eleven consecutive ranked match wins for Again, and Again, and AGAIN....

 Go Go Bombzilla! (10 points)
Win 2 matches in a row on Giant dressed in the complete Bombzilla costume. Requires Bomb-Up Pack I.

Go to 'Customise Bomberman' on the main menu and change your costume to Bombzilla (head, face and body). Start a local 2 player game and have your other player kill them selves to get you the win. Repeat, and achievement unlocked!

 Surprise Attack! (15 points)
Take out an opponent using a teleported bomb. Requires Bomb-Up Pack II.

Start a local 2 player game on the level 'Future'. The purple squares, red circles and red triangles are the teleporters. Drop a bomb through the teleporter and have your other controller standing next to the other same symbol. This will teleport the bomb and kill your second player getting you the achievement.

 Revenge is So Sweet (25 points)
Bomb someone who bombed you in one round on Resurrection or from a cart. Requires Bomb-Up Pack III.

Set up another local mulitplayer game, this time in revenge mode. Have your other player kill you so you get in the revenge cart. Then simply line him up so you can kill him from the cart with your main player, getting this one done.


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