Comic Jumper - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Neural Net Processors (10 points)
Destroy 25 of Brad's BradBots.
 Two Stood Against Many (15 points)
Complete three sections of the first comic genre.
 Hero of the Silver Age (15 points)
Complete three sections of the second genre.
 Brad's Savior and Best Friend (15 points)
Complete three sections of the third genre.
 Job Well Done, Faithful Reader (25 points)
Complete the game.
 Pressed X a lot (10 points)
Earn some cash by talking to people in the base.
 Collection of a True Fan (25 points)
Spend your hard-earned money and buy all the unlockables from Dr. Winklemeyer.
 I Took Performance Enhancers (25 points)
Max out all of Captain Smiley's abilities.
 Violence Solves Everything (10 points)
Fire 125,000 total shots.
 Eugene's Protégé (20 points)
Play every reaction sequence mistake-free.
 He Ain't Even Married (20 points)
Survive a specific section without getting hit.
 Shut Star Up (10 points)
Let your feelings guide you.

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